• John Laydon, b 1681, came to Va in Susan, 1607, and m in the fall of 1608 Anne Burrus, who had arrived that year, as maid to Mrs. Forrest. She was fourteen years younger than her husband. (Va Hist Mag, Vol 4—p 93.)
  • Among those alive after the Indian massacre, Feb 16, 1623, “Att Elizabeth Cittye” were John Laydon, Ann his wife, and children: Virginia, Alice, Katherine, and Margaret Laydon. Their marriage was the first marriage solemnized in Virginia, & their eldest dau is thought to have been the first white child born at Jamestown. John Layden had 200a grt him in the “Territory of Greate Weyonoke, in the Corporation of Henrico 1626.” (Hotten), and another grt of 200a on Warwick River, “being an ancient planter” May 5, 1636, 500a and 250a grt Mar 6, 1636, in same Co, also 500a Feb 29, 1631.
  • No proof is to be found that John Laydon, & wife Anne were the progenitors of the Laydens of Perq county, yet they may prove to be.
  • Francis Layden of Perq, m Elizabeth — issue: 1 William, b Aug 12, 1713—2 Mary, b Feby 1, 1715—3 Francis (2), b Oct 26, 1719.
  • William Layden dec’d Jan 13, 1758, heirs: Elizabeth Gibson, Ann, & Sarah Layden. (Division.)
  • Francis Layden dec’d Oct 25, 1759, Thomyzin Layden Admix. There were in the division 5 negroes. Thomas Orphan of Francis, guardian Richard Clayton. (Guardian accounts.)
  • George Layden dec’d Aug 12, 1762, Mary Admix.
  • Division of Francis (2) Layden Estate 6, 5mo 1799, heirs: Mary, Margaret, and Sarah Layden.
  • Francis Layden dec’d July 3, 1761, division of his Est Jan 1763, heirs: Mary, Tamer, Isaac, & Thomas. John Clayton Guardian. (John Roberts had the care of the orphans for one year.) Tulle Williams was apt Gar of Thomas orphan of Francis, Jan 7, 1770. (Loose papers.)

Source: History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).

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