• Henry Newby was transported to Va in Thomas, & John Jan 6, 1635. William Newby came from London to New England in Mary, & John Mar 24, 1633, age 24. (Hotten.) The records of Nansemond Co Va show that William Newby was a resident of said county 13, 10mo 1684, being at that date a member of “Chuckatuck” Mo Meeting, where he is found as a witness to a marriage, with wife Izabell. As neither of his three sons, had a wife by that name, and the name of Isobel came down in the family for several generations, among his descendants, it seems natural to suppose that this “Izabell” was William Newby’s wife. His sons named on Chuckatuck Reg, were Gabriel, who was the first to migrate to Perquimans, Nathan a Quaker minister about 1707, and Thomas, who is not named on the said Register, but is named in his brother Nathan Newby’s will, in Perq. From the records in Perq, it seems that Thomas remained in Isle of Wight Co Va, where his son (presumably) m Mary Pretlow. (Thomas 2.)
  • Thomas Newby is often called on the records in Perq, “Thomas Newby of Va.”
  • Newby, William (1) and wife Izabell, had issue: 1 Gabriel, b — 1659, d—, 12mo 1735, m Mary Toms (d of Francis, & Pershillah) b April 27, 1670, married 10, 2mo 1689, issue: I William, b 13, 1mo 1690, m 1st Jean Bier (widow of Richard, née Loadman) July 3, 1701, m 2d Ann —? and had one son William, born after his death, about 1720. (See deeds in Perq.)
  • Newby, Edward (1) Gabriel (1) William (1) b 12, 10mo 1691. d. s. p. Will Perq Co, Aug 6, 1717, names father Gabriel, and brother William Newby.
  • Newby, Joseph (1) Gabriel (1) William (1) b 7, 9mo 1693, m Elizabeth Nixon (d of Zachariah, & Elizabeth, of Little River) “at Little River meeting house” 9, 11mo 1715, m 2d Mary (widow of Edward Mayo née Clare d of Timothy).
  • Newby, Francis (1) Gabriel (1) William (1) b 3, 11mo 1695, m Huldah Hunnicutt (d of Robert, & Margaret née Wyke, d of Peter Wyke, & Huldah née Ladd, of Prince George Co Va) Feb 9, 1723, issue: 1 Robert, b Apl 16, 1724—2 Mark, b Mch 25, 1726—3 Margaret, b May 29, 1728—4 Miriam, b Apl 20, 1730. Francis Newby’s will p in Perq, April 1744 names sons: Robert, Jesse, Mark, & Francis, dau’s: Margaret, & Sarah.
  • Newby, Jesse (1) Gabriel (1) William (1) b Mar 30, 1704, m Mary Hunnicutt (d of Robert of Virginia, sister of Huldah, his brother Francis’ wife) 9, 11mo 1727. d. s. p. Will Pasquotank Co, p Oct 1765, names his brothers.
  • Newby, Samuel (1) Gabriel (1) William (1) (no birth date), m it is thought 1st Ann Mayo (d of Edward Jr, & Mary née Clare, who m 2d Joseph Newby, son of Gabriel, his 2d wife; Mary Newby’s will 1739, names her son-in-law Samuel Newby and three of his children. (See Grimes Wills.) Samuel Newby m 2d Elizabeth Sanders (d of Benjamin & Ann) 1, 8mo 1740 issue: 1 Joseph, b Aug 10, 1741—2 William, b Dec 30, 1743—3 Ann, b Feby 5, 1745—4 Gabriel, b Feby 13, 1747—5 Mary, b Oct 16, 1749—6 Gideon, b Sept 15, 1751—7 Elizabeth, b Mch 16, 1756—8 Miriam, b Oct 16, 1757—9 Samuel, b Mch 25, 1761. It is thought that Samuel Newby had by 1st wife, Ann (supposed to be d of Edward Mayo) dau Jemima, who m her cousin William Newby (s of William, & Ann, b about 1720) Mary Newby née Clare (widow of Edward Mayo) in her will p Jan 1739, names gr-children: Edward, Jemima, & Isabell Newby, who appear to be the children of her “son-in-law” Samuel Newby, and these children are not named among the issue of Elizabeth née Sanders. (See above.)
