• Samuel Jordan arrived at Jamestown with Sir George Somers fleet, 1609. Samuel Gourden of Charles City Co, “an ancient planter, who hath abode 9 years in this colony and his wife Cicily, who hath abode 2 years in the colony” received a Patent for 450a in three plantations, part adj John Rolfe (Surry Co) 2pt “abuts the great River, upon a Swamp, adj Martins hope, and 3d pt near Sandys, south upon Ye Great River” Sept 10, 1620. This land lay in the “Territory of Great Weyonoke” and was already planted. Samuel Jordan represented Charles City Co, in the House of Burgesses 1619. He settled at a place called “Jordons Journey” in the present confines of Prince George Co Va, and fortified his house, called “Beggars Bush” and defied the Indians during the massacre of Mar 22, 1622. His wife Sisley arrived in Va, in the Swan, Aug 1610, age 24 years. Among those living at Jordans Journey, Feb 16, 1623 are found, Cicily Jordan, and two children: Mary age 3, and Margaret age 1, born in Virginia. Cicily Jordan m soon after 1632. Capt William Farrar. Samuel Jordan was living 1632.
  • Samuel Jordan had three sons, born in England, who came to America, one of them Robert being killed by the Indians, 1622. The other two Samuel, who settled Surry Co, and became ancestor of a branch of Jordans who moved west, and north, Thomas his brother born 1600, came to Va in the ship Diana 1624, age 24. He settled in Isle of Wight Co Va, where he had a grant for 900a of land “at the head of Warricksqueake River” adj Mr Butler Aug 20, 1635. He was a soldier under Sir George Yeardley, and represented Warrasquoke, in the House of Burgesses Oct 1629, 32. His son Thomas (2) patented land in Nansemond Co Va, 1666, and lived in, or near Chuckatuck. In lower Mo meeting records, he is spoken of as “Thomas Jordan of Chuckatuck.” He gives the information in these records, that “he was born 1634, and received the truth in ye year 1660, and abode faithful in it unto ye end of his days” (Records Lower Mo Meeting, Nansemond Co.)
  • Jordan, Thomas (s of Thomas) m Margaret Brasseur (d of Robert) French Huguenot, issue:
  • (1) Jordan, Thomas (3), b 6, 6mo 1660, m Elizabeth Bough (d of William dec’d) 6, 7mo 1679. He left the Quaker Church, and became an Episcopalian, serving as Vestryman in Nansemond Co, 1702-9; was Sheriff of said county 1708-18; Lieut of Militia 1715, Justice 1732. He had by wife Elizabeth issue; 1 Martha b 22, 11mo 1680—2 Thomas, b 19, 5mo 1681—3 Elizabeth, b 18, 9mo 1683—4 William, b 22, 11mo 1688. Thomas Jordan (4) was a Church Warden of Suffolk Parish, Nansemond Co, year 1757, and was probably dead July 13, 1759, when he is spoken of as a “former Church Warden.”
  • (2) Jordan, John (s of Thomas, & Margaret), b 17, 6mo 1663, m Margaret Bough, in Isle of Wight Co, 8, 10mo 1688. His will p in Isle of Wight Co Va, Feb 1, 1709. Wife Margarett, to whom he left plan’ “where I now live, for her Natual life, and at her death to son John,” if he die without heirs, to four youngest dau’s: Mourning, Elizabeth, Mary, & Susanna. To dau Martha a negro girl “named Moll.”
  • Jordan (a) John (2) John (1) Thomas (1) will Isle of Wight, p Dec 7, 1758, names son John, gr-son Edmund Jordan, d Mourning, d Elizabeth, Tharp, d Margarett Sebill, son Joseph, s Billingsley.
