Rev. Thomas Gordon appears in Perq as “Minister of gospell” officiating at the marriage of William Titterton, & Margaret Hall, Sept 23, 1679. Berkeley Par Reg is authority for the fact that he came to Perq from Accomac Co Va, but we can not be sure that he was a resident minister in Albemarle. What relationship existed between Rev Thomas, and George Gordon, next to appear in said precinct, if any is not made manifest, nor can it be said with certainty that the last was from the same Co in Va. The children of George Gordin (Gourding) are found in Berkeley Parish Reg, Perq Co, as follows: 1 Sarah (d of George, & Frances) b Jany 19, 1698—2 Elizabeth, b Jany 19, 1700—3 Margaret, b Apl 15, 1702—4 John, b Sept 25, 1705—5 Criston Mary Gordon, b Dec 13, 1707.

What became of these children is not shown. His will p in Perq Jan 1748, names sons: Nathaniel, & George, to whom he left “land I now live on” dau Hanner, gr-dau Tamer. (His wife is not named.)

  • Gordon, John (1) George (1) will Perq, p April 1758, Sons: John, to whom he left “plantation whereon I now live,” son George, gr-children: Mary, and Jacob Gordon, Marmaduke Norfleet.
  • Gordon, Nathaniel (1) George (1) will Perq, p Jan 1756, sons: Nathaniel (2) & George, dau’s: Elizabeth, & Tamer, wife Ann.
  • Gordon, John, (of Gates Co) will p Feb 1793, names son John, dau Sarah Norfleet. wife Mary, brother George, other children: Judith, Penny, Jeane, Rachel, David, & Beck. Taking into consideration that part of Gates Co was taken from Perquimans in 1779, we may feel sure the Gordons had not moved at all, but found themselves in a new county, when the county lines were changed.

A tradition is prevalent in the family, and they have good foundation for same there can be no doubt; is that three brothers came from Glenbucket, Scotland to N. C. in 1746, after the battle of Culloden, when they had to flee for safety. This tradition claims that one of them was James (or John) and the records are proof that he was John surely, who had son Jacob, and we have seen that he did have a son by that name, and said Jacob married Esther Norfleet, issue:

  • Gordon, 1 James—2 Joseph—3 George—4 Elizabeth.
  • Gordon, Elizabeth, m Thomas Granbery (s of Josiah, & Ann Godwin Gregory) issue: Barchia (Bathsheba) Granbery, m James Leigh—Joseph Granbery, m Mary Skinner, 2d Isa Benidicta Gordon (his cousin) Thomas Granbery died unmarried—Wm George, m Sarah Simmons of Currituck Co N. C. Elizabeth, m Benjamin Shananhouse.
  • Gordon, Jacob, was a Captain in the Continental line.
  • Gordon, John (1) the Scotchman, had also a son Benjamin, who m Tamer Copeland, issue: John Copeland Gordon, & two daughters. John Copeland Gordon m Mary Wotton, & had nine children, one of whom; George Bradford Gordon, m Elizabeth Anne Jones, issue: 1 John Wotton Gordon, m Annie Pender of Tarboro N. C., died in Richmond Va, soldier C. S. A. 2 Sarah Gordon, d unmarried—3 Benjamin Wotton Gordon, m Maria Louisa Jones, & had Isa Benidicta Gordon, m her cousin Joseph Gordon Granbery. (From papers in possession of Mr Granbery Tucker, Raleigh, N. C.)
  • George Gordon of Chowan Co, will p Feb 17, 1762, names sons: Josiah, John, George, Dau’s Priscilla, Susan, Elizabeth, wife Elizabeth, dau Sarah Hinton.
  • Gordon, George, dec’d Dec 13, 1758. Inventory shows 112a of land in Perq Co.
  • Gordon, Nathaniel, Planter, dec’d Jan 15, 1756. Ann Gording sole Extrix. Perq Co.
  • Gordon, Mary, widow of Robert, 1736. (Loose papers in Perq Co.)
  • Gordon, Thomas, was granted land in Currituck Co, Nov 20, 1683, 454a called “Gordian Knott on Notts Island.

Source: History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).


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