  • Newby, William, as seen died before 1720, and is not named in Gabriel Newby’s will p in Perq, Mar 1, 1735, but his son William received 300a from his gr-father, in equal division with the sons: Joseph, Jesse, & Samuel; Francis is named but no part allotted to him. He had probably had “set off to him” his share of his fathers Estate. No daughters are named in Gabriel Newby’s will, but he had three dau’s: Isabel, b 28, 10mo 1697—2 Mary, b 30, 11mo 1699—3 Miriam, b Dec 2, 1701, and a dau Elizabeth (no age given) who m John Nixon, and died 10, 7mo 1730, when John Nixon m 2d Mary—and 3d Hannah Albertson. (See Nixon family.)
  • Newby, Gabriel (1) of “piquemons” d — 12mo 1735 age 76. His wife Mary née Toms died 2, 9mo 1738, age about 70 years.
  • Gabriel Newby in his will left to son Samuel his “maner plantation,” which was usually given the youngest son, for the better maintenance of the widow, and mother, the younger son usually being single.
  • Newby, Joseph (1) Gabriel (1) William (1) m 1st Elizabeth Nixon, and 2d Mary née Clare, and had issue (according to his will, p in Perq Oct 1766) Sons: Gabriel, Joseph, Benjamin, and “poor decrepit son Josiah” whom he left “in care” of his other sons, wife Patience (widow Jordan, See Jordan) 3d wife whom he married in Isle of Wight Co Va 15, 12mo 1746. (Pagan Creek Mo Meeting.) Dau’s: Mary Thornton, Elizabeth Mayo (wife of Joseph)gr-son Joseph Thurston, gr-dau Mary Newby, Elizabeth Newby (wife of Francis, d of Matthew Jordan, & his last wife Patience) widow Jordan. Brother of Samuel, and son Gabriel Exrs.
  • Three Joseph Newby’s appear in Perq practically at the same time, & this makes quite a bit of confusion, but the writer has turned the leaves of time over, & over to discover proof of each one, and still has some doubt, but of this last named Joseph, she is sure.
  • Joseph Newby (unplaced) made his will in Perq, p April 21, 1735, and names no legatees, but wife Mary. As he left no heirs, he isn’t pertinent to this history anyway, so we will dismiss him.
  • Another Joseph, will p July 1752, wife Elizabeth, and dau Mary. This Joseph in the legal papers in Perq is called Joseph Jr, therefore it seems probable that he was son of Joseph Sr, and gr-son of Gabriel (1). He certainly could not have been son of Samuel, whose son Joseph, was born 1741, which would have made him only eleven years of age at the time this will was probated. It is thought that Joseph Newby (1) m Elizabeth Turner, (no date however) and had son Samuel who made his will 1737, and probably son Joseph Jr, but no proofs appear.
  • Joseph Newby petitioned the Court Jan 1735 for permission “to build a Mill on Suttons Creek, for the public good.” His son Gabriel made the same request on same date “if my father doth not comply with the Law in Building a Mill on Suttons Creek” craved leave to finish it. A final audit of the Est of Joseph Newby, Dec 1777, shows that his son Gabriel died prior to this date. The heirs of Gabriel (2) dec’d were allotted £54, s2, p10½. Other heirs: Joseph, Benjamin, Mary Clary, heirs of Elizabeth Mayo dec’d, Mary Thornton, Dorothy Phelps (step-dau, and daughter of his last wife Patience, by her 1st husband Matthew Jordan of Isle of Wight Co Va. Dorothy m 1st Jonathan Phelps, and 2d John Skinner) Elizabeth, wife of Francis Newby (also step-dau), and one of the heirs being “dead without issue,” his part was divided between all the heirs. The supposition is that this dec’d heir was the “poor decrepit son Josiah,” as he is not mentioned in this division.
  • Matthew Jordan (s of Matthew & Patience of Isle of Wight Co Va) will Perq, p July 1763, names “mother Patience Newby, and sisters Elizabeth Newby (wife of Francis) & Dorothy Skinner.” (The division of Jonathan Phelps shows that his wife was Dorothy, & loose papers give the fact that she m 2d John Skinner. She had by Jonathan Phelps sons: Jonathan, & Benjamin, and dau Dorothy. (See Phelps.)
