• Thomas Davis of  Warricksqueake, planter—son of James, late of Henrico, in Vir’ dec’d, was granted 300a of land on Warricksqueake Creek, “100 in right of his father, an ancient planter, who came to Va in the “George” 1617, and 100a in right of his mother Rachel, wife of sd James.” Mar 6, 1633. Thomas made deposition in Norfolk Co Va 1640. He sold a grant from Sir Wm Berkeley June 1, 1649, to Thomas Maros, who sold sd land 400a unto Robert Bowers, who in like manner gave the land to his dau Mary, wife of Thomas Davis, and was conveyed by them Nov 14, 1708, unto Phillip Reynolds Mer’cht, “lying on W. side of Western Branch,” in which deed Thomas Davis is styled, “of Nansemond Co. planter.”
  • Thomas Cook, & Mary his wife “to make good” to John Davis, & Mary his wife, all of Isle of Wight Co, conveyed land to them, on Neck Swamp, Oct 6, 1677. The records of said county, give the will of John Davis “of upper pish” Isle of Wight Co, p June 28, 1714. He names wife Mary, sons: Thomas, Samuel, William, and dau Mary (wife of William Murray) dau’s: Sarah, Elizabeth, & Prudence, gr-dau Elizabeth Murray.
  • Samuel Davis (s of John) will same county; p June 6, 1751. d. s. p. Leg: Mother Amey Jones, to whom he bequeathed “plan’ at Meherrin,” at her death to sister Mary White, at her death to cousin Ann White, negro girl to sister Sarah Davis, sister Amey Davis, sister Marshillah Davis.
  • Samuel Davis, planter, “sone of Samuel, late of Isle of Wight Co Vir” appointed Nicholas Cobb, his Att’ to dispose of his dec’d fathers Estate, in said county July 23, 1667. Samuel Davis, & Ann his wife removed to Albemarle 1660, and had several children, the eldest being Samuel. (Affidavit of Henry White, who knew them in Isle of Wight Co.) “Samuel Davis of Albemarle in Carolina, heir of Samuel dec’d, and cousin of Ann his wife,” sold to John Bond of Isle of Wight Co, 100a of land, which was grt unto Thomas Edghill, by John Harvey, 1637, and by him assigned to William Strange, Mar 2, 1639, “who sold sd land to my father, June 11, 1642.” Seal May 12, 1668. Test’ Nicholas Cobb, Edward Hickman. (Isle of Wight Rec.) *In Surry Co Va a deed was made by John Davis, & wife Elizabeth “heiress of Roger Rawlings, late of Surry Co,” unto Thomas Lane Jr, for 5000 lbs of Tob, sold 50a on Lawnes Creek, “pish of Southwarke, plantation my father died on.” Dec 29, 1705. Admix was granted Elizabeth Davis, on Estate of her husband Edward Davis, July 1, 1679. Thomas Davis of Southwarke Parish, sold to James Davis 150a of land on Basses Swamp, Oct 14, 1712. His will Surry
  • Co, Sept 22, 1716, Son: James, dau’s: Jane, & Elizabeth Ellis, gr-sons: John, James, & Henry Davis, wife Elizabeth.
  • Davis, Jeames, (1) first in Perq Co, m “at a Meeting at the house of Henry White,” Elizabeth White (d of Henry of Albemarle) 26, 4mo 1690 (s of Wm Davis). Symons Creek Reg gives the ages of their children as follows: 1 William, b 4 4mo 1692—2 Mary, b —, 11mo 1694—3 John, b 14, 1mo 1695—4 Jeams, b 6, 8mo 1698—5 Robert, b 13, 1mo 1701/2—6 Henry, b —, 11mo 1712, d 1, 11mo 1718.
  • Davis, James, died 14, 12mo 1716. Jeames Davis (Probably son of James) d 24, 3mo 1719. The will of James Davis (no County, or probate) April 22, 1715. Sons: William, James, John, Robert, Henry, Wife Elizabeth.
  • Davis, Robert, (1) Jeams (1) m Sarah Eager (Eagor) 16, 12mo 1720, “at Symons Creek,” issue: 1 Mary, b 4, 12mo 1722—2 Jeames, b 2, 6mo 1726—3 Thomas, b 10, 2mo 1729—4 Joshua, b 1, 1mo 1731—5 Ruth, b 7, 2mo 1737—6 Robert (2) b 22, 11mo 1739.
  • Davis, William, (2) James (1) William (1) moved to Carteret Co, where his will was p June 1756, Sons: Nathan, Joseph, Wicker, Callip, Beniemen, William, Solomon, dau Abigail, wife Mary.
  • Davis, Elizabeth, wife of James Davis, m 2d James Newby of Pasq Co, “James Newby & Elizabeth his wife (widow of James Davis bound our son Robert Davis to Jno Symons, to live with him until he be 21 years of age,” and said Symons agred to “learn said Davis to weave, & do House carpenter work,” also to read, & write, “and sypher as far as sd Symons can do.” (Pasq Co. records.)
  • Davis, John, will Perq Co, p April 1753. Sons: Joseph, William, John, Samuel, dau Sarah Gorden (wife of William.)
  • Davis, Robert, who m Sarah Eager, will Pasq Co, p Jan 1750. Sons: James to whom he left his “maner plantation” Thomas “plantation next James Lowry,” dau’s: Elizabeth, & Ruth, wife Sarah.
  • Davis, Thomas, (1) Robert (1) James (1) William (1) m Lidia Griffin (d of Jeams) 13, 12mo 1752, issue: 1 Thomas, b Aug 13, 1753—2 William, b 7, 5mo 1757—3 Caleb, b Feb 23, 1759—4 Thomas, b Sept 17, 1761—5 Nathan, b Nov 7, 1763.
  • Davis, Thomas (s of Thomas, & Lydda) died 10, 10mo 1777.
  • Davis, Thomas (the elder) died 27, 8mo 1781.
  • Davis, Thomas, of Perq, will p April 1746. Son: Moses, “plantation whereon I live,” dau’s Elizabeth Davis, & Sarah Bond, wife Elizabeth.
  • Davis, John, of Pasq Co had wife Dorothy, April 15, 1747. (Pasq Co Records.)
  • Davis, Thomas, made a deed to his son Arthur Aug 19, 1747. (Pasq Co Records.)
  • Davis, Thomas, made a deed to his son John, 100a in Pasq Co, Jan 30, 1748.
  • Davis, Solomon, (s of William) with wife Sarah deed land in Pasq Co, Jan 26, 1713/4. His will said county, p Jan 1739. Dau’s: Dorothy, & Elizabeth Davis, Margaret Forster, son-in-law Caleb Coen, gr-son Daniel Coen.
  • Davis, John, of Perq m Rachel Redding (sister of James, & John) before Oct 12, 1769.
  • Davis, Joseph (1) John (1) m Elizabeth Sutton (sister of Ashbury) before Feb 1794.
  • Davis, Thomas, division in Perq (no date) shows sons: Moses, John, William, dau’s: Mary, Ruth, Elizabeth, Charity, & Judith. (Loose papers.)

     (See deeds in this book, for further data on Davis.)

  • Davis, Robert, will Perq, p, May 1799. Sons: James, & Caleb, dau’s: Mary Davis, & Miriam Albertson, wife Margaret.
  • Davis, Sarah, will p in Perq, Aug 1717, dau Bethany, Children: Letty, & Alexander.

Source: History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).


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