• Thomas, and Sarah Draper are found among adventurers to America, 1620 (Hotten.) Robert Draper was transported in ship Jacob, by John Bainham 1624, age 16. (Researcher Mag.) Henrie Draper came in George 1621, age 14 years. Thomas Draper in Paule of London, July 16, 1635. Joseph Draper in Falcon, Apl 1635 Thomas Draper of Heptonstall Yorkshire, arrived in America 1647. Henry Draper was one among the living at Warrasqueake (Isle of Wight) Feb 16, 1623, when the census was taken after the Indian massacre, of May 22, 1622. (Hotten.)
  • Joseph Draper was granted 232a of land in Nansemond Co Va, July 12, 1709 “in the Upper Parish, on Poters, and Basses pocoson,” and John Draper received a grant for 200a in same locality, July 18, 1709. He was transported to Norfolk Co Va, Mar 19, 1643, by Capt Thomas Willoughby. Richard Draper had 300a granted him, in Currituck Precinct, N. C. Oct 21, 1687, “on East side of North River, adj Robert Swaynes.” William Draper was a Tithable in Sunken Marsh Parish, Surry Co Va, 1675, and June 8, 1681. He moved to Pasquotank Precinct N. C. prior to 1704, when he conveyed 100a of land in said county, “which was granted George Cooper, June 24, 1704, and by him assigned to my father Charles Draper.” John Akehurst appeared as Att’ for John Damon Draper, “Citizen of London” and made release of land, 200a in Pasquotank Co, unto Robert Morgan, and wife Elizabeth, “on which James Williams now Dwells, called Burds folly, said Morgan agreeing to build on said land a dwelling house, 30ft long, by 15 ft wide, at his own cost, and maintain same.”
  • Thomas Draper m in Isle of Wight Co Va, Patience Denson (d of John, who names “dau Patience Draper” in his will, p in said Co, July 1, 1748) at Pagan Creek, 2, 6mo 1739. This Thomas was a son of Peter of Perquimans Co.
  • Draper, Peter, first in Perquimans, came to N. C. from Nansemond Co Va, at what date is not known. He may have been a son of Joseph, or John of said county, but as the records of Nansemond were burned in 1867, very little of value can be derived from the county records. The Quaker records found there are however of the best, but unfortunately very little is said on those about the Draper family. Therefore it is problematical whether anything further can be unearthed about this family, in Nansemond county prior to their coming to Perquimans.
  • Draper, Peter (1), of Perq, m Hannah Albertson (d of Peter, & Ann, née Jones, who was son of Albert Albertson, & wife Mary. Ann Jones d of Mary Beasley widow, b June 15, 1701, mar Aug 27, 1715). Peter Draper by wife Hannah had issue: 1 Joseph, m Lydia Bogue Aug 1766—2 Millicent, m Benjamin Morris Nov 1772—He was b 20, 8mo 1738, d before 22, 12mo 1796) Millicent Draper Morris, m 2d Jessie Simonds, and died 12, 5, 1809)—3 Silas, m Mary Morris, Feb 1773—4 Thomas, m Lydia Bundy, 2d Mary Newby (d of William Newby, and Jemima née Newby, d of Samuel) Feb 1790.
  • Draper Joseph (1) Peter (1) and Lydia née Bogue, issue: 1 Josiah, b 9, 8mo 1768, d 27, 6mo 1837 in Henry Co Ind, m Miriam Newby, b 2 2mo 1772, d 9, 1, 1812, in Highland Co, Ohio. They were m 12, 6mo 1789, issue: 1 Jesse, b 2, 12, 1792, m Delphia Davenport—2 Elizabeth, b 9, 13, 1793, m Jesse Small—3 Joseph, b 23, 11mo 1795, m Biddie Jackson—4 Josiah Jr, b 14, 1mo 1798, m Catherine Pearson, d 10, 12, 1865—5 Miriam, b 13, 9mo 1799 m Ephrim Overman—6 John, b 7, 1, 1801, m Martha Palmer—7 Joshua, b —, 12, 1803, m Huldah Pearson. (All of whom were born in Perquimans Co.) 8 Mary Ann, b 20, 11mo 1810, in Randolph Co N. C. (From old Bibles, and Quaker records, located by Mrs. J. E. McMullen, of Ada, Ohio, and kindly passed on to the writer for publication.)
