JOSHUA WHITE (1865 Will)

Joshua White

In the name of God Amen I Joshua White of the County of Perquimans and State of N Carolina being at this ____ ____ of lazy but of sound and disposing mind Thanks as to God for the ____ ____ ____ and ordain this writing to confirm my last Will and Testament in manner and form as follows

First I give devise and bequeath unto my beloved wife Emily White all the property that s____ by him to her & her heirs forever. I also leave to the use of her all the lands together with all the buildings where I now live except the Roundtree lands also the field called the back deading beginning at a gate and running along a big ditch to the East end of ____ field including all that is ditched round on the right hand side as ____  ____ together with my household &  ____ ____ ____ ____ during her natural life or widowhood ____ ____ to the use of my beloved wife my riding Carriage ____ ____ ________and gray roan sorrel during her life or widowhood I also give to her one hundred pounds Corn & fivethousand pounds fodder two thousand pounds Pork one hundred pounds Sugar fifty pounds Coffee also two Sows & pig to her & her heirs forever I also leave to her use one yoke of oxen and her Control ____  ____ during her life or widowhood.

Secondly I give devise and bequeath unto my son Joshua W White (Joshua Warren White) all my lands at Bagleys Swamp together with all that I have heretofore possessed him with to him and his heirs forever.

Thirdly I give devise and bequeath unto my daughter Milicent Pearce all my Rountree lands and at the death or marriage of my wife Emily White the plantation whereon I now live by her paying to Mary A Winslow Five Hundred dollars to her& her heirs forever.

4th I give devise and bequeath unto grandson Charles Willis Pearce all the remaining part of my Cyprus lands and at the death or mariage of my beloved wife for him to have that portion given to her by his paying over Five Hundred Dollars to my daughter Mary A Winslow to him his heirs and assigns forever.

5thly I give devise and bequeath unto my daughter Mary A Winslow one note that I hold against her of One Thousand Dollars to be paid by my daughter Milicent Pearce & my grandson Charles Willis Pearce that is to say Five Hundred each and all that I have heretofore possessed her with to her & his heirs & assigns forever.

6thly I give devise and bequeath unto my three grandchildren namely Sallie Twine, Cornelia F. White & Joseph Judson White Fifteen Hundred Dollars to be equally divided between them on condition that I have nothing to pay for their father Jos R White dec’d to them their heirs and assigns forever.

7thly I give devise and bequeath unto my daughter Martha (or Marsha) Jane Cooper ____ ____to her her heirs and assigns forever.

8thly I give devise and bequeath the remaining part of my Estate at the death or marriage of my beloved wife Emily to my three children namely Joshua Warren White, Mary A Winslow & Milicent Pearce to them their heirs and assigns forever.

9thly & lastly I nominate constitute and appoint my son Joshua W White my whole and only ____ to this my last Will & Testament desiring him to see the same fully executed & performed.

In  ____ whereof I have presented ____ my hand & affixed my seal This 14th day of September _ _ 1865.

Joshua White seal

Signed in the presence of

E W Riddick

William White


Nov Term 1865

Perqe Co Court of the foregoing Will of Joshua White was admitted to probate and ordered to be recorded & filed

See minute docket Nov term 1865 page 287

Transcribers note:

Will book H Perquimans

In 1860 Joshua White had assets

$7,000 real estate

$40,000 personal property

Contributed and transcribed by Frances Callaghan

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