Of this family nothing is known earlier than the Quaker records, in Nansemond Co Va, but no better evidence can be found, for any family data.

  • Hollowell, Thomas (1) was living in said county,—10mo 1672. He affiliated with Lower Mo Meeting in Nansemond Co, and was one of the witnesses to the marriage of “banns” of Edward Belson, & Mary Crew, 13, 10mo 1684.
  • Hollowell (1) Thomas, of “Elizabeth rieur” had by wife Alise, issue: 1 Sarah, b 1, 11mo 1647—2 Thomas, b 22, 1mo 1649—3 Henry, b 18, 8mo 1651—4 John, b 22, 4mo 1655, d 10, 3mo 1671—5 Joseph, b 15, 6mo 1657—6 Benjamin, b 28, 12mo 1659—7 Elizabeth, b 9, 7mo 1662—8 Alise, b 16, 12mo 1664—9 Edmund, b 15, 9mo 1667—10 John (second by name) b 5, 9mo 1672.
  • Hollowell, Thomas “ye Elder Departed this Life” 16, 1mo 1687.
  • Hollowell, Thomas (s of Thomas) died 15, 2mo 1687.
  • Alice (widow of Thomas, and Elder in the Quaker Church) died 19, 9mo 1700.
  • Hollowell (2) Henry, m 1st Elizabeth Cotching (d of Thomas, of Chucktuck dec’d) 7, 8mo 1680. “Father Thomas, mother Alice.” He m 2d Elizabeth Scott (intention) 20, 2mo 1693 (d of William Scott Jr, & wife Elizabeth—b Dec 12, 1675).
  • Hollowell (2) Joseph, (untraced) Joseph (2) probably his son, m Martha Williams, 4-7-174—
  • Hollowell (2) Benjamin, m Elinor, who was his Admix, in Norfolk Co Va, Feb 17¾.
  • Hollowell (2) Elizabeth, was first wife of Nathan Newby, (a Quaker minister) who came to Perquimans to live about 1707. He being son of William Newby of Nansemond Co, and she (d of Alice of Elizabeth River) were m13, 10mo 1678. Nathan Newby m 2d Mary Toms, (d of Francis Jr) of Perq, who survived him, and m 2d Samuel Moore, also of Virginia.
  • Hollowell (2) Joseph, with wife Grace, assigned land in Norfolk Co, formerly Robert Berrys, May 30, 1701.
  • Hollowell (2) John, figures as a Quaker, and gave support to the building of the Quaker Meeting house, on Levin Buffkins land, which was proportioned, to be “20 feet long, 20 feet wide, and fitted with seats, at a cost of 3,868 lbs of Tob.”
  • Hollowell (3) Thomas, first in Perq, purchased 100a of land from Jacob Hill, on N East side of Perq River, July 11, 1726. So it can not be said he was one of the first settlers in the Province of N. C. Luke Hollowell, from whom descent can be traced, was also in Perq, and well settled Jan 10, 1725/6. His will Perq Co, p April 21, 1736, names sons: Joel to whom he left his “dwelling plantation” William, & John, wife Elizabeth. He devised land in Virginia to son John.
  • Hollowell (2) Edmund, d. s. p. moved to Bertie Co N. C. where his will was p Oct 20, 1729. Brothers: Thomas, and John.
  • Hollowell (3) Thomas, of Perq, d. s. p. will p July 1772, names Rachel Wilson (wife of Jacob) cousin Thomas (s of John) wife Sarah. It being often the case that a person making a will called a nephew “cousin” the Thomas here mentioned may have been a nephew, and said John brother of Thomas. There is no way of being positive however.
  • Hollowell (3) John, m Christian—Issue, according to his will, p in Perq Sept 10, 1784: William, Henry, dau’s: Elizabeth Perry, Sarah Riddick, Mary Riddick, Christian White, Ann Evans wife Christian.
  • Hollowell (4) Thomas, (s of John, according to Thomas Hollowells will) m Mary Lamb, 11. 1 mo 1787, issue: 1 Sarah, b 26, 12mo 1787—2 John, b 12, 3mo 1789—3 Elizabeth b 14, 7mo 1791—4 Polly, b 28, 9mo 1793—5 Thomas, b 27, 4mo 1796—6 Aaron, b 31, 3mo 1799—7 Nathan, b 24, 11mo 1800.
  • Hollowell, Thomas (father of above) died 27, 9mo 1806. His will, p Nov 1806. Sons: John, b 12, 3mo 1789 Thomas, Aaron, & Nathan, dau’s: Sarah, Mary D, & Rebecca Hollowell, wife Mary, her brothers: Preston, & John Lamb Exrs.
  • Hollowell (5) John, (s of Thomas dec’d) m Mary Jesop (d of Thomas) 12, 7mo 1809. “At Welses Meeting house” in said Co, issue: 1 Betsy, b 1, 6mo 1810—2 Rachel, b 9, 12mo 1812.
  • Thomas Hollowell, m Sarah Symons, 7, 12mo 1758, d 27, 9mo 1806. (At Symons Creek Pasq Co.)
  • Joseph Hollowell, m Leah Moore, 6, 11mo 1754.
  • Hollowell (6) Nathan, m Margaret (d of Christopher Wilson & Pheribee (Parker) and had according to his will: son Wilson, and Dau Eliza. Will p Nov 1829.

Source: History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).


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