Inquisition in the death of BENJAMIN PERRY (1854)

State of North Carolina

Perquimans County

Inquisition indented, taken on the land of Mr. Wm. Smith, on the field usually known as the old Israel Smith place, on the West side of Goodwins Mill Pond, about one mile South of the Main Road known as the Chicapen Road in the County aforesaid, the 1st day of April in the year of our Lord 1854 – before me Wm. Felton Coroner of said County, upon view of the body of Benjamin Perry, late of said County then and there at the Grave of said Perry, there lying dead, after having dug the said body from the Grave; and upon the oath of – Mark. D. Hathaway, foreman, Willis Robenson, Wm. J. Skinner, Wm. J. Hall, James M. Goodwin, Chas. More, Steph. Skinner, Henry Elliott, Sol. Eason, Hend. Goodwin, Danl. Roberts, and William Smith, good and lawful men of the said Co. of Perquimans who being charged and sworn to inquire how and in what manner the said Benj. Perry by his death came; upon their oaths do say that on the 30th day of March in the year and at the place aforesaid that the said Benj. Perry came to his death by a Fit or some other disease consequent to severe drinking of intoxicating liquor, and we the said Jurors after having dug up the body – and having diligently examined the said body, come to the above conclusion, we believe, the above verdick to be correct to the best of our belief.

In testimony where of as made I, the said Coroner, as the Jurors aforesaid, to this Inquisition have severally put our seal, the day, year and place, first above mentioned.


  • Wm. Felton, Coroner
  • M. D. Hathaway, Foreman
  • Willis Robinson (his X mark)
  • Wm. J. Skinner
  • Wm. J. Hall
  • Jas. M. Goodwin
  • Chas. Moore (his X mark)
  • Stephen Skinner
  • Henry Elliott
  • J. Eason
  • Henderson Goodwin
  • D. J. Roberts
  • William A. Smith






Contributed and transcribed by Frances C. Griffin

(Transcribed as written, including errors in spelling and grammar.)


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