GEORGE DURANT (1693/4 Will)

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Written 1688 – Proved 1693/4

In the name of God, Amen, the ninth day of October 1688. I, George Durant, of the Countie of Albemarle, in the Province of Carolina, Marriner, being in perfect health and memory, thanks bee to Allmighty God for the same, and calling to mind the uncertain state of this transitory life and that all flesh must yield unto Death when it shall please to call and being desirous to Settle things in order, Doe make this my last will and Testament in Manner and form following. Revoking and Absolutely unwilling by these presents, all and every testament and testaments, will and wills, heretofore by me made and declared, either by word or by writing, notwithstanding any promise to the contrary or clause derogatory in the same, and this to bee taken only for my last will and testament and non other. First, I bequeath my soule to God my maker and to Jesus Christ my Redeemer and to the Holy Ghost my sancifier; and my bodie to the Earth from which it came, to bee buried in such decent and christian manner as to my Executor shall bee fitt and convenient, there to rest untill my body and Soul shall meete again at the Joyfull Resurection; and for my worldly estate I give and bequeath as followeth:

1st. I bequeath to my son John Durant my plantation wheron I now live with the eaquall part of on half of the tract of belonging thereto to him and his Heiyrs male, lawfully begotten of his own bodie for ever, and the other half of the said tract of land I give to my son Thomas Durant, and to his Heiyres male, of his bodie lawfully begotten, forever, and in case of failing of Heiyrs as Aforesaid, that then the of … either of them is … . My will is that my Nephew George Durant, the son of my brother John Durant, of London, Shall enjoy the whole tract of land, to him and his Heiyrs male, of his own body begotten, for ever and for want of such heyers as aforesaid, that then the said plantation and land to fall to Henry Durant, the son of my Brother John Durant aforesaid, and for want of Heyre male as aforesaid in him, then my other nephew John Durant, the sone of my Brother John Durant aforesaid, and his Heyres male as aforesaid, to have hold and enjoy for ever, and for want of Heyers in him I doe give and bequeath my said plantation and tract of land thereto belonging … Rights and priveledge for ever.

2ly. I doe give and grant to my loving wife, An Durant, my Said plantation, with all benefitts and profitts during hir naturall life, without control or any molestation whatsoever, and that all the remainder of my estate be equally divided between my loving wife, An Durant, and my Daughters Sarah, Matytya, Pertyenia and Ann Durant, and likewise I doe here make my loving wife, An Durant, to bee my whole and Sole Executrix to see this my last will performed, leaving her the trust of my Children until they shall come to age or married.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the day and year first above written.

Geo. Durant (Seal)

Signed sealed and delivered in presence of

John Philpott.

The marke of Francis X Hossten.

The marke of John C. Cully.

Proved in Court by the oath of Mr. John Philpott and Mr. Francis Hossten, ye 6th day of Feby 1693/4.

Attested Edward Mayo, Clerk

Recorded ye 26th day of Feby, Anno Do: 1693-4. Edward Mayo, Clerk

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