As this family lived until early in 1800, in Gates County, very little can be found on the Perquimans Records about the Blanchards. Mr. Julian Blanchard of New York City, is preparing a lengthy history of this good family, for publication it is hoped, so this book will grant to Dr. Blanchard the privilege of doing his family in his own way, and we feel sure it will be done right, if he follows all the traditions of the Blanchard family. A few stray items will not come amiss, however, and these may have escaped the vigilant eye of said Dr. Julian Blanchard.

  • The earliest known records of a person by this name, was a grant to Benjamin Blanchard, of 455a “upon Wareck (Warrick) Swamp, at the mouth of Beaver Dam” Oct 16, 1701. This land lay in what is now Gates Co N. C. but was then in the limits of Chowan County.
  • Sarah Blanchard was daughter of William Walton, of Chowan Co and she was m to — before Dec 24, 1760. William Walton was father of Palatiah Walton whose will was p in Chowan Co, Nov 6, 1776.
  • Mary Blanchard (d of Aaron, & Zilpah) married James Sumner. Aaron Blanchard was dead before 1758, Heirs wife, sons: Aaron Jr, Moses, Mary Sumner, and Sarah Blanchard. Zilpah Blanchard, wife of Aaron, was dau of Mary Speight of Bertie Co. Aaron Blanchard was granted 152a adj George Spivey, Sept 28, 1728. (Land in Gates Co.) He is called at this time of N. C. but the grant is listed on the Nansemond Co Land Book.
  • Mary Speight of Bertie whose will was p in said Co, May 7, 1743, was wife of Thomas Speight of Perquimans, who in his will, said Co, p Apl 27, 1737, names sons: Moses, and Isaac Speight. Her will names dau Zilpah Blanchard. Zilpah was Admix of her dec’d husband Aaron Blanchard, 1751, children named in his division: Rachel, Monica, Aaron (2) and Moses Blanchard.
  • Mary Blanchard widow of Robert, 1733. (Records Chowan Co.)
  • Mary Blanchard Admix of her dec’d husband Abraham, 1749. (Chowan Records.)
  • Josiah Blanchard was the first to move to Perquimans, and his name is found on Tax List in Perquimans about 1826. He married Martha Winslow, Nov 3, 1856. (Mar bonds Chowan Co.)
  • From 1832 the Blanchards have been identified with Perquimans Co, their mercantile business being the leading Store in Hertford, and their dealings with the residents of the town and country, always the fairest, have won for them a reputation for honest, square dealing, which makes the Blanchard countersign a solid byword of every one in the county.

Source: History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).


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