  • Jordan (b) John (3) John (2) John (1) Thomas (1) will Isle of Wight, p Nov 5, 1778, names his father John Jordan, brother James, sister Patience Jones, brothers Thomas, and William, sister Elizabeth.
  • Jordan (III) James (s of Thomas, & Margaret) b 25, 11mo 1665, m Elizabeth Ratcliff (d of Richard) In, 9, 12mo 1688, issue 1 John, & James (twins) b—1689, and dau Elizabeth, who m Stephen Scott of Pasq Co N. C. They were members of Levy Neck Mo meeting Isle of Wight Co. Elizabeth Jordan, wife of James d 30, 6mo 1695 was b 21, 7mo 1668. James Jordan m 2d Anne Roester of Elizabeth River, 28, 7mo 1700. His will p in Isle of Wight Co, Oct 13, 1732, names son John, dau Elizabeth Scott, gr-son James Jordan Scott (s of Stephen, & Elizabeth) son James children, gr-son James Jordan. (Blackabee Terall in his will Isle of Wight, p Aug 27, 1733, left to gr-son James Jordan “all my land at Blackwater,” gr-son Joseph Jordan £10 gr-dau Ann Jordan, son-in-law James Jordan.)
  • Jordan (IV) Robert (s of Thomas, & Margaret) b 11, 7mo 1668, m Christian Outland (widow of William) dau of Thomas Taberer of Trerasoo Neck, Isle of Wight Co) 9, 12mo 1687, issue: Christian, b Jan 25, 1689, m William Scott (s of John dec’d), issue: 1 Mary, b 4, 7mo 1708. Christian Scott died 12, 11mo 1708. Christian Jordan wife of Robert, died 26, 6mo 1689.
  • Robert Jordan m 2d Mary Belson (d of Edmund, & Elizabeth) b 24, 3mo 1673, married 10, 5mo 1690, issue: 1 Thomas, b 13, 4mo 1692—2 Robert, b 27, 10mo 1693—3 Joseph, b 18, 9mo 1695—4 Mary, b 24, 12mo 1699—5 Margarett, b 12, 2mo 1702—6 Elizabeth, b 17 12mo 1705—7 Edmond, & Belson (twins) b 17, 6mo 1707, Belson died 9, 10mo 1707—8 Samuel, b 29, 4mo 1711.
  • (a) Robert Jordan (2) Robert (1) m Dorothy Pleasants of Charles City Co Va 3, 6mo 1718. (Weyonoke Mo meeting.) She was his widow 9, 7mo 1718.
  • Robert Jordan (younger), became a Quaker minister in 1718, serving in that capacity for 17 years. He died 26, 9mo 1735, 40 years of age.
  • (b) Joseph (1) Robert (1) Thomas (1) became a Quaker minister, and married Ruth Glaister of Pasquotank Co. Children of Joseph Jordan “that great and worthy man, & minister of the Gospel” by Ann his wife, 1 Sarah, b 12, 2mo 1731—2 Abigail, b 19, 7mo 1733—3 Margaret, b “after her fathers Decease ye 29, 10mo 1735.” (She d an infant.)
  • Jordan (V) Richard (1) Thomas (1) b 6, 6mo 1670, m Rebecca Ratcliff (d of Richard) In, 20, 8mo 1706. Richard Jordan of Nansemond Co, died 29, 10mo 1723. Richard Jordan Sr “of Lower pish of Isle of Wight Co, planter” made a deed of gift to his son John of afsd, planter, 100a of Land at the mouth of Cypress Swamp. Mar 30, 1679, Test’ Richard, & Alice Jordan. This Richard had m prior to this date Elizabeth Reynolds, sister of John, who bequeathed to his sister, (wife of Richard Jordan) 800 lbs of Tob in his will, Mar 11, 1668. Isle of Wight Co, records.) The Richard here mentioned was probably a brother of Thomas (1) as he could not possibly have been Richard (s of Thomas). It is thought that John son of Richard Sr came to Chowan Co, at a very early date.
  • Jordan (VI) Joseph (1) Thomas (1) b 8, 7mo 1672. m Sarah. (untraced.) He may have been “Joseph of N. C.”
