Robert Cox appears in Perq very early. He was one of the signers of some of the early petitions for roads in Perq Precinct, and his home was Little River, where he died before Nov 25, 1730. Will probated on that date. Only one son Robert(2) is named in this will, and daughters: Sarah Coxe, & Anne Weeks, wife Elizabeth. Test’ Mary Collings, John Boswell.

Cox, Robert (2), Robert (1) m Ann — (sister of Sarah Hendricks, wife of Jeremiah). His will, p in Perq, June 5, 1768. Sons: Joseph, Robert (3) Seth, gr-son John Cox, gr-dau Sarah Cox, dau Ann Boswell, wife Ann, (Grimes) Robert Cox appears on Tax list of Thomas Weeks, J. P. 1742, 43, 53. Josiah Gilbert, in his will, p in Perq 14, 3mo 1758, names dau Jemima Cox, wife Sarah, sons: Jeremiah, Joseph, Thomas, & Joel Gilbert. Anne Cox died 8, 10mo 1809.

Cox, John, m Miriam, (probably Jordan) and had son Joseph, who m Margaret Rogerson (d of John, & Anne) and had issue:

  • 1 – Anne, b 20, 5mo 1809—
  • 2 – Nathan, & Jordan (twins) b 15, 8mo 1810—
  • 3  -Mary, b 23, 8mo 1811—
  • 4  -John, b 11, 9mo 1812—
  • 5 – Joseph, b 23 8mo 1814—
  • 6 – David, & Jonathan (twins) b 21, 1mo 1818
  • Nathan Cox died 21, 9mo1810, & his twin brother Jordan, died 19, 9mo 1810.
  • Mary Cox, died 9, 9mo 1811.
  • John Cox died 28, 10mo 1813.
  • David Cox died 15, 2mo 1818.
  • Joseph Cox, (s of John, & Miriam) died 10, 11mo 1825.
  • John Cox, died 9, 10mo 1807.

Cox, John, & Miriam, had another son Josiah, who died in Perq 12, 6mo 1808. (Suttons Creek Mo Meeting.) The will of John Cox, probated in Perq, Nov 1807, names wife Miriam, and sons: Jacob, Caleb, Joseph, John, Josiah, & Aaron. Chalkey Draper was one of his Exrs.

John Cox, with his family moved from Pasq Co, to Suttons Creek Perq Co 20, 3mo 1802, with children: Joseph, Jacob, John, Josiah (died 1808), Aaron, & Caleb.

Cox, Joseph (s of John, & Miriam) m Polly Cain (Cane) July 4, 1793. She is named in the will of Nath’l Cane as daughter, whose will was p in Perq, Feb 1800 with her husband Joseph Cox. Joseph Cox m 2d Sylvia Cane (sister of his 1st wife) before 1800. He m 3rd Mary — who survived him. His will Perq Feb 1813, names wife Mary, sons: Myles, Willis, Laban, Joseph (2) and dau Lydia Gilly, & Mary Cox. Francis White Ex.

Mary Cox (widow of Joseph) in her will Perq, Mch 30, 1827, names son-in-law Nathan Bagley, dau’s: Mary, & Gilly Cox. Benj Toms Ex.

Cox, Caleb, d. s. p. will Perq p Nov 1824, names brother Joseph, Jacob, John, & Aaron, my mother (not named).

Cox, John, m Mary Charlton, Jan 6, 1790. (Mar bonds Chowan Co.)

Another Cox family in Perquimans, is that of Dr. David Cox, who came to Perquimans from Currituck Co N. C. before the War between the States, settling as a young man at New Hope. He later moved to Hertford, where he built up a large practice, and married Miss Sallie White, daughter of Mrs. Ann White, and sister of the wife of Mr. Zach Toms of Hertford. Dr. Cox was a rugged character of great power, and strength, and any word he uttered was accepted as his bond. The writer, to whom he was a family Physician until his health failed, had the greatest admiration for him, not only as a Doctor, but as a man, and reposed in him every confidence, felt herself enriched by his friendship. He introduced the present “pump” into the town and county, being a strong advocate of good water, as a means of good health. Before the advent of these “pumps” the lower counties were stricken each year with Typhoid, Malarial fever, chills, and worst of all Hemorrhagic fever, a fever almost equal to Typhus, and each year the bad climate took toll of many little children, probably from the cause of surface water principally, and much is due Dr. Cox for revolutionizing the water supply of this county. His quaint ways, and sayings are a byword in the county even today, and his memory will always be green in the minds of those who were fond of him.

By his wife, Sallie White, he had issue:

1 Thomas A. Cox, M. D., Hertford, N. C., who also enjoys a good practice and many friends.2 William (Bill), of Burlington, N. C. the comedian of Hertford for many years in local plays. m Miss Bird. Bill, as he is familiarly called by all his friends, is a prince of good fellows. (David (2), Registered Surveyor, now in partnership with his equally talented son, David (3), one of Perquimans and the elder of Elizabeth City, N. C. 4 Sallie, m Mr. — Urquart of Norfolk, Va. 5 Dennis, deceased, who m Miss Nellie Hoskins of Perq, leaving two sons. David Cox (2) has three children, by Nina Parker (d of Mr David Parker), one, of Hertford, and the two daughters of Norfolk, Va. Neither Dr Tom Cox, or his brother Bill have any children.

Dr. David Cox (1) m 2d Clara Small, of Hertford, and had issue: 1 Harriett, m James McNider, Lawyer, of Hertford, and has one son. 2 Nancy. 3 Virginia (both single), school teachers in the City of Norfolk. 4 James Marmaduke, graduate of the University of N. C., single, living in Chicago.

Source: History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).


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