• William Moore was transported to Va, in “Primrose” by Rev George White “minister of the word of God” July 27, 1635, age 16, and said White obtained a grant 200a “upon Nancimund River, for transpotations.” William Moore, age 32, came to Norfolk Co Va Feb 15, 1648. (Norfolk Co records) Henry Moore, late of Bristol in England, Merc’t; now resident of Vir, Feb 6, 1663. Mary Moore (widow of Henry) of the City of Bristol, appointed Richard Penny of James River, to act as her Att’. Nov 25, 1667. John Moore, of Scotland, now in Western Branch, Nansemond Co Vir, m Jane Edwards (d of Peter, of Isle of Wight Co Va, whose will, p Oct 8, 1681, names her). He was trans’ to Upper Norfolk Co Mar 6, 1638, by John Ashcomb.
  • Moore (1) William, recorded his mark in Perq Pre’ct, Sept 1690. With his mother Jean Byer, he proved rights, in Perq, April 1696. Jane Loadman came to N. C. with James Loadman. They came from Surry Co Va, and her mother in said Co, names her later as Jean Newby. Richard Bier, m Jane Loedman, Jan — 1682/3. It seems from this record, that she was m 1st to—Moore—2d to Loadman—3d to Richard Bier, & 4th to William Newby, by whom she had no issue. William Newby m 2d Ann—. (Thought to be Ann Mayo.) William Moore was granted 90a of land in Perq, Feby 4, 1713/14, on Perq River, adj Richard Fox, and 100a on N. E. side of Perq River, adj Timothy Clear, Nov 11, 1719 (This last grant was to William 2d it is thought, as the elder William was dec’d, 1717) Margaret Moore, was granted Admix on Est, of her dec’d husband William Moore, April 16, 1717. (Minute book Perq Co) William Moore (1) was Constable in Perq Pre’ct 1700. Margaret was his 2d wife. Berkeley Par Reg gives the children of William Moore, by his 1st wife Elizabeth, as follows: 1 William, b Nov 10, 1699—2 John, b Oct 21, 1702—3 Joshua, b Aug 5, 1705—4 Samuel, b Dec 23, 1707—5 Hezekiah, b Nov 24, 1718. His will, Perq p Oct 31, 1732. Sons: William, John, Joshua, Samuel, & Truman, (to each a plantation) dau’s: Elizabeth, & Jane, wife Elizabeth, cousin Robert Bogue.
  • (3) Moore, William, (2) William (1) m Martha Odome of Henrico Co Va. d. s. p. will Perq p April 1752. Leg: Truman Moore, & William Wilson, wife Martha.
  • (3) Moore, John, m Ann Denman (d of Charles, Clerk of Perq Co, & wife Sarah) issue: 1 Charles, b Sept 30, 1732—2 Priscilla, b Feby 6, 1734/5. His will Perq, p May 18, 1746. Son: Charles (his plantation) dau Mary, wife Rachel (2d wife). Charles Moore (s of John, & Ann) m Sarah—issue: 1 Ann, b Oct 22, 1756—2 Isaac, b Nov 3, 1757.
  • Moore (3) Joshua, d. s. p. will Perq, p Feb 24, 1734. Brothers: Samuel, John, Truman, nephew, Cornelius Moore (s of John) niece Elizabeth Nixon, wife Elizabeth.
  • (1) Moore, Samuel, m Mary, widow of Nathan Newby, née Toms (d of Francis Toms Jr) about 1735/6. His will Perq, p Jan 1752, Wife Mary, nieces: Mary, Hanna, and Martha Moore (dau’s of brother John) Leg: Elizabeth Elliot, Francis, & Nathan Newby (s of Nathan, & Mary) He had by Mary, dau Mary, b July 11, 1739.
  • Moore (3) Truman, Will Perq, p April 1753. Sons: William, Samuel, Thomas, & Jesse, dau’s: Jane, & Mary, wife Leah.
  • (1) Moore, Samuel (2) Samuel (1), m Sarah. His will Perq, p Jan 1756. Sons: Joshua, Aaron, Jonathan, John, dau’s: Mary, & Sarah, wife Sarah.
  • (3) Moore, John (2) Samuel (2) Samuel (1) William (1) m Mary Ratlif (d of Richard, & Damaris Nixon, d of Zachariah Nixon, & Elizabeth Symons). His will Perq, p Oct 21, 1755. Sons: Cornelius, Joseph, (land in Balahack) Gideon, (maner plan’), Dau’s: Miriam, Sarah, & Betty Moore, wife Mary. Joseph Ratliff Ex (bro-in-law).
  • Moore (1) Robert, came to N. C. from the Isle of Man, with Rev Richard Marsden. He m Hannah Manwaring (d of Stephen), issue: 1 James, b Oct 23, 1717—2 Martha b Mch 26, 1726/7—Robert, b Mch 29, 1729.
  • Hannah Moore Orphan of John dec’d made petition to the Court in Perq, before April 19, 1762, for “her Estate, left her by her gr-father Robert Moore Dec’d, & her uncle Samuel Moore Dec’d, now in the hands of Keziah Newby, Extrix of Nathan Newby Dec’d.”
  • Mary Moore of Johnston Co N. C. discharged Charles Moore of Perq, of his guardianship, Oct 7, 1763.
  • Joshua Moore of N. C. m Hannah Hargrave, 20, 3mo 1760. (Pagan Creek Isle of Wight Co Va.)

Source: History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).

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