Samuel Granbery was living in Nansemond Co Va, before —, 11mo, 1706, at which time he attended a convivial party, at the house of one Gresson Cofield, in sd county, where he was “assaulted by John Ewans, who had drunk too freely.” The company had met together to “bee merry, drink, & fiddle,” but the record is silent as to said Granbery’s being in any way at fault. (Early Hist of Quakers.)

William Granbery, appears on the record of Lower Meeting, Nansemond Co, as a witness, to the marriage of Edmund Belson, (s of Elizabeth) of Nansemund, to Mary Crew (d of Mary Tooke, of Isle of Wight) at a Meeting at Pagan Creek, 13, 10mo 1684. John Evans was a Quaker, therefore his Church took him up on going to a dancing party. Samuel Granbery may have been of the same persuasion at this date. There is no way of knowing certainly that he was.

John Granbery, made a deed in Lower Norfolk Co Va, with consent of his wife Ann, who names herself sister of Matthew Spivey (s of Matthew, of same county) whom she made her Att’ July 15, 1704. “John Granbery, of Nansemond Co, with consent of my wife Ann” sold unto Moses Prescott, of Norfolk Co, Land on Northwest River, in sd county, formerly granted to John Creekmore, by Pat April 20, 1689, & by sd Creekmore, sold to Daniel Browne, June 24, 1691, & by sd Browne, sold to Maj John Nichols, who bequeathed same to Ann my wife,” 100a. July 13, 1704. Test’ Nath’l Miller, Matthew Spivey, Sarah Spivey. Judith Nichols.

If the Chart made by Mr. Julian Granbery, is correct, & there is no cause to doubt its absolute authenticity, it seems John Granbery had two wives, & that Ann Spivey, was the first. According to the chart mentioned, he m 2d Abigail Langley. Her parents are not given, but the Norfolk Co records, are responsible, for the fact, that Thomas Wright received a grant of 25a in sd county, for trans’ three people into the Colony, among them one Robart Langley, Dec 16, 1647. A deed made by William Langley, Lawyer of Norfolk Co, to Jeremiah Langley of same—Gent, sold to him land on Indian Creek, Northwest River, 200a, which “my father, William Langley dec’d, ye Elder, Gent—devised to Abraham Langley, & his heirs, in his will; William Langley being the Elder brother, & heir at law of sd Abraham, who sold sd land for a division, being willing to avoid any dispute.” (Norfolk Co Records.)

Matthew Spivey’s descendants moved to Chowan county N. C. This family will be dealt with later. Langley appears in Perq, county as a given name, in several families, other than Granbery.

On the Suffolk Parish Vestry book, appear the names of several Granberys, also John, & James Gregorie. John Gregorie was a Vestryman, of Chuckatuck Parish, Mar 24, 1754. Capt James Gregorie, was ordered by the Vestry, to “procession land in Nansemond Co,” by Suffolk Parish Vestrymen, Sept 2, 1755. He was one of the Church Wardens, of said Parish, for the year 1755. Benjamin Gregorie appears on the same book, in sd Parish, Nov 1, 1756-57. James Gregorie, died in year 1759, it is thought; his name does not figure on the Parish record, after Nov 13, 1760, at which time Miles King, & Thomas Buxton, were elected Vestrymen, in “room of James Gregory, & James Riddick, Dec’d” Mar 24, 1761.

John Granbery, was Clerk of Suffolk Parish, Nov 1, 1756-57-58. Wm Granbery was also a resident of the same Parish, & received pay for keeping Allen Rumley, Nov 17, 1757. Thomas Buxton was appointed Clerk, before June 26, 1759, when John Granbery, was ordered to deliver the “papers,” to said Thomas, who had become Clerk, in his place. A Vestry meeting was held at the house of John Granbery, for Suffolk Parish May 4, 1762. John Granbery was appointed “as a fit person” to attend to the Ferries, in Nansemond county, Nov 1, 1769.

Thomas Gregorie, appointed “procession Master,” May 2, 1768. The following was copied from a Chart, in possession of Mr. James T. Granbery, of Nashville, Tenn.

