• John McMullen born in Dublin, Ireland, 1740, came to Virginia in 1760, where he lived until the fall of 1797, when he migrated with part of his family to Elbert Co Georgia. He had a large family, ten sons and five daughters, all of whom married and became prosperous, living to ripe old age, and themselves rearing large families, who scattered to almost every state in the union. In 1900 when a granite monument was raised to his memory in the family burying ground, on the brow of a hill near the residence of Blackston L. Richardson, in the historic “Valley of Virginia” there were living at that time five thousand persons who owed their strong Scotch-Irish blood to him, through many generations.
  • “He was a man of noble traits of character, which gave a rich inheritance to those who descended from him. He was a man of strong features, positive convictions, keen intellectual insight, lofty moral ideals, and tireless energy,” all of which traits characterized the family. He was a distinguished Virginia Soldier in the Rev War, and it seemed only an act of loyalty, and justice for Judge F. M. McMullen and other of his numerous descendants to thus honor him.
  • As John McMullen never trod the soil of Perquimans, and the writer has no way of making a detailed line of the ramifications of his family, and the records in Perquimans yielding nothing regarding him or his descendants, we can only write of those who later moved to Perquimans, and have made their home here ever since. John McMullen emigrated to Va at the age of 20 years, and was a tailor by trade. There is a tradition in the family that he made for no less a person than George Washington, his first Military suit. This was a great honor, especially if done well, which bears no shadow of doubt it was, knowing the stern rectitude of the maker.
  • James McMullen (s of John, and Edith Kendall) had son Jeremiah, who m Frances Dabney Shelton, Dec 22, 1830, Greenesville Co Va. He was born in said county Nov 2, 1815, and died at Boydton Va Aug 19, 1873, and was buried there. Frances Dabney Shelton, born in Greenesville Co Va, Nov 8, 1818, died in Hertford N. C. Oct 23, 1880, buried in the cemetery in Hertford. They had issue:
  • 2 Virginia Anne, b Nov 17, 1837, d Oct 2, 1899—2 William Thomas, b May 11, 1841, d July 6, 1918, in Hertford, one of our best beloved citizens, and a man of high integrity, and worth, m 1st Sallie Wood (d of Mr. John S. Wood, & Wife — Wood) issue, Dr. Shelton McMullen of Hertford, & Elizabeth City, who m Lydia Palin and had issue: six children; 2 Percy McMullen who m Flora Brockett of Elizabeth City, issue: four children. Mr. Tom McMullen m 2d Mary Wood, and had issue eight children: 1 Sallie, unmarried—2 Roulac, m Miss Mary — 3 Frances, m Whit Wright, (Sheriff of Perquimans.) 4 Tom Mac, unmarried, drowned last spring) 5 Mattie, m Julian Jessop of Winfall N. C., issue two children—6 Ruth, m Thomas B. Sumner, of Hertford, no issue—7 Edwin, youngest (unmarried). 2 Percy McMullen, a lawyer of note.
  • (3) Lucullus Walker (1) Jeremiah (1) James (1) John (1) b June 20, 1843, d Oct 8, 1899, m 1st Mollie Reed, issue four children, m 2d Lina Terris, by whom no issue to live.
  • (4) Martha Susan, b July 11, 1847, d Feb 26, 1928, m George Durant Newby (a descendant of George Durant pioneer to Perquimans) issue five children. 1 Mary m Mr. C. W. Toms of Durham, & New York, President of the Liggett Myers Tobacco Co. 2 Dr. E. G. Newby of Hertford, one of our best physicians—3 Evart, m Marion Whedbee of Hertford, Auto dealer, issue five children. 4 Bruce of Los Angeles Cal, m Sophia Capehart of Bertie Co, issue four children. 5 Fanny, m 1st — Williams, and had one son Alfred, m 2d Simon Rutenburg, of Hertford.
  • (5) Frances Katherine, b Mar 15, 1845 (no record) 6 John Henry, b July 7, 1849, d Dec 10, 18— —7 Oscar Gregory, b Dec 4, 1856, d Feb 12, 1918, m Mollie Whedbee (d of Monroe Whedbee of Hertford) issue two children.
  • (8) John (Jack) Doctor of Hertford, & Edenton, much beloved by every one, white and black, m Lina Tucker, and had 7 children, one of whom is a lawyer of renown in Washington N. C.
  • (9) Jerry twice married, one child by second wife Elizabeth Anderson of Annapolis, Md.
  • (10) Minnie Lee McMullen, m Kenneth Rayner Newbold of Perquimans, residence Hertford. She was born in Princess Anne Co Va, where her father had charge of the Methodist Church at that time, he being what was called in old times a “Circuit Rider” and member of the Va Conference. The Churches in Eastern N. C. remained in the said Conference until about 1889-90. This brought to Perquimans Jeremiah McMullen before the War Between the States, and here his daughters, and sons found wives, and husbands, after which they continued to reside in N. C. for many years, until the children grew up and scattered to other far places, where they have prospered, and reared families of their own.
  • Kenneth Rayner Newbold, and Minnie Lee McMullen had issue: twelve children, all of whom grew to maturity. They are all married but one, the youngest, Minnie Mac, who is the mainstay of her parents in their old age. These children have scattered to the four winds, but usually assemble once a year for a family reunion, when great times are seen by the Newbold family. Last year Mr and Mrs Newbold celebrated their “golden wedding” with much ceremony. All the children were here to attend, and the wedding feast was something to marvel at. Mrs. Newbold still retains her full activity, and mental faculties, and her husband bids fair to see many summers again we hope. They have been very fortunate with their children, only losing one, a daughter Edith, wife of Mr. E. B. Skinner, who died about ten years ago, leaving three little girls. Truly it can be said that their children “rise up and call them blessed.”
  • Mr. Thomas McMullen, brother of Mrs. Newbold, was a man of fine traits, true to his friends, honest in business, a splendid father, and devoted husband. He was Mayor of Hertford for some years, later employed in the mercantile business, always respected and highly esteemed, he enjoyed the affection of a large circle of friends. His passing was much regretted, and his memory is a by word in Hertford to this day.

Source: History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).

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