  • Jordan, Benjamine, b 18 7mo 1674, m Sarah —. His will Isle of Wight Co, Dec 8, 1715, Wife Sarah, sons: Thomas, Benjamin, dau’s: Margaret, & Sarah. Brothers James, Robert, & Richard, Exrs.
  • Jordan (VII) Matthew (1) Thomas (1) b 1, 11mo 1676, m Dorothy Bufkin (widow of Leaner (Levin) dau of William Newby, & wife Izabell ? of Nansemond Co Va) 6, 7mo 1699. His will Isle of Wight Co, p Oct 13 1748. He made bequest to wife Dorothy, “6 negroes, ⅓ of money, and plantation where I now live, with Copper Still, & Utensills” at her death to son Josiah. To sd son “7 negroes, 1 Silver Tankard, 6 Silver Spoons, marked H” To son Mathias “Land bought of cousin Matthew Jordan (nephew) called Bells Point” with all stock, 6 negroes 1 Silver Brecor, 1 Silver Cup, 6 Silver Spoons and ⅓ of money. To dau Charity 4 negroes, 1 Silver Porringer, 1 Silver Tea Cup, & 6 Silver Spoons, To dau Comfort 4 negroes, “1 Silver Porringer, 1 Silver Cupp, and — Large Silver Spoons.”
  • From this will it would not appear that Matthew Jordan, was not a man of spare means. “Disunion” papers were served upon Dorothy Jordan, widow, 17, 3mo 1750, for “Disorderly walking.” Soon afterwards she obtained a “Certificate” to the Meeting in Perq Co, and as her two sons Josiah & Matthew had already preceded her, she probably lived a while in N. C. But in Josiah Jordans will p in Perq, he mentions his “mother in Isle of Wight Co Va,” sd will p in Perq 1789. She m 2d James Pleasants 7, 12mo 1764.
  • Jordan (VIII) Samuel (1) Thomas (1) b 15, 2mo 1679, m Elizabeth Fleming, 10, 10mo 1703.
  • Jordan (IX) Joshua (1) Thomas (1) b 30, 6mo 1681, m Elizabeth Sanbourne (d of Daniel, & Sarah, named in his will). Joshua Jordan will Isle of Wight, p Feb 28, 1717. In his will he “desired that his mother-in-law Sarah Sanborn, shall be Hon’bly taken care of by my wife, and daughter, and shall not want for any thing that can be done for her, likewise shall have a horse & saddle to go to Meeting when she thinks fitt.” Wife Elizabeth, Dau’s: Sarah, Rachel, Mary, Elizabeth, Margrett, Susanna, sons: Joshua, and Matthew, brothers Robert, & Matthew. Test’ Thos. Copeland, Cornelius Ratcliff, Henry Davis. His descendants also moved to Perq Co, N. C.
  • Matthew Jordan, son of Joshua, was evidently the “cousin Matthew” spoken of in the will of Matthew (1) son of Thomas (1) 1748.
  • Elizabeth, wife of Joshua, m 2d Cornelius Ratcliff, of Isle of Wight Co Va, 9, 3mo 1721. Their descendants (if any) also came to Perq. (See deeds in Perq.)
  • Jordan, Matthew (2) Matthew (1) Richard Sr, (son of Matthew, & wife Patience Darden) moved with his “cousin” Josiah to Perq, where his will was p July 1763, naming: Brother Gabriel Newby, sister Anne Jordan, sister Mary Clay, and Elizabeth Newby (wife of Francis) brothers: Francis, Joseph, Benjamin, & Josiah Newby, sister Dorothy Skinner (wife of John) mother Patience Newby (wife of Joseph Sr).
  • The will of Matthew Jordan, father of Matthew above, Nov 19, 1742, names: son Matthew, dau Dorothy, dau Elizabeth, dau Martha, and wife Patience. His Estate was appraised, May 23, 1743 . (Isle of Wight Co.) Patience Jordan m 2d Joseph Newby of Perq. (See Newby family.) Rebeccah, Richard, Joe, Patience, & Matthew Jordan, heirs of Richard of Isle of Wight Co, Newport Parish, “with consent of our mother Rebeccah, relict of said Richard dec’d.” Apl 18, 1739. (Isle of Wight Rec.) Patience Jordan (2) m her cousin James Jordan, and was “disunited” for so doing. Matthew Jordan of Perquimans died without issue.
  • Jordan, Josiah (1) Joshua (1) Thomas (1) will Isle of Wight Co, Jan 24, 1783, names sons: Thomas “plantation whereon I live” Joshua (2), Robert, and children of “my dec’d son Hezekiah, all Estate I possessed him with in his life time,” gr-son Samuel Jordan, dau Doley Brown, son-in-law John Pleasants. “As my son Hezekiah, and dau (not named) have left this life, I give to their representatives, parts as to children.” Wife (not named) Son-in-law William Brown, & Jacob Randolph Exrs.
  • Josiah Jordan m Mourning Ricks 17, 2mo 1746. She was an Elder in Western Branch Quarterly meeting — 11mo 1745. They served as Exrs, Will of Abraham Ricks dec’d, Sept 23, 1745. (Isle of Wight records.)
  • Hezekiah (gr-son of Josiah) moved to Gates Co, N. C. where he m Mary Cook, and had son Daniel Jordan, m Miss Hunter, Mary Tatum Jordan, m Francis E. Winslow, Susan, who died young. Their descendants also lived in Perq.
  • Jordan, Rachel (1) Joshua (1) Thomas (1) dau of Joshua, & Elizabeth Sanbourne, of Isle of Wight Co Va, m Thomas White (s of John, of said Co) 13, 7mo 1719, issue: I Lydia, b 12, 9mo 1720, m John Robinson of Perq—2 Elizabeth, b 19, 10mo 1722, m Joseph Pritchard of Pasquotank Co—3 Joshua, b 26, 11mo 1727, m Gulielma Jordan—4 Jordan, b 20, 3mo 1729—5 Thomas, b 25, 12mo 1730, m Anne Barrow—5 Rachel, b 25, 12mo 1730 (twin to Thomas) m Benjamin Winslow (s of John Winslow, & Esther Snelling dau of Israel & Hannah, his wife née Larance)—6 John, b 17, 3mo 1733, m Lydia Winslow (d of Joseph Sr & wife Pleasant)—7 Mary, b 29, 2mo 1735, m Joseph Winslow (s of Joseph Sr, & wife Pleasant)—8 Matthew, b 10, 3mo 1738, m Mary Robinson—9 Caleb, b 8, 3mo 1740, m Rebecca Toms (gr-daughter of Francis (1) dau of Francis Jr, of Perq).
  • Thomas White will Perq, p Jan 1762. Made bequest to son Benjamin (not of age) “plantation on which I now dwell, and water mill,” and should not “debar his mother from the dwelling house, and a third of the said plantation.” To wife Rachel “chattels, one large looking glass, and a square walnut table,” to son Joseph property “I possessed him with” and half of the water mill, until son Benjamin comes of age. Sons John, Matthew, Caleb, same. To dau Mary Winslow “one large looking glass & chattels,” dau Sarah White, gr-dau’s Sarah, & Mary Pritchard, “negroes which I lent to my dau Elizabeth.” Appointed son Thomas, & Benjamin Ex. Test’ Thomas Newby, Mary Pritchard, Israel Perry.
  • Mary Pritchard (d of Elizabeth née White) will Oct 1765, names brother Benjamin Pritchard, to whom she left “all my land,” sisters: Elizabeth and Miriam, mother-in-law Sarah Pritchard (step-mother) aunt Sarah Albert—(son) bequest, to gr-mother Rachel White, to whom she left “a negro man named Jacob,” at her death to uncle Benjamin White, uncles Joshua, Joseph, Thomas, John, Matthew, Caleb, and Benjamin White, “remainder of Estate.” Brother-in- law Zephaniah Jones, and uncle Caleb Exrs.

