• Ambrose Clare was grt land in James City Co Va, Oct 15, 1664, “at the head of Spring Branch, adj Hickmans line. (Land book 5—No 28, Richmond Va.) He had another grt, 1155a in Rappahannock Co Va, on N side of Sams Creek, Sept 6, 1667, for trans’ Mark Sanders, Tho Jones, Nich Wilson, Sam Wilson & others; and had deeded to him 300a in James City Co, Oct 15, 1664.
  • John Clare was trans’ to Va by Joseph Crowshaw, of York River, Feb 27, 1649. In a grant New Kent Co Va, William Clare names himself “son of Ambrose Clare” who resided in what is now Essex Co Va. The Clare family is of Royal descent. Christopher Cleave was a “subject in the colony at Jamestown,” May 23, 1609. (Browns Genesis to America.)
  • William Cleve is named in the will of Giles Cory, of Lynn Mass, July 25, 1692, as “son-in-law,” and Thomas Hire (Hare) of Surry Co Va, in his will, Mar 6, 1704 names Thomas, & William Clare, as his “grand-sons.” As the Hares also moved to Perq Co N. C. we may very well say with a certain amount of certainty, that the William here spoken of, is the same which Timothy Clare of Perq, calls “father” in his marriage certificate.
  • Timothy Cleare granted 473a on Perq River, adj Wm Bundy dec’d. April 25, 1694. Tymo Clare grt 250a “on Perquimans River, adj land whereon he now lives” on E. side of sd River. Feb 4, 1713/4. He purchased of Patrick Kenedy, a plan’ on Franks Creek, Feb 15, 1689, and another plan’ at the head of Perq River, from Caleb, & Jean Bundy, 25, 2mo 1692/3. His land appears to have been situated on South West side of the Narrows of Perq River. Thomas Harvey of Perq, sold to Timothy Clare 200a on “Upper Vosses Creek,” adj John Morgan, & Francis Toms. His land on North side of Perq, was on Brambly Branch, and was called “Round House land.” His name is variously spelled on the records in Perq Co; Clare, Cleare, Clear, Clar, but it is each time the same person, as he is the only one of that name in the county, and had no male descendants. The line became extinct when he died. He was Burgess from Perq, Oct 11, 1709, Justice of Peace. (Col Records.) Berkeley Parish Reg gives the date of his marriage as follows:
  • Timothy Cleare (ye son of Will Cleare) & Mary Bundy (ye dau of William Bundy, & Elizabeth his wife) weare Maried, ye 7 of June 168— and the Quaker records the same, with the date a little different; as follows: “At a Meeting at Jon’a Phelps house, Timothy Cleare, declaring his intention of Marriage with Mary Bundy (d of William) 6, 3mo 1685. Not being familiar with the Quaker marriage rites in this case will not say positively that the dates are the same.
  • The ages of his children are also given in Berkeley Reg, as follows: Mary, & Elizabeth (twins) b Feb 21, 168—(6), Ann, b Nov 10, 1687, Sarah, b Dec  24, 1683. Mary Cleare (wife of Timothy) died Dec 30, 1694. He m 2d Elizabeth — by whom he had no issue—3d Hannah née Larance (widow of Israel Snelling) by whom one dau Hannah; whose age is not mentioned. (See her will, Grimes, page 72.) Timothy Clear’s will is found in Deed book E—No 12, in which he names his wife Hannah, and five daughters. This will is a very interesting document, and gives much valuable information. (See deeds, in this book.)
  • Mary (one of the twins) m Edward Mayo, & had by him: Edward, b 7, 2mo 1703, John b 27, 11mo 1705/6—Mary, b 26, 12mo 1709/10—Ann, b 23, 1mo 1713—Elizabeth, b 21 8mo 1717—Sarah, b 19, 12 mo 1719, & Joseph (no date). She m 2d Joseph Newby, by whom she seems not to have had issue. (See her will Grimes 1739.)
  • Elizabeth (twin to Mary) m Thomas Winslow. (See Winslow, for her descendants.)
  • Sarah Clare m 1st John White, & had one son John Jr. (See deeds in this book.) m 2d Jacob Elliott (untraced).
  • Jane Clare, m 1st Joseph Robinson, whose will was p in Perq July 9, 1717, and had son John, & dau Sarah. She m 2d Thomas Jessop. (See Jessop family.)
  • Of Ann Clares descendants nothing is known. Timothy Clare mentions in his will dau Hepsibeth Perry. She is thought to be a step-daughter, as she is not named in the last part of his will “as daughter.” His second wife Elizabeth may have been widow Perry, but there is no proof at hand. Timothy Clare was a Quaker, and wielded a strong influence in the county for the betterment of settlers, and the usefulness of its citizens. He owned large bodies of land in Perq, and there is still extant one original grant to him made in 1709, for 300a on Perq River, which is now in the writer’s hands.

Source: History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).

 UPDATE: 2-14-2015 – Information from Doris Ann White Younts shows per the Quaker Records that Hepsibeth Perry was in fact the daughter of Timothy Clare and his wife Mary and not the step-daughter as Mrs. Winslow had thought when she wrote the book in 1931.

CLARE - QUAKER RECORDS - 1 Contributed by Doris Ann White YountsCLARE - QUAKER RECORDS - 2 contributed by Doris Ann White Younts


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