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Court Record: Rowe, J.W. (1901)

The Southeastern reporter, Volume 38, page 896 By West Publishing Company (1901) —POSSESSlON. 1. Where a conveyance of realty calls for a swamp, and thence along the swamp, grantee’s title extends only to the banks of the swamp, and not to the run of the swamp, since the rule that a call in a deed… (read more)

Court Record: Heyer, Margaret E (1901)

The Southeastern reporter, Volume 38, page 876 By West Publishing Company (1901) Appeal from superior court, Pender county; Timberlake, Judge. Application by Margaret E. Heyer, administratrix of the estate of John C. Heyer, deceased, for leave to issue execution against D. W. Rivenbark. From a judgment affirming an order denying the application, complainant appeals. Reversed. Stevens,… (read more)