John Granbery, b — lived near Lower Parish Church, Nansemond Co Va, planter, & trader, died Dec 25, 1733, m Abigail Langley, Feby 26, 1722, issue: 1 Thomas, b June 24, 1724, 2 Mary, b April 8, 1726, d Jany — 1814, 3 Josiah, b Oct 14 1728, m Christian Gregory, d Dec 1772 near Suffolk Va, 4 John, b Oct 31, 1730, d Dec 1772, 5 William, b Mar 23, 1731, d in Northampton Co, N. C. 1792.

Josiah (1) & Christian his wife, issue: 1 Christian, d young, 2 John, b Oct 17, 1759, m Susannah B. Stone, lost at sea, Aug 27 or 8, 1815, issue: 1 Polly, m Nath’l Allen, issue: Sheppia, who m Pleasant Sherman. She was the mother of Allen G. Sherman. 2 Josiah (2) b Aug 15, 1764, m Elizabeth Cowper, d Dec 12, 1811, 3 james, b —, m Mary Harvey, d Oct 1804, issue: 1 Mary, b Nov 23, 1797, 2 Charles, b Oct 13, 1800, 3 Margaret, b April 18, 1805.

Josiah (2) wife Elizabeth (Cowper) Granbery, issue: 1 Christian, b May 15, 1785, m Thomas Watts—2 Louis, b Jany 19, 1788, d 1848—3 William F., b Mar 12, 1790, was living in Rock Castle Co, Ky 1836—4 Josiah Allen, b Sept 1, 1792, Oct 1799—5 Gibby, b Nov 3, 1797, d 1855—6 Richard Allen, b Oct 3, 1802, died 1855—7 Mary, or Polly, b April 20, 1795, m John Watts, issue: 21 children, 8 Betsy, b Nov 27, 1804—9 John Gregory, b Aug 27, 1807.

John Granbery (2) son of John, & Christian Gregory, by wife Susannah, issue: 1 Betsy, or Elizabeth, b April 13, 1791, m Jonas Hastings, d May 17, 1883, issue: 1 John G. Hastings, b Dec 3, 1812, d Aug 22, 1883, m Ann Chambliss—2 Polly, b 3, 11, 1793, d Oct 1804—3 George, b Sept 9, 1794, d Aug 28, 1815, (lost at sea with his father)—4 Julia, b 1, 17, 1797, d 5, 22, 1851—5 John Gregory, b Oct 1797, d Aug 4, 1799—6 Caroline, b Sept 3, 1800, d June 24, 1889—7 Augusta, b May 3, 1802, d 1838 in Miss, m Victor M. Randolph, issue: 1 John, b April 8, 1826, d Aug 1852-62—2 Brett—3 Ryland—8 Henrietta, b Sept 2, 1804, d May 9, 1807?—9 Mary Louise, b April 6, 1806, d Dec 18, 1882, m George Hastings, issue: 1 George G. Hastings, who had 1 Edith, 2 Easburn, 3 Ernest.

Richard Allen Granbery, m Mary Ann Leslie Dec 23, 1826, d 1832, issue: 1 Wm Henry, b Sept 23, 1827, m Ann Elizabeth Gonito Dec 12, 1850, issue: Ella Filmore, b 2, 6mo 1853—2 Mary A, b 7, 2mo 1855—3 Chas Wesley, b 11, 27 1857—4 William B, b 2, 2mo 1860—5 Geo B, b Sept 2, 1862—6 Lizzie L, b Jany 14, 1866—7 Ann Estelle, b Jany 22, 1868—8 Carrie M, b Nov 22, 1870—9 Eva F, b mar 3, 1876. (Richard Allen, & Mary Ann) issue: 2 John Cowper, b Dec 5, 1829, m Ella Winston (Bishop of M. E. Church South) 1882, 3 George Washington, d in infancy. Richard Allen Granbery m 2d Hariet Griffin, issue: 4 Richard G, b 1835, d 1837—5 George, b 1837, d 1855—6 Hariet Ann, b 1840, d 1842—7 Anna Maria, b 1842, m L. H. Whitehurst—8 Richard F, b 1844, d1866—9 Albert Burton, b 1847, residence Baltimore Md in 1888—10 Emily Frances, b 1849, m John Francis—11 Asa V, b 1852, d young.