  • Newby, Benjamin (1) Joseph (1) Gabriel (1) William (1) m Sarah Lilly, 1, 3mo 1775. As he died intestate his issue can not be traced.
  • Newby, Gabriel (2) Joseph (1) Gabriel (1) William (1) m Pleasant White (d of Wm) 5, 12mo 1787. He also died intestate, and can not be traced.
  • Newby, William (3) William (2) William (1) m Jemima Newby, his cousin, (d of Samuel & wife Ann Mayo) issue: 1 Demsey—2 Anne, b 5, 16, 1750, m John Maudlin 2 — 1769, d in Henry Co Ind about 1845—3 Elizabeth, m Job Bogue, 3 — 1775—4 Isabella, m Truman Moore 10 — 1774—5 Sarah, m Josiah Albertson 3, 8, 1775. d Jan 10, 1793/96—6 Joseph, m Mary White “at Welles in Perq” 4, 8mo 1796—7 William, m Hannah Bundy (d of Caleb) 1, 25, 1797, she d 29, 9mo 1798—8 John (s of William dec’d) m Susannah Tatlock (d of Edward dec’d) of Perq, 22, 10mo 1801 (issue: son John, b 4, 9mo 1802)—9 Mary, b 7, 7, 1768, m Thomas Draper Feb — 1790 (2d wife, they moved to Ind)—10, Miriam, b 2, 2mo 1772, m Josiah Draper 12, 6, 1789, d 9, 1, 1812 in Highland Co Ohio.
  • Of Demsey Newby nothing is known. For descendants of Anna Newby, see Maudlin. Job, and Elizabeth Bogue both made will in Perq. (See N. C. Hist & Gen Reg, Vol 3-2). Joseph probably died intestate. Of William, & Hannah, née Bundy nothing is known. For descendants of Mary, & Miriam Newby, see Draper.
  • Newby, Joseph (2) Samuel (1) Gabriel (1) William (1) m 1st Mary Moore 1, 12mo 1763 issue: 1 Joseph—2 Robert—3 Nathan—4 Ann—5 Jemima Elliott—6 Sarah, all named in his will p in Perq Nov 1814, with gr-children: Samuel and Ann Moore, wife Huldah (2d wife). Joseph Newby died 27, 9mo 1814.
  • Newby, William (3) Samuel (1) Gabriel (1) William (1) b Dec 30, 1743, d 5 30, 1831, m Elizabeth Ratcliff (d of Joseph) 10, 8 1766, issue: 12 children, m 2d Elizabeth (Symons) Small, widow, 4 — 1805, issue: four children. 4 Gabriel (son of Samuel) b Feby 13, 1747, m Rachel Townsend (d of William, & Rachel née Wilson, widow of Timothy Winslow, dau of Robert Wilson, & wife Rachel née Pricklove, dau of John Pricklove, & wife Elizabeth)—5 Mary (d of Samuel), b Oct 16, 1749, m Joseph Bogue—6 Gideon, b Sept 15, 1751, d 1, 29, 1816, m Mary Arnold, 1, 1mo 1788, issue: ten children.
  • Newby, Gabriel (2) Samuel (1) Gabriel (1) William (1) and wife Rachel (Townsend) who were m before 6, 3mo 1776, had issue, according to his will, p in Perq Co 1824. Dau’s Rachel Newby, Margaret Cannon (wife of Joseph) gr-children: Mary, & Sophia Cannon, Catherine Baker, & Edwin Newby, Rachel Winslow (wife of Francis (1) and dau of his son William) Achsah Bunch, & Lydia Newby. His wife Rachel is not named in his will, but she was living July 1777, when her mother Rachel (née Wilson) Williams will was probated in Perq, who named her “dau Rachel Newby” and gr-son William Newby (s of Gabriel). (See will of Rachel Williams, N. C. Hist Reg, Vol 3-2.)
  • Family tradition says that William Newby (s of Gabriel) m Lydia — and had among others, dau Rachel, who m Francis Winslow (1) son of William. William Newby’s division, shows “a part to Francis Winslow, & wife Rachel.
