After much careful work on this family, in N. C. and Virginia, the writer has arrived at the conclusion, that the Toms emigrant, to N. C., was living in Charles City Co Va, where he sold land in sd County, to Francis Gray, Feb 17, 1656. Only mention of him, so far found, but that is not strange, considering the fact, that nothing remains of the records in that Co, except one book. Gabriel Toms appears on the records in Essex Co Va, but no connection between the two, can be made. However, there may have been, some relationship. It is thought, but not proven, that the Francis who settled in Perq, is the identical one, who is named in sd record, as the dates would bear me out, in that opinion. From Edmundson’s Journal, we are led to believe, that he did not embrace Quakerism, until the time of Edmundson’s first journey to N. C. 1672. At which time, he & his wife, Mary (d of John Nicholson, sister of William) went over to the new cult. Mary being his 3d wife, by whom he had no issue. Her will p in Perq, 1717, does not name a single one of his children. She was probably a widow before m Francis Toms, as she names in her will, Vesty Lewis, who was wife of Edward Lewis, & probably her daughter.

Francis Toms, m before coming to Perq, Pershillah — by whom he had issue: Penelope, b Jan 27, 1670—Francis (2), b Sept 19, 1672—Pershillah, b Mch 19, 1674/5—Joseph, b Nov 16, 1677, died June 6, 1679—Caleb, & Joshua (twins), b Nov 25, 1679.

Toms, Francis, m 2d Abigail Lury (widow of John) Jan 6, 1683, by whom one d Abigail, b Dec 10, 1684. Abigail Toms, Wife of Francis, died Mar 17, 1687.†

Toms, Francis, m 3d Mary Nicholson, who survived him.

Toms, Francis Sr, lived near “Lower Pond, on Reedy Branch, at the head of Vosses Creek.” His land adj John Flowers, on western side of “Long Reach” in the “Narrows” of Perq River. The land on Vosses Creek, where his dwelling was erected, adj William Morgan. He had a stretch of land, running from Vosses Creek, to “Middle Swamp” called “Frog Hall.” This place still retains its original name, to this day. Francis Toms Jr owned land on S. W. side of Perq River, on “Bull Branch, adj land sold to Henry Grace, June 24, 1714. His land also joined land of William Jones. Francis Toms Sr, made a deed of gift, to Thomas Pierce, Wm Bogue, Isaac Wilson, & Gabriel Newby, 1a of land, “for the Society of Protestant Desenters, Vulgarly called Quakers, whereon a Church is now built,” in Perq Precinct, 11mo called Jan, 1705/6. This house of Worship, is supposed to have been Vosses Creek Meeting house, on said Creek, the exact location, being lost and uncertain. He was a member of the Council, for many years (see deeds). Clerk of Pasq Precinct Aug 8, 1692 (see will of John Nixon). Dept’ to Lord Amey, & his name appears on many grants given by the Lords Pro’r. His oath before the Gov Council, is of interest, to all historians, in its quaint wording, he promised “to Keepe ye Secrett of ye Council, to ye best of my advice, according to my Understanding.” This oath was administered in 1706. He had been a member of the Council, since Feb 6, 1683/4. Francis Toms “Collector of Customs” (no date).

On 15, 7mo 1696, he left Perq, on a two months journey (probably to London) but his business is not stated, maybe in the interests of the Quaker Church. Before leaving, he deputized “Wm Glover, his Lov’ Friend, to get timber for a big Mill, or a little one, & left it wholely to him, which thee thinks most benificall for me.” This was probably the beginning of Toms Mill, on Suttons Creek, in fact if his land ran to Middle Swamp, as before stated, & sd place was called even then, “Frog Hall” we are certain the “Mill” here mentioned, was built on this property. He made a deed, Feb 9, 1688, with consent of wife Abigail, for 300a at the head of Yeopim Creek, “called John Lasy’s Plan’,” land pat by Wm Charles, June 6, 1683. Another deed Jan 5, 1689/90, with the signature of his last wife Mary. In a deed Mar 24, 1687, he gives the information, that he had been grt 587a in Perq Precinct. (See deeds.)

The Hon’ble Francis Toms, had a grt, in Perq Pr’ct, 640a, adj Capt Ralph Fletcher, & James Morgan, to corner of Wm Voss, & along his line to the River (Perquimans). May 1, 1695. Francis Toms Esq, another grt, in Perq Pre’ct 375a on North side of Perq River, by beaver dam Swamp. Feb 26, 1696.

†Note: John Lacey (Lurey) 2d husband of Abigail Balie, in his Will Perq Precinct, Dec 1, 1682, names wife Abigail, & d Sarah. This may be the same Sarah, for whom Foster Toms put in a claim, for her Estate, in 1754. It is thought she m Christopher Denman, but no absolute proof is forthcoming.

  • Toms, Francis Sr, will Perq, 6, 10mo 1709. Names wife Mary, sons: Francis, Joshua, d Mary Newby (wife of Gabriel) gr-son Francis Newby, father-in-law
  • John Nicholson, makes bequest to “d Priscilla Kinsey,” late wife of John Nicholson.*
  • Priscilla Toms, had previously m John Nicholson, by whom she had, the children named in their father-in-laws will. He is named in Francis Toms will, also. (See Francis Toms will, & deeds in Perq Co.)
  • Mary Toms, will p Jan 15, 1717/18, made bequest to Vesty Lewis, & Rachel Laurence, & Elizabeth (d of my brother Wm Nicholson) Joseph Glaister (a Quaker preacher), & wife Mary were made Exrs.
  • Toms, (2) Francis Jr, (s of Francis & Pershillah) m Margaret Lawrence (widow of Wm, née Bogue) June 8, 1696, “at a meeting at said Lawrence’s house,” issue: 1 Mary, b 20 — 1696/7—2 Elizabeth, b Nov 20, 169- —3 Penelope, b Nov 19, 1702—4 Margaret, b Dec 5, 1707. (Wm Lawrence 1st husband of Margaret Bogue, died Aug 13, 1694.) Francis Toms Jr died 2, 7mo 1729.
  • Toms, Francis, will Perq p Oct 6, 1729, names: son Francis (3) d Mary Newby, & her husband, Nathan Newby, gr-son Francis Newby, d Elizabeth Phelps, d Priscilla Jones, d Margaret Toms, d Pleasant Winslow, wife Rebecca.
  • Rebecca, 2d wife of Francis Toms Jr, is thought to be d of Mary Simmons, whose will was p 1724, but no absolute proof exists. She was a d of John Pierce, & wife Mary Scott (d of Joseph) b Aug 9, 1680. (Mary Pierce, m 2d Wm Bundy, 3d Nicholas Simmons.) Rebