• Richard Longe came to Virginia in “London Merchant” with Alice his wife, age 23 and had Richard (2) b in Va. Among the living “Att Elizabeth Cittye” after the Indian massacre, Feb 16, 1623; Richard Long, wife, & infant. (Hotten) William Longe was living at same time “in Elizabeth Cittye.”
  • James Long first in Perq Co N. C. came from Nansemond Co Va. His will p in Albemarle Oct 7, 1680, Names sons: James (2) Thomas, and Giles, wife, (not named).
  • (2) Longe, James, (2) James (1) was grt 450a in “ye princinct of Berkley, at ye mouth of Beaver Cove, along Yawpim Creek, thence along Yawpim River.” 1681. His will p in Chowan Co, July 29, 1712, Names sons: James, Thomas, (to whom he left his “brick house plantation”) John “my plantation at Moratock” dau’s: Mary, & Elizabeth, wife Elizabeth. James Long had a former wife Ales (Alice) by whom he had son John, b Sept — 1673.
  • (2) Longe, Thomas, (1) James (1) “Departed this Life Apl 4, 1688. (untraced)
  • (2) Longe, Giles, (1) James (1) died before Feb 12, 1691/2. In his will proven on that date he gave all Estate to “Wife and child” but as they are not named, no data can be ascertained about them.
  • (3) Longe, Thomas, (2) James (2) James (1), m Rabaky Waite (White), Mar 7, 1688/9, issue: 1 Sarah, b Jan 28, 1692—2 William, b Aug 13, 1695—3 Joshua, b Oct 30, 1698. Thomas Long made his will in Perq Co, p Oct 10, 1721. Son: William “land on mill swamp,” Joshua, “land on Major Harves Quarter,” Thomas “plantation whereon I now live” 470a, dau Sarah Leary (dau-in-law), wife Rebeckah.
  • (3) Longe, William, (1) James (2) James (1) “son of James, & Ales” m Sarah Johnson, Jan 6, 1697/8 (relict of John Johnson, née Gunfallis d. s. p. will July 1712, wife Sarah, brothers John, & Thomas Long, Nephews: James, & William Long. Sarah Long (wife of William) made her will, proven Perq Precinct, July 8, 1718, naming bro-in-law Thomas Long, sister Mary Perce, bro-in-law Thomas Perce, Cornelius Leary (s of Richard) John Wiatt (cousin) Jonathan, & William Taylor, Joshuway Long, to whom she bequeathed “plantation at creeks mouth” William Long to whom “plantation whereon I now dwell.”
  • (3) Longe, John, (1) James (2) James (1), m Elizabeth Charles, Aug 11, 1687. As he made no will, his line is untraced.
  • Longe (3) James (2) James (1) made his will in Chowan Co, p April 1734. Sons: James (4) Giles (2) Joshua, John, Andrew, dau Elizabeth. His wife is not named (untraced).
  • (4) Longe, Joshua, (1) Thomas (2) James (2) James (1), m Elizabeth — issue: according to his will, p in Perq Co, July 1741, Sons: Thomas, Joshua (2). He appointed his brother Thomas Long Ex. Joshua Long (2) moved to Tyrrell Co, where his will was p June 1754.
  • (4) Longe, Thomas, (3) Thomas (2) James (2) Will April 1754. Sons: Joshua, Thomas, wife Sarah. She m 2d Richard Leary.
  • (4) Longe, William, (2) Thomas (2) James (2) James (1) m 1st Mary — issue: 1 Sarah, b Nov — 1720—2 Thomas, b Nov 5, 1723—3 William, b Aug 20, 1725—4 Joshua, (s of William, & Ann), b Nov 30, 1733—5 Thomas (second by name) b Sept 23, 1736—6 Elizabeth, b Dec 13, 1742—7 James, b Mch 3, 1745—8 Thomas (third by name) b Feby 22, 1748/9—9 Reuben, b Apl 17, 1752. William (2) Long died before April 1759. Will p on that date. Sons: Simeon, “manor plantation” Thomas “part of manor Plantation” Reuben “land on Franks Creek” sons William, & James “100a on West side of Minses Creek. gr-sons: Lemuel, & Ichabod Long, & Joshua Wyatt, gr-dau Mary Wyatt, wife Ann Extrix. (Ann Long m 2d Thomas McNider.)

The loose papers in Perq give some further data about the Long family, & leave no doubt that Ann Long (widow of William) m 2d Thomas McNider. It seems also very clear that “daughter Sarah Leary” spoken of in Thomas Longs Will 1721, was a dau-in-law, and not a blood relation, as the Minute book in Perq, gives the fact; “Sarah Lerry, her former husband Thomas Long,” Apl 1757. Joshua, & Thomas, Orphans of Thomas dec’d, Jan 1756. Sarah was widow of Richard Leary, July 1757, who “died very much in debt,” (Auditors Act Oct 1757). Richard Leary, & Mrs. Sarah Long were m Nov 15, 1756. Thomas Long (a minor) dec’d Sept 10, 1761. His inventory shows a Bible & one Prayer book. William Long Jr dec’d (no date), Wm Wyatt, & Miles Harvey Exors.James Long Division, Feb 5, 1762; part to William Long, Reubin Long, Simeon Long, representatives of Sarah Wyatt dec’d, William McNider, in right of his mother.

Source: History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).

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