Jonas Hastings, & Elizabeth (Granbery) issue: 1 Wm Henry, C. S. A. killed—2 John, d 1893—3 Robert M, m Julianna C. Granbery.

Henry Augustus, s of John, & Susannah (Stone) m Prudence Mimms of Princess Anne Co, issue: 1 Henrietta A, b Oct 3, 1829—2 Virginia, b Aug 7, 1831—3 Julianna, b June 20, 1840, m Robert M. Hastings, d Nov 3, 1869—4 Wm Henry, b Aug 16, 1842, m Jennie Herrick—5 Theodore, b May 28, 1844, m Jennie Horn, issue; son Percy (b May 1875)—6 Lelia, b Aug 2, 1846, d May 22, 1850—7 Daniel Walker (Walke?), b Oct 11, 1848, m Mollie E. Peake, issue: Mabel E, b Sept 6, 1880—2 Mary Louisa, b Nov 6, 1851, m Frank L. Jones, issue: 1 Henrietta L, b July 27, 1887—2 Maud V, b Sept 12, 1885.

William Henry, & Jennie (Herrick) issue: 1 Wm Preston, b Jany 11, 1875, d Dec 21, 1888—2 Alice C, b Nov 6, 1876—3 Edwin C, b Feby 23, 1879—4 Eugene F, b July 22, 1881.

John (Greshow)? Granbery (s of Henry Augustus, & Prudence Mimms) b April 17, 1833, d Mar 31, 1895, in Phil Pa, m Mary A. Teague?, issue: 1 Henry A, b June 10, 1858, m Ada Mitchell, issue: 1 Mary W, b April 1, 1880, d July 17, 1881—2 Miriam C., b Nov 17, 1881. 2 John Austin, b July 5, 1861—3 Mary Lee, b Nov 15, 1863, 4 Lelia, b Mar 14, 1866, d April 27, 1866—5 Samuel W, b May 31 1869—6 Julian Hastings, b Aug 28, 1873.

The Perquimans branch of the Granbery family, is represented first by Josiah Granbery, who lived at the “Folly” then in Perq Co, but later 1779, in Gates, after the county was divided. Perquimans at one time embraced the territory as far north as Orapeak (now called Coropeak), & deeds in Perq, are proof of the fact.

This Josiah Granbery, m Ann Gregory (niece of Christian Gregory, wife of Josiah (1) Granbery, of Gates Co) d of James Gregory, & wife Patience Godwin, of Va. Josiah (2) Granbery was one of the Vestrymen of St Pauls Church, Edenton, and a member of the Assembly at Newbern, April 1775, & again at Hillsboro, Aug 25, 1775. (Wheelers History of N. C.)

Josiah Granbery, & Ann had issue: 1 Thomas, 2 John, 3 James, 4 Ann, 5 Elizabeth Granbery.

1 Thomas Gregory Granbery b 1782 m Pherebee Peele Parker, (d of Job Parker of Chowan,) d 1828, issue: Josiah (3) Thomas Granbery, b 1806, m Sarah Ann Baker Sawyer, Jan 16, 1826, d of Willis Sawyer, of Bertie Co, & wife Sarah Baker (d of John Baker, & Mary Wynns, their only child to reach maturity) issue an only child: Mary Isabella, who m Lucius Junius Johnson (a descendant of Elizabeth Gregory, & Rev Daniel Earl). Lucius J. Johnson was a distinguished lawyer of Elizabeth City, N. C. Capt C. S. A. d 1866, she d 1869, issue: 1 Sarah Ann Johnson, 2 Mary Granbery, 3 Charles Earl, 4 Betsy, 5 Granbery, 6 James Madison, 7 Henrietta Martin, Sarah Ann Johnson, the only one now living, in Annapolis Md.

Col Josiah T. Granbery died 1862, in Perq county, where he had lived all his life, & his wife followed him in 1878. He was a large property owner, a successful farmer, & leading citizen. At his home called “Stockton” in Perq, he held sway, as a country gentleman, & great tales are told of the grand doings in the handsome old house, “before the War between the States.” None of his children married, so his line ran out with him. He represented the county, in the Assembly, 1835-36, & was President of the Seaboard Agricultural Society, Nov 1857.