The will of Rachel White, née Jordan was found behind an old looking glass in an antique shop in Suffolk Va, only a few years ago, with an original grant to Timothy Clare 1707, and another to Benjamin Winslow 1794. As said Rachel (d of Thomas) m Benjamin Winslow, whose will Perq, p Nov 1794, & it seems probable that some of his descendants sold the looking glass to the antique dealer. Benjamin Winslow names in his will sons: Joseph, John, Jordan, & Benjamin (2) Dau’s: Sarah, and Rachel. Test’ Israel, & Lawrence Perry.

The will of Rachel White, found behind the looking glass, was unfortunately unsigned, & not dated, but she names the same children, named in her husband Thomas Whites will p 1762, so there can be no doubt of her identity. As this will has never so far been published, the writer gives it in full, for the benefit of future generations.

Will of Rachel White, of Perq Co.

I Rachel White, of the Province of Carolina, and County of Perquimans, being weak of body, But of Sound, and Disposing memory, do think Proper to make and ordain this to be my last Will and Testament, in manner and form following; Firstly I give and bequeath unto my three sons, Joshua White, John White, and Caleb White, my negro girl Called Priscilla, She and all her Increase to them and their heirs forever, also I give unto my son Joshua, one Brass Kittle, and one Stone pot, to him and his heirs; also I give unto my son John, one Small Round table, and two Chairs; also I give unto my son Caleb, one feather Bed, and furniture, and three earthen plates, to him and his heirs forever. Secondly I give, & bequeath unto my son Thomas, my Desk ? and one Cow, and one Walnut framed looking glass, and one Couch, to him and his heirs forever. Thirdly I give and bequeath unto my son Joseph two Cows, and two heifers, one Ewe, and lamb, one Side Saddle, and bridle, one great Chest, and one Pewter Dish, and three plates, two white chairs, to him and his heirs forever. Fourthly I give and bequeath unto my son Matthew, two heifers, one tub and pail, two Ewes, and one looking glass, and one Candle Stick, and one Cofey pot, to him and his heirs forever. Fifthly I give and bequeath unto my daughter Rachel Winslow, one Small Square table, and one brass Candle Stick, and one negro wench Judah, and one old feather bed and some furniture. Sixthly I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Mary Winslow, Eight pounds proc— money, three Earthen plates, and one Earthen prinah ? bole, one Small Stone mug, to her and her heirs forever. Seventhly I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Sarah Nicholson, one feather bed, and furniture, that Mary Pritchet left me, one half Duzen Earthen plates, and one punch bole, one large pewter Dish, one Deep puwter Dish, one tee pot, and five tee Cups, and sas—(saucers) one large Stone pot, one Square table, one Chest, to her and hers forever. Eightly and lastly I give and bequeath unto my son Benjamin, one feather bed and furniture, and one Case and bottles, also I give all right of that Negro man Called Jacob, which Mary Prichard left me, to him and his heirs forever. No signature, and no probate, not dated.

A true copy, made by Mrs. Watson Winslow, July 9, 1930.

Rachel White was still living 1774, when her son John (d. s. p. will Perq) made his will said year. The grant to Timothy Clare 1707, called for 300a on Perq River, and it is supposed that the original was kept by some member of his descendants and finally fell into the hands of Rachel White, who hid same behind the old looking glass for safe keeping. Benjamin Winslow who m Rachel White (d of Rachel, and Thomas, as before shown) was ancestor of Jordan Winslow late of Winfall, who was father of Mr. Alonzo Winslow now residing there. Benjamin Winslow was son of John Winslow, and wife Esther Snelling, d of Israel, & Hannah née Larance, who was 3d and last wife of Timothy Clare. The writer has now in her possession an old “square walnut table” which was given to her husband Watson Winslow, by his grandmother, and the question naturally arises, could this table be the same mentioned in the will of both Thomas, and Rachel White? The style of the table proves it to be at least 225 years of age and it may very well be the same. (See other White will; N. C. Hist Reg, Vol 3-

