The will of


written 5 December 1823

probated during the February Term of Court 1824, Perquimans County, NC

Book F, Page 65

State of North Carolina
Perquimans County

Know ye by these presents that I Christopher Wilson being in a low state of health tho of sound and disposing mind do make and ordain this to be my Last Will & Testament.

1st   It is my desire that all my just debts be paid by my Executor hereafter named.

2nd  I give and bequeath to my wife Phariby Wilson one yoke of oxen & carts & one horse cart & harnis & my white horse S_____ & bay mare fill and my riding chair & harnis two axes first choice three hoes first choice one spade & three ploughs and two p___ traces and all the barrels and apple mill & _____ & __ and all the crocery ware and kitching furniture and two feather beds and furniture one dining table one black walnut desk and looking glass one large trunk and chest & two pine tables and all the tubs pails & wooden ware one loome and harnis & all the lining and wooling whels and three cows and calfs the first choice & eight sheep the first choice and two sows and pigs first choice and hogs sufficient for her family years provision corn & wheat sufficient & foder & oats that is on hand – It is my desire that my wife have the use of my silver table & tea spoons her life time and then to my Son Christopher.

3rd  I giv to my Son William Wilson the sum of seven hundred and fifty dollars which he has recd.

4th  I giv to my Daughter Martha Toms one Negro girle Sarah one feather bed and furniture one burow & _ to the amount of fore hundred dollars to which she has recd.

5th  I giv to my Son Jesse one feather bed and furniture and fifty dollars in mony.

6th  I giv to my Daughter Margaret Hollowell one Negro girle Betty one feather bed and furniture one buro & _ to the amount of fore hundred dollars which she has recd.

7th  I give to my Son Thomas Wilson one feather bed & furniture and my gray horse Bird and a tract of land laying on Little River none by the name of Robersons Land containing two hundred and twenty fore acers.

8th  I give to my Son John Wilson one feather bed and furniture & year old Catt(le?) and my tract of land laying in the forke body containing twenty five acres Excepting half the plantation to the use of my wife til John comes of age also one gun.

9th I give to my Daughter Nancy one negro girle Mirish one feather bed & furniture one buro one ___ table & looking glass.

10th I giv to my Daughter Elizabeth Wilson one feather bed & furniture one burow & six winsor chairs one walnut dining table one Negro woman Cady–

11th  I give my Daughter Phariby Wilson one feather bed & furniture one walnut dining table and one Negro girle Emily

12th I give to my son Christopher Wilson all the tract of land where I now live Excepting the use of the said land my wife’s lifetime—It is my will that my wife should have the use of Sealah and her increase her life time and man Dave also and It is also my will that Jack & Isaac be hired out til my wife’s death and then an Equal Division to be made amongst all of my children after the three youngest daughters is made equal with my oldest daughters. It is my will that Sarah Kirby have the use of the house and lot as long as she wishes to liv at it.

Lastly  I nominate and appoint my son William Wilson and Benjamin Toms Executors of this my Last Will and Testament hereby forsaking all other will or wills by me made or ordained — In witness whereof I have herunto set my hand and seal this 5th of 12th mo 1823
                                                          Christopher Wilson (handwritten) seal

Nathan Bagley
Rix Perry

A few words are illegible and rather than guess, a blank was inserted. In items #4 & 6 there is a symbol for the amount of money willed. This symbol could represent sterling, gold, land, or anything of value. There isn’t much punctuation nor is there much consistency in spelling. It is not known who Sarah Kirby was but it must have been someone very near to the family. Needless to say, Christopher appeared to be a relatively wealthy man for the period in which he lived.

Contributed and transcribed by Bob Stokley

(Transcribed as written, including errors in spelling and grammar.)


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