This very old Bible was printed in a column in the Elizabeth City Daily Advance written by E. O. (Jack) Baum on 8 July 1968. The column was called the “Albemarle Historical Genealogy Researcher” and was sponsored by the Pasquotank County Historical Society.

Sarah Stevens departed this life the 16th day of August 1717 about 12 or 1 o’clock at night, it being a very cleare night and in the 49 year of her age. (Her maiden name was Durant)

John Durant (son of George B. and Ann Marwood Durant) departed this life 15 of January 1699

Ann (Marwood) Durant departed this life the 22 of January 1694

Elizabeth Clayton departed this life the 14 day of January about 2 or 3 hours before ——- in the year 1737

Hagar Durant (daughter of Nicholas Crisp and his wife — Wilkins) departed this life the 14 of January about 8 or 9 o’clock in the morning in the year 1723. (Her husband was George Durant, son of John Durant)

George Durant departed this life the 12 of September 1730

Wilson Reed his Bible given to him by his father William Reed Esq. 1803

This book was published in the year in which ——— was born, 1599

William Reed, his Bible, given him by his father, Christian Reed and he (William) gave it to Rebecca Reed, his daughter.

(Christian Reed married Mary Durant, the daughter of George and Hagar Crisp Durant)

Mary White 1813

Source: North Carolina Bible Records – Compiled by Wilma Cartwright Spence and Edna Morrisette Shannonhouse (1973).


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