As the Skinner family has been well written up in N. C. Historical & Genealogical Register, it will be beyond my power to make a tracing of them which will be fuller, or more adequate. So it is my object only to give some data, not to be found in the above named work, prior to their coming to Perq County. Most of these notes were found in Isle of Wight Co Va, from which in my opinion Richard Skinner emigrated to N. C. A Richard Skinner appears in York Co, at an early date, as “servant of Capt Thomas Thorpe” but there is nothing to prove that he was the same in Isle of Wight, although he may have been identical. Being a “servant” in this case, does not imply an act of servitude, as we are in the habit of applying it. These so called “servants” were often times of a higher station in life than their masters, and were either political prisoners, sent to the Colony for some minor offense against the government, or were merely paying for a passage to this country, by service, for some stated period. And as Thomas Thorpe is mentioned as “Captain” the latter would seem to be the most plausible conclusion, in the case of Richard Skinner of York Co.

Arthur Skinner, was “foreman” of the jury, in Isle of Wight Co Va, April 14, 1664. William Skinner of Bristoll, Eng, Merchant, appears on the Isle of Wight records, as “Att’ for Mary Markes of Barbados, Widow; and appointed Robert Ked of Isle of Wight his Att’ to Recover from Francis England of Blackwater 5500 lbs of Tob, removed by order of Attorney, 1668. Test’ Robert Harris, James Edwards. John Norsworthy of Isle of Wight Co, leased for 14 years, unto Henry Skynner 160a of land in said Co, for the yearly rent of 400 lbs of Tob. Dec 23, 1664. Test’ George Norsworthy, Bryan Knowles.

Mary Skinner of “Runnison” Isle of Wight Co widow: sold to George Cripps of Blackwater, for 6000 lbs of Tob, “a divident of land” on said River 15000a. Test’ Edward Poynter, Thos Smyth, Daniel Palmer. June 7, 1680. She was married to John Collins of Upper pish of Isle of Wight Co, before Sept 7, 1680.

Richard Skinner made a deed in Isle of Wight July 11, 1676, and gave “all my lands to my wife and two daughters.” Unfortunately they are not named. He also mentions his gr-son Skinner Rawlings. Elizabeth (d of said Richard) m Rober Rawlings, of Surry Co Va, who was a mariner, and owned a “Shipp, which was lying att Warrick squick Bay” July 8, 1677. John Dunford gave bond to pay to Lt Richard Skinner, & James Griffin, 30000 lbs of Tob, July 26, 1674, from Estate of Robert Warren dec’d, of Lawnes Creek. Wit’ Wm Edwards, Rog’r Deeke. Roger Rawlings appointed his “father-in-law” Richd. Skinner Att’. Jan 13, 1675.

Mary Skinner made deposition in Surry Co, July 26, 1675, that William Hill, in his will “gave all his property to Wm Edwards.”

The Parish Reg of St Peters Church New Kent Co gives the ages of two of the children of Richard Skinner as follows: Rich’d, son of Rich’d Skinner, was bapt Feby 15, 1690—2 Margaret (d of Richard, & Mary) born Aug 6, 1699.

He was in Perq Co, N. C. 1701, and was granted 400a in Perq precinct, “at the punch bowles” adj Nathan Newby, along Bear Swamp. Dec 29, 1718.

As Mary Skinner was a widow in Isle of Wight Co & m 2d John Collins 1680, we are led to believe the Richard who came to N. C. must have been a son of the Richard, who had dau married to Roger Rawlings. He seems a better bet for our emigrant, and the records show that Richard of Isle of Wight was dead 1680. Richard (1) in Perq, in a deed to his dau Margaret Walston (Walton) makes plain he had a dau by that name, & her age is given in St Peters Reg He certainly had a son Richard (2) who m Sarah Overman, issue: 1 James, b 5, 10mo 1715—2 Samuel, & Richard (twins) b 15, 11mo 1717—Evane, b 15, 1mo 1719—4 Joseph, b 11, 8mo 1722—5 Joshua, b 25, 5mo 1724—6 Jonathan, b 13, 7mo 1726—7 William, b 25, 12mo 1728—8 John, b 21, 11mo 1730/1. Joseph (s of Richard) died 15, 9mo 1739. (Quaker Reg.)

A long line of Skinner births can be found in N. C. Hist & Gen Reg.

Richard Skinner, and wife Mary, were still alive in Perquimans, 1722.

Major F. S. Skinner of Providence, R. I., is at work on a book, lining up this old family, which he intends to publish at a future date.

Richard Skinner had land grants in Perq, 400a as above stated, and 356a on Bear Swamp, Nov 27, 1727. William Skinner was granted 600a, adj Ephrim Hunter, Mar 11, 1740. Evane Skinner granted 381a in Bear Swamp, Sept 7, 1761, & 130a, Mar 5, 1780, same location.

Source: History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).

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