  • Newby, Mark (1) Francis (1) Gabriel (1) William (1), m Mourning Phelps, Jan — 1750. His will p in Perq July 1785, names sons: Jonathan, Zachariah, and dau’s: Margaret, Arrington, Miriam, Mourning, & Elizabeth Newby. Mark Newby m 2d Keziah Nixon (widow) 6, 12, 1775. Zachariah (s of Mark) m his cousin, Mary Newby (d of Nathan) (2) Nov — 1773. Jonathan, (s of Mark) m Mary Jones, 3, 8mo 1785.
  • Newby, Robert (1) Francis (1) Gabriel (1) William (1) m Jemimah Pierce (d of Thomas, whose will was p in Perq 1756) 1, 4mo 1748, issue: according to his will p in Perq Apl 1790. Thomas, Robert (2), Wyke, gr-son Willis Newby, dau’s: Karin Parker, Mary Walton, Sarah Cosand, Jemimah Cannon (wife of Jacob) and Huldah Newby. Robert Newby (s of Robert) m Mary Moore, 4, 3mo 1789. Thomas Newby (s of Robert) m Mary Saunders, 5, 11mo 1777.
  • Mary Newby (unplaced) about to move to Back Creek, in Randolph Co, N. C. 3, 12mo 1796. (Quaker records Pasq Co.)


  • Newby, John, m Elizabeth Nicholson (d of Christopher) June 11, 1701. (Quaker Rec.)
  • Newby, John (s of John), died 4, 1mo 1734.
  • Newby, Ann, m Francis Mase, at Newbegun Creek, Pasq Co, 5, 11mo 1726. (Quaker Rec.)
  • Newby, Thomas, m Miriam Nixon, at Symons Creek, Pasq Co, 1, 10mo 1756. (Quaker Rec.)
  • Newby, Thomas (s of Joseph), m Mary Bogue (d of Duke) at Suttons Creek, 20, 12mo 1797.
  • Newby, Mary, m Elias Albertson, 7, 12mo 1785. (Quaker records.)
  • Newby, Gabriel, m Pleasant White, (d of William) 5, 12mo 1787.
  • Newby, Jesse, m Elizabeth Townsend, 6, 4mo 1791.
  • Newby, Francis (2) m Elizabeth Jordan (d of Matthew) Nov — 1755.
  • Newby, Elizabeth (d of John), m John White (s of Henry Sr) Nov 14, 1696.
  • Newby, Elizabeth (d of Gabriel), m John Nixon (s of Zachariah) Before 1730.
  • Newby, Sarah, m Barnaby Nixon (s of Zachariah) Jan — 1753. She m 2d Ralph Fletcher, July — 1753.
  • Newby, Elizabeth, m Daniel Saint, Sept — 1753. She m 2d Esau Lamb, April — 1757.
  • Newby, Jemima, m Jacob Cannon, Nov — 1778.
  • Newby, Sarah (d of Thomas), m Josiah Albertson (s of Elihu) 3, 8, 1775.


  • Nathan Newby (1) William (1) (brother of Gabriel) m in Nansemond Co Va, Elizabeth Hollowell (d of Alice of Elizabeth River, 13, 10mo 1678, among wit Wm Newby, (father) Gabrell Newby, John Hollowell, Dorrithy Newby, Elizabeth Scott, Elizabeth Copeland. Elizabeth, (d of Thomas, & Alice Hollowell) was b 9, 7mo 1662, issue: one son Thomas, age not given, but named in his fathers will.
  • Nathan Newby was Clerk of the Mo Meeting, at Pagan Creek, Isle of Wight Co Va, 1702. “Att a meeting att Chuckatuck, Co of Nansemond,” 9- 8mo 1707, Quakers assembled registered their opinion of Friend Nathan Newby, in these words “to the best of our Judg’mts Nathan Newby, is a man that fears the Lord, we believe his call is to the Ministry, & we desire the Lord to Prosper him, and bee with him, to the end of his daies.” Lower Mo Meeting, Nansemond Co Va.)
  • After coming to Perquimans Co, N. C. Nathan Newby m Mary Toms (d of Francis Toms Jr, & wife Margaret Bogue) issue: 2 Francis (whose will was p in Perq July 1752. Naming “brothers Thomas, & Nathan, & mother Mary Moor.” He also names John Robinson, who m his sister Mary)—3 Nathan—4 Mary (m John Robinson), wife Mary.
