Joseph Scott of Perq, probably came from Nansemond Co Va, where this family was well entrenched. The Quaker records there, however, fail to mention the ones who evidently moved to N. C.

The will of Joseph Scott, Perq precinct, is so illegible, that it can not be deciphered, only one legatee, being traceable, that a son Joshua. This will is dated Oct 26, 1685. There are however other items of interest, to be found, in the old Parish Reg, of Perq, which is still extant. The first mention in this old book being the death notice of one, Caleb Scott, who Dept this Life, Aug 7, 1679. Probably Caleb was a son of Joseph. He certainly had a dau Mary (m John Pierce).

  • Mary Scott, Late wife of Joseph, of this Co, Dept this Life Feby 24, 1681-2.
  • Joseph Scott, Late of Perq, Dept this Life, the last of Oct 1685.
  • Joshua Scott Dept this Life ye 14 of Jan 16—.
  • Joshua Scott m Mary — & had issue: 1 Grace m Wm Friley of Perq (see deeds), b Sept 21, 1682—2 Sarah b Mar 20, 1685. His will, Albemarle (Perq precinct) Jan 8, 1685/6. Made bequest to dau’s Sarah, & Grace, wife Mary Extrix. Test’ John Kinsey, Richard Evans, & John Wolfenden.
  • Two at least of these witnesses came from Va to N. C. John Kinsey from Nansemond, & Richard Evans from Isle of Wight. Wolfenden, was an Englishman, & came it is thought directly from that Country.
  • Mary Scott, wife of Joshua, Dept this Life May 22, 1692. Her will probated in Perq, Oct 3, 1692, names dau Hepthenia Walker, Julyanah Taylor, & gr-dau Johanah Taylor.
  • Mary Scott (wife of Joseph) m 2d Thomas Blount (s of James) 1685. On the records, she appears as wife of Joseph, who died 1681-2. Berkeley Par Reg, Perq precinct.)
  • Joshua Scott, (s of Joshua, & Lidia) b 12, 6mo 1643. New Eng Hist Reg, Vol 2.)
  • Joshua Scott may have come into Perq with the strong New England migration, which brought hither, Christopher Nicholson, Robert Cannon, Joseph Winslow, & many others.

The Tailor family is represented in Berkeley Par Reg, by the following:

  • John Tailor, s of John & wife Julianna, b Mch 7, 1690.
  • Thomas Tailor, Dept this Life, Desember 9, 1687.
  • John Tailor, Dept this Life febuary 2, 1688, at Grassy — (Point).
  • Elizabeth Tailor, d of Jonathan, & Elizabeth b Desember 5, 1693, died Sept 28, 1694.
  • Jonathan Tailor, died Sept 16, 1698.
  • Julianna Tailor, m 2d Benjamin Laker Esq, May 17, 1696. (His third wife.)
  • Juliana Laker (d of Henry Hudson, & wife Mary) died Dec — 1738.
  • John Hudson, merchant of Boston, New England, died Oct 5, 1733.
  • Benjamin Laker died, Apl 21, 1701, at his house, on Saseltons (Castletons) Creek.
  • James Scott, & wife Exelpe, had a d Rachel, b Feby 12, 1738.
  • Stephen Scott m Hannah Nicholson, Apl 13, 1721. (Second by that name.)
  • Stephen Scott, will probated Sept 11, 1716 (no Co given), names sons: Edward, to whom he left “land on Newbegun Creek” (Pasq Co), Stephen, & Henry (plan’ to each), John, & Joshua, dau Sarah, & Elizabeth, wife Elizabeth (née Jordan).
  • Stephen Scott (2) will p in Pasq Co, Jan 1753. Sons: Joseph, Samuel, Dau Mary Conner, (wife of John) Gr-children; Joseph, & Mary Scott, Mary, John, & Cado Conner; Stephen, & William Scott.
  • John Scott, of Pasq, will p Jan 8, 1738. Dau’s: Eliphel, & Hannah, wife Sarah. (See Grimes N. C. Wills.)

Source: History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).

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