Nicholas Hoskins, b 1589, came to Va in 1616. Temperance his wife in 1620, and had dau Margaret, b in Va 1624. (Hotten) He settled in Surry Co Va, where Robt Canfield made complaint against him, June 25, 1680, that “Nicholas Hoskins had departed this Country” owing him 900 lbs of Tob. An Order of Court was issued Feb 20, 1680, for the seizure of his Est, to satisfy said debt. (Surry Co Rec) Barth Hoskins living in Vir, obtained a grt for land in Elizabeth City Co, Nov 3, 1624. Another (or probably the identical person) Bartholemew Hoskins came to Va, in Safety 1635, age 34. He seems to have settled in Accomac Co Va.

Bartholemew Hoskins, had grt for land in Lower Norfolk Co Va, May 1, 1639, and another grt on Broad Creek, Mar 6, 1648, a 3d grt for 400a on Broad Creek Apl 29, 1653, and a fourth grt on same Creek, 800a, Dec 1, 1654. His grants were it is certain, on Hoskins Creek in Princess Anne Co Va, which Creek is a boundary of the old Moseley tract in said county. (See Map of Moseley Estate, in sd Co.)

Thomas Hoskins, m in Northumberland Co Va, the relict of John Ingram, and made release of her property to sd John, July 26, 1658.

William Hoskins of same, sold to John Garner, half of his grant, Oct 21, 1661.

It is not known which branch of Hoskins furnished the progenitor of the one who first settled in Perq Co, but it seems from the records at hand, that Hannibal Hoskins was the immigrant to this section. He appears first on the Reg of Berkeley Parish, Perq Co, Feb 11, 1689, when he married Margaret Furre (d of Peter). Peter Furre made complaint to the Court that he was being ill used on account of his religion, being a Roman Catholic. (See Col Records) Hannibal Hoskins seems to have died intestate. The next to make his appearance in Albemarle, is William Hoskins, of “Matacomack Creek” who made his will Jan 20, 1692-3, naming as legatees: brother Thomas, and cousin Daniel Cox. The deeds in Perq throw much light on this family, and they have been well written up in N. C. Hist Reg, Vol 3-1, beginning with Richard Hoskins (s of Wm, and Sarah, nee Whedbee.)

The Register carries this family through its many ramifications, well into the nineteenth century.

Source: History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).


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