  • Mary Newby née Toms, m 2d Samuel Moore. (Minute book, & division of Estates.)
  • Thomas (1) Nathan (1) Wm Newby (1) m Sarah Scott (d of Joseph of Va) early in 1700, (date illegible). He is spoken of on records in Perq, as “Thomas Newby of Va.”
  • Ann Scott of Vir, in a deed recorded in Perq, mentions her “nephew Exum Newby,” & apt’s him att’ to sell a place belonging to her in sd Co, called “Belvidere.” This estate is thought to be the same now called “the old Lamb place” across the River, from the town of Belvidere, & it is probable that the town derived its name from the adjoining plantation. Tradition has made it a fact. What relationship existed between Ann Scott, & Joseph, the records do not disclose, but this we do know; William Scott, of Nansemond Co, m Mourning Exum, & as the name of Exum continued to be carried down in the Newby, & allied families, in Perq Co, it seems more than probable, that Joseph Scott, was a son of said William. Mourning is also found as a given name of many of the ladies of the family. But as Thomas Newby did not make a will in Perq, no absolute proof can be found, to substantiate the fact.
  • Nathan Newby, lived over the “Causeway” at Bear Garden. He was one of the attendants of the “Ferry” over Perq River, to Phelps Point, & built the first “Goal” in Hertford. He was dead July 1735, “Mary Newby Relict.” She petitioned the Court July 1740, that “her tithables be taken off the main Road, to labour on the ferry Road, as it would be more convenient for her to ‘set over’ people and in that way ‘I shall get no Blame.’ ” The Causeway was at that time called “Newby’s Point” later called “Mary’s Point.” By Act of Assembly July 1755, a public “Ferry was Established, from Phelps Point, to Newby’s Point,” & Nathan (2) Newby was appointed “Ferryman” on his side, & Jonathan Phelps on his point. They were allowed the stipend of £4 per annum for their services. A ruling was made that they were to “Set over free; Inhabitants, of said Co, at Court times; Elections of Assemblymen; Vestry Elections; & Musters.”
  • Nathan Newby (2) Nathan (1) Wm Newby (1) m Keziah Pierce (d of Thomas) 6, 9mo 1752. His will Perq, p Feby 1763, Son Francis (his gr-mother Mary Moore) dau’s Mary, Millicent, & Sarah, wife of Keziah, & bro Thomas, Exrs.
  • Keziah Newby, widow of Nathan, m 2d Francis Nixon, May — 1763.
  • Francis (3) Nathan (2) Nathan (1) William (1) m 1st Elizabeth Jordan, (d of Mathew, & wife Patience née Darden) Nov — 1755, m 2d Rachel Winslow, (d of Joseph (2) & wife Mary, née White; d of Thomas White, & wife Rachel Jordan; d of Joshua Jordan, & wife Elizabeth Sanborn; of Isle of Wight Co Va.)
  • Francis Newby, will Perq p May 1807, names sons: Francis (4), Joseph, Nathan (3), & Thomas, dau’s Kesiah Sutton, Parthenia, Rachel, & Elizabeth Newby, wife Rachel.
  • Mary Newby, d of Nathan (2) m Zachariah Newby, Nov — 1772, (s of Mark Newby).
  • Keziah Nixon née Pierce, m 3d Samuel Pritlow, who took charge of the “Ferry.”
  • Mary Newby (d of Nathan (1) m Jonathan Phelps, & had a dau Elizabeth m Gabriel Newby. Nathan Newby m Keziah Pierce, 6, 9mo 1752. (Deed Perq.)

The Nathan Newby line is better defined, & easier to carry out, than the Gabriel Newby line, and it is evident that they crossed each other many times.

  • Nathan Newby m Peninah Copeland, 5 12mo 1781.


  • James Newby, m Sarah Nicholson (d of Christopher), May — 1699, issue: James, b Aug 1, 1702—2 Samuel, b 23, 8mo 1704—3 Benjamin, b 25, 6mo 1707—4 Ann, b 1, 11mo 1708—5 Jeams, b 24, 7mo 1710.
  • Sarah Newby (wife of Jeams) d 13, 3mo 1718. James Newby m 2d Elizabeth (d of Henry White) she d 1, 12mo 1728, age 55.