GRANBERY - History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931)

Photo from History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).

2 John Granbery, m Mrs—Cowper, issue: 1 John J. Granbery, 2 George W. Granbery. Both d unmarried. Their names are mentioned in Nansemond Co Va Court, as heirs of Capt John Granbery, Dec 9, 1833.

3 James Granbery, m Nancy Gordon (d of Jacob, & Bathsheba his wife, of Gates Co, whose will is dated Sept 22, 1817) issue: 1 Joseph Gordon, 2 Thomas John, 3 Bathsheba A, 4 William George, 5 Elizabeth Esther Granbery.

  • (a) Joseph Gordon Granbery, m Isa Gordon (his cousin) (d of Benjamin Wotten Gordon, & Maria Louisa Jones) issue: 1 Mary, b— 2 Joseph Gordon, b — 3 Isa Gordon, 4 Edna Jones Granbery (twins), b —.
  • (b) Thomas John Granbery, d unmarried.
  • (c) Bathsheba A Granbery, m James Leigh, issue one s Richard Leigh.
  • (d) Wm George Granbery, m Sarah Simmons, of Currituck Co, issue: 1 Thomas, b— 2 Mary, b— 3 Lydia, b— 4 James, b—.
  • (e) Elizabeth E. Granbery, m Benjamin Shananhouse, moved to Charlotte, N. C. issue:

4 Ann Granbery m William Wood of Perq, whose will was p Nov 1824, in which will he names wife Anne, & son William Edward Wood, & dau’s Elizabeth, & Lucy Anne.

  • (a) Dr Wm E. Wood m Sophie Martin Trotman, (d of Ezekiel Trotman, & Emily Daube, d of Gen’l Peter Daube, of Rev fame) issue: 1 Dr Julian E. Wood, 2 Rev Thomas Granbery Wood, 3 Charles Stanton Wood, 4 Mary Shaw Wood, 5 Annie G. Wood, m J. T. Whitehurst.
  • (b) Elizabeth Wood, m Rev James G. Hall, moved to Miss. Eight of the family died of yellow fever. Their son Dr William Hall, was a surgeon in the Confederate Army, & his son James G. Hall Jr, was a judge in Tenn.
  • (c) Lucy Ann Wood died single.

5 Elizabeth Granbery, m Joseph Gordon (s of Jacob, & Bathsheba) issue: 1 Mary G. Gordon, 2 Bathsheba N. Gordon, 3 Jane Gregory Gordon.

  • (a) Mary G. Gordon, m John G. Harvey (her 1st cousin) issue: 1 Elizabeth Gordon Harvey, 2 Mary Granbery Harvey.
  • (b) Bathsheba N. Gordon, m 1st John L. Shananhouse, issue: 1 Benjamin G. Shananhouse, 2 Thomas Linch, 3 Nora Gordon. She m 2d Edwin Brace, issue: 4 Elizabeth Granbery Brace, 5 Belle Gordon Brace.
  • (a) Joseph Gordon Granbery, & wife Isa Benedicta (Gordon) issue: 1 Mary Gordon, b— m Dr John W. Speight, issue: 1 John Gordon, d young, John Gordon (2) died a lad, 3 Agnes Granbery Speight, m John Calvin Sanford, issue: 1 Agnes Granbery Sanford, 2 John Calvin Sanford.

2 Joseph Gordon Granbery, m Edith Shananhouse, issue: Wm Lee Granbery, Elizabeth Granbery.

3 Isa Gordon Granbery, m Nathan Tucker, issue: 1 Joseph Granbery Tucker 2 Elizabeth Gordon, 3 Mary Gordon, died young, 4 Isa Gordon, 5 Virginia Radcliff, 6 Agnes Granbery Tucker.

4 Edna Jones Granbery, m Thomas Nixon, issue: 1 Julian Granbery Nixon, d unmarried, 2 Dorothy Gordon, m Walter Oakey, issue: Dorothy Gordon Oakey, 3 Marjory Gordon Nixon, m Loyd Horton, 4 Edna Jones Nixon, m Braxton Dawson.

GRANBERY CHART - History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931)

History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).

Source: History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).


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