Of Joseph Jordan, who also moved to Perq at an early date, and settled near Little River Bridge, the Quaker records give data as follows:

  • Jordan, Joseph, departed this Life, 11 11mo 1725. (Reg of Suttons Creek, Perq Co.)
  • Jordan, Joseph (2) departed this Life —, 12mo 1752. (Reg of Suttons Creek, Perq Co.)
  • Jordan, Joseph (3) departed this life 4, 7mo 1760. (Reg of Suttons Creek, Perq Co.)
  • Jordan, Mary (widow of Joseph) died 6, 10mo 1767, and was buried in Friends burying ground at Newbegun Creek, in the 63d year of her age.
  • Jordan, Jane, (widow of Joseph, dau of Joseph Barrow) died 7, 10mo 1789, age 63.
  • Jordan, Joseph, Gent, appears first in Perq, with wife ffelia Christi, and purchased 200a of land in Pasquotank Co called “Chanceys,” where said Jordan “now lives,” 1704. ffelia Christi was probably the first wife of Joseph who died 1725, or there may have been a former Joseph who was father of Joseph who died 1725, and this seems to be the most plausible conclusion, taking into consideration the fact that, “Joseph Jordan (s of Joseph of North Car) m Mary Rix (d of Abraham, of Isle of Wight Co Va) in 10, 2mo 1723, therefore we see that Joseph (s of Joseph) m a sister of Mourning Ricks, who m, as before seen, Josiah Jordan of Isle of Wight Co, being cousins once removed, and marrying sisters.
  • Jordan, Joseph (3) was a Schoolmaster in Perq, teaching perhaps in or near Woodville where he lived, this being the first school spoken of on the records of Perq Co. He petitioned the Court Jan 1756 for license to keep “an Ordinary at his now Dwelling House, near Little River Bridge.” He was also a Quaker minister, and probably held forth in the “Little River meeting house” near by on the River by same name.
  • Joseph Jordan m Penelope Pendleton, at Symons Creek, 7, 3mo 1747. Marriages unplaced.
  • Robert Jordan, m Elizabeth Carver, 7, 3mo 1765. (Simons Creek, Pasq Co.)
  • Miriam Jordan, m John Murdaugh, In 7, 2mo 1726.
  • Jacob Jordan, m Patience Small, 5, 4mo 1751 (Welles, Perq Co.)
  • Excursus Brasseur.
  • Robert Brasseur, French Huguenot, was granted 1200a of land in Nansemond Co, Va, April 12, 1653, at the head of Nansemond River, for transporting, himself, his wife Florence, children Mary, Persid, Kathe, Bennet Brassuer, William Wooten, Tho. Parker, Jno. Sutton, Jno. Stephens, — Barefield, Elizabeth Paleman, Nicho. Moroise (Morris), Tho Russell, and Ra, Ellis. This grant was located on Southern branch of Nansemond River.
  • Margaret Jordan (daughter of Robert Brashare) b —, 7mo 1642, “united with the truth in her 16th year, who about 63 years of age was taken with an Indisposition of Body, which continued for three years, came to the end 7, 10mo 1708. She was an Elder in Friends meeting at Chuckatuck, and had taken from her by the high Sheriff of Isle of Wight Co, 120 lbs of Tob, 25, 1 mo 1701, she being a widow 11, 7mo 1700. (Sufferings of Quakers.) Thomas Jordan her husband “Departed this Life, ye 8, 10mo 1699, on ye sixth day of the week.” He also suffered persecution at the hands of authorities, being imprisoned six weeks for “being at a meeting at his own house” but was released by order of Kings Proclamation. Of the Jordan family too much can not be said, as they seem to be from beginning to end a family of great worth, true, strong, public spirited, every where holding places of honor, and public offices, they have blazed a way for their good name through all generations, since the first intrepid adventurer Samuel Jordan set foot on American soil, down to the present day.

My own husbands mother being of this splendid family, I feel that I can not say too much about them, she herself being a fine example of all that good womanhood stands for in this life.

Source: History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).

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