  • Jeames Newby “of the precinct of Pasq,” m Elizabeth Daniel (widow) of same, 18, 5mo 1715.
  • Samuel Newby (s of James, & Sarah Nicholson) m Elizabeth — issue: 1 Miriam, b —, 6mo 1726, m William Lamb—2 William, b 22, 7mo 1727—3 Huldah, b 16, 4mo 1729, m Joshua Morris, June 19, 1752—4 Dorcas, b Oct 4, 1730, m John Sanders, Aug — 1751—5 Mary, b July 28, 1732, d 9, 5, 1763, m Joseph Morris, June — 1755—6 Joseph, b Sept 2, 1734, d Aug 2, 1739—7 Dempsey, b Dec 20, 1736, m Mary Ross, Feb — 1760—8 Elizabeth, b Oct 30, 1738, m Esau Lamb, April 1757, or Jacob Jacobs April 1759—9 Pleasant, b Mar 2, 1740—10 Ruth, b Mar 20, 1743, d Mar 2, 1752—11 Samuel, b June 8, 1746, m Rachel Pearson, July — 1766—12 Mordical, b Jan 8, 1748, m Mary Maudlin, July — 1766. Will probated 1784.
  • Samuel Newby, & Rachel Pearson, issue: 1 Millicent, b 12, 20, 1766—2 Jesse, b 11, 7, 1768—d 4, 4, 1819, m Elizabeth Townsend, 4 — 1791—3 Elizabeth, b 9, 17, 1771, d 4, 14, 1844, m Benjamin Hill, 12 29, 1787—4 Margaret, b 8, 27, 1773—5 Samuel, b 3, 16, 1776, m Peninah Hobbs, 7, 30, 1801—6 Rachel, b 9, 16, 1779, m Reuben Lamb—7 Anna, b 10, 27, 1781, m Wm Osborn & 2d Obadiah Harris, 2, 17, 1851—8 Jemima, b 4, 5, 1784—9 Nathan, b 2, 22, 1787—10 William, b 7, 16, 1789.
  • Samuel Newby “worthy minister” died 16, 12mo 1770.
  • James Newby (s of James) m Naomi White (d of Henry Sr) May 12, 1732, issue: 1 Thomas, b 13, 4mo 1735—2 Enoch, b 19, 10mo 1736—3 Jeams, b 20, 12 mo 1740—4 Elizabeth, b 17, 4mo 1743. James Newby died 1, 11mo 1760, age 50. Naomi Newby d 2, 11mo, 1771, age 68.
  • Thomas Newby (1) James (2) James (1) m Sarah Overman, 9, 11mo 1763, issue: 1 Nathan, b 20, 7mo 1765—2 Naomi, b 30, 9mo 1767—3 James, b 6, 5mo 1770—4 Jemima, b 22 7mo 1774.
  • James Newby, m Sarah — issue: Henery, b 13, 10mo 1769. He m 2d Keziah Bowles, 22, 6mo, 1774, issue: (unknown).
  • Benjamin Newby (s of Benjamin) m Ruth Wilson, 13, 10mo 1765, issue: Mary, b 7, 9mo 1768—2 Sarah, b 22, 1mo 1771—. Ruth Newby d 16, 12mo 1771.
  • Benjamin (1) Newby m Sarah Albertson (d of Elihu) 21, 2mo 1737. He d 28, 9mo 1739.
  • Joseph (s of Benjamin (1) m Ann — issue: 1 Thomas, b 27, 12mo 1759—2 Enoch, b 29, 10mo 1761—3 Miriam, b 29, 1mo 1765—4 Robert, b 18, 10mo 1767—5 Joseph, b 3, 5mo 1770—6 Nathan, b 14, 4 mo 1772.
  • Thomas Newby (s of Jesse, & Elizabeth) m Nancy Wilson (d of Christopher, & Pheraba) all of Perq, at Suttons Creek, 23, 2mo 1826.
  • Elizabeth wife of John Newby died 6, 1mo 1720.
  • Sarah wife of James, d 10, 1mo 1770.
  • James Newby of Pasq Co, m Elizabeth Davis (widow) May —, 1719.

Source: History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).

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