The name Piers is thought to be derived from a French family by that name. It is variously spelled, on the records in Perq Co, as well as elsewhere.

Peter Piers who lived in the reign of Edward IV, & Richard III, was an adherent of the house of York, & fought at Bosworth field 1485. He was standard bearer of Richard III. John Pierce was Bishop of York. The first grt for land at Plymouth Colony, was given to John Pierce June 1, 1621. Abraham Pierce was the first of that name to settle in New Plymouth, & was called a Freeman 1633. He was a householder 1637. Soldier under Miles Standish 1643, purchased Bridgewater 1645. He died about 1673, when his son Abraham was his Ex. He had also a son John settled at Gloucester 1712. (Ancestral families, & Portraits.)

  • John (s of John Pierce, & Elizabeth his wife), b 16, 4mo 1643. (Records of Boston.)
  • Elizabeth (d of John Pierce, & Elizabeth his wife), b 16, 4mo, 1643. (Records of Boston.)
  • Capt William Pierce, & John Pierce were among the living at James City Feb 16, 1623. (Hotten.)
  • Capt William Pierce trans to Va in Sea Venture 1620.
  • Richard Pierce, & wife Elizabeth came in Neptune 1624.
  • John Pers of No’wch weaver, age 49 years, & wife Elizabeth 36, “about to pass into foreign parts” took passage for Boston April 8, 1637, with children, John, Barbre, Elizabeth, & Judith. (Hotten.)
  • William Pierce was a Sea Capt, & trans William Edwards to Surry Co Va June 22, 1635. It is probable that the John Pierce mentioned, as living after the Indian massacre May 22, 1622, was a son of Capt William Pierce. His age is not shown, but it seems he would not be too old, to have been the same John Pierce who d in Perq Co 1692. At that time he probably was just a lad, in his ’teens There is no proof that he is the same, John, who moved to N. C., but he must have married before coming to Albemarle, as  no record of such a marriage was recorded, in the old Berkeley Parish Reg. His wife however, married for her 2d husband, William Bundy Dec 5, 1683. Her marriage is recorded in sd Par Reg, & announces the fact, that she was a dau of Joseph Scott. Her mother Mary Scott, had already passed away, Berkeley Reg, giving the time, as Feb 24, 1681/2, Her father Joseph Scott d Last of Oct 1685. William Bundy, had 1st wife Elizabeth, by whom he had a son: Samuel b Feb 4, 1682 & by 2d wife Mary Scott, a dau Sarah b Jan 23, 1685, m Francís Pettit, of Chowan. William Bundy d Nov 7, 1692.
  • Pierce, John, & Mary (née Scott) had issue: 1 Deborah b Mar 5, 1678—2 Rabacka b Aug 9, 1680—3 Mary b May 7, 1682, & Thomas age not given, but he is named in the will of his father John Pierce, Perq Co Sept 13, 1682. Sons Thomas, John, & Joseph, dau Rebeckah, wife not named, William Bundy was made one of the Ex, with Jonathan Phelps.
  • Thomas Perre, m Mary Kent July 30, 16— Issue: 1 John b July 30, 1691—2 Thomas b Nov 24, 1693.
  • Joseph Pierce (son of John, & Mary) m Damaris Nixon (d of Zachariah, & Elizabeth, née Symonds,) at Little River Aug 11, 1699. Joseph Pierce d Nov 16, 1705. Damaris Pierce m 2d Richard Ratcliff of Perq. (See their wills—Grimes.)
  • His will Perq Precinct, June 6, 1700, names brother Thomas Pierce, & wife Damaris. No other legatees.
  • John Pierce (2), b July 30, 1691, m Sarah (probably Copeland). His will probated in Perq Co Jan 10, 1726, names sons: Copeland, Thomas, & dau’s Mary, Elizabeth, & Hannah, wife Sarah. Brother-in-law Peter Jones. (Peter Jones m Mary Pierce, sister of John.)
  • Thomas Pierce (Eldest son of John, & Mary (Scott) Pierce), will probated in Perq Precinct Mar 30, 1732. Sons: Thomas, Joseph, & John. Dau Mary Jones (wife of Peter) gr-children Thomas, & Mary Pierce. Son-in-law Peter Jones.
  • Thomas Pierce (2), (son of Thomas) will p Oct Court 1756, names Dau’s Mary Nixon, Sarah Morris, Jamima Newby, Kesiah Newby, Kerrenhappuch Pierce, gr-son Pierce Nixon (son of Phineas & Mary) Brother-in-law Peter Jones. Exors: Phineas Nixon, John Morris, Robert Newby, & Nathan Newby. (Son-in-law.)
  • Mary Pierce m Phineas Nixon. Her sister Kesiah m 1st Nathan Newby (s of Nathan & Mary Toms) m 2d Francis Nixon, who made his will May 13, 1772, 3d Samuel Pritlow. (See N. C. Hist, & Gen Reg Vol 3—No 2.)
  • Thomas Pierce (3d) m Miriam, named in his will, Perq Co probated Oct Court 1772. Sons: Joseph, John, David, Abner, Nathan, William, & James. Francis Wright, & Ralph Fletcher Ex.
  • Nathan Pierce, m Kezia Carter. Aug 19, 170—.
  • Joseph Pierce, m Elizabeth Barrow. Oct 18, 1780.
  • Joseph Pierce 2d, m Zebrah Small. Aug 16, 1784.
  • Abner Pierce, m Mary Roberts. June 17, 1784. (Mar bonds Perq County.)
  • Division of the Est of Thomas Peirce dec’d, by Order of Court Oct 1757. To Alice Calloway, mother of dec’d, £5-11s-4p. To Sylvanus Wilson, (in right of his wife) £3-11s-4p. To John Chancey (in right of his wife) same. To Mary Bartro (sister of the half blood) same. To Caleb Calloway, (brother of the half blood) same. To John Calloway, (brother of the half blood) same. Thomas Jones Ex.
  • Peter Jones m Mary Pierce (d of John & Mary) & sister to Thos, & John Pierce (sons of Thomas).

Berkeley Parish Reg, has the following:

Pierce, John, & wife Sarah, had issue

  • Mary b Mch 11, 1716/17.
  • Copeland b May 11, 1719.
  • Elizabeth b May 11, 1721.
  • Thomas b Feb 11, 1722/23.
  • Hannah b Mch 25, 1725.
  • Pierce, Thomas Jr, m Mary Copeland 1719, issue:
  • John b Feb 16, 1720.
  • Mary b Sept 23, 1722.

Pierce, Joseph, & wife Alice, issue:

  • Rebecca b Feb 28, 1729/30,
  • and son Thomas (of Division).

Pierce, James, & wife Elizabeth, issue:

  • Hartwell b Jan 22, 1742/3.
  • Miles b Feby 23, 1745/6.
  • Florella dau b Jany 9, 1747/8.
  • Fan son b May 2, 1750.

James Pierce in his will p in Perq Co, April Court 1763, names son: Miles. Wife Susannah, Dau’s Kesiah, & Celia. Eldest children, Hartwell, Miles, Florida, & Fen. Test’ James, & John Gibson, & Amy Maudlin.

John Pierce, “an Elder,” departed this life, 10, 6mo 1812, 80 years of age. (Suttons Creek Mo Meeting.)

Source: History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).

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