  • Josiah Draper kept a diary, that Mrs. McMullen was fortunate enough to come across, which gives the information “I Josiah Draper, and family set of from perquimans county, in State of North Carolina, the 14th of 12mo 1803, to move to Randolph County in same State,” and later made another entry in same diary, “Josiah Draper set off from Randolph the 14th of 5th mo 1811, and got to Hiland the 20 of 6th mo 1811, in the Ohio State.” He m 2d Jemima Gant, and had dau Rebecca, b 11, 12mo 1811-16.
  • Draper, Millicent, (d of Peter (1) and wife Elizabeth) b 1745, d 12, 5, 1809, m 1 Benjamin Morris, b 20, 8mo 1738, d before 22, 12mo 1796, when she m 2d Jesse Simons. (For her descendants see Morris.)
  • Draper, Silas (1) Peter (1) & wife Mary Morris had issue: Joseph, Samuel, Chalkey, Jesse, David, Daniel, & Benjamin, wife (not named) according to his will, p in Perq Co, Feb 1794.
  • Test’ Daniel Willard, Rachel Hasket, Jos Draper Jr.
  • Draper, Thomas (1) Peter (1) and Lydia Bundy apparently had no issue, m 2d Mary Newby (d of William, & Jemima née Newby, d of Samuel (1) and wife Ann, née Mayo, d of Edward, & Mary née Clare, d of Timothy Clare, and wife Mary née Bundy, d of William Bundy, & wife Elizabeth, all of Perq Co) Feb 1790, issue: 1 John, b 12, 12, 1790, d 1, 6, 1791—2 Achsah, b 4, 6, 1792—3 William, b 7, 10, 1794, d 28, 5mo 1855—4 Jemima, b 12 2mo 1795—5 Gulielma, b —, d 10, 4, 188- —6 Hannah, b 27, 9mo 1900. Thomas Draper moved with his family to Indiana before 1820.
  • Draper, Joseph (2) Silas (1) Peter (1), b 3, 11, 1775, m Penninah Bundy, b 24, 1mo 1781, (d of Abraham Bundy) “at Vosses Creek Mo meeting,” 2, 6, 1801, issue: 1 Benjamin, & Jesse (twins) b 7, 6, 1805. He m 2d Mary, who died 13, 11mo 1849, issue: 3 Joseph—4 John—5 Alfred, d 3, 8, 1848—6 Hannah, d 20, 12mo 1844, m Jobe Hadley, 22 9mo 1841.
  • Joseph Draper will Perq Co, p May 1811. Sons: Nathan, & Josiah, dau Rachel Jessop, cousin Isaac Draper, wife (not named).
  • Test’ Daniel Willard, Joseph Willard, Richard Wood.
  • Draper, Chalkey (1) Silas (1) Peter (1) m Rhoda Willard (d of Martin) 17, 3mo 1803, “at Wells meeting house in Perq Co.” All his family migrated to Indiana and settled near White Water Mo Meeting, in said State, before 1820, White Water being the first established in the new territory.
  • Draper, Samuel (1) Silas (1) Peter (1) m Mary Albertson (d of Josiah, & Kesiah) after 1800, as she is not named as Mary Draper in the will of said Albertson, but is so named in her mothers will, p in Perq Co Feb 1825. In the latters will she is called “daughter Mary Draper,” and her husband Samuel Draper, was one of the Exrs of Mary Albertson’s will. Samuel Draper died without issue, 1829.
  • Draper, Rachel, (d of Joseph (2) m Thomas Jessop, 3, 2, 1790.) (See Jessop family.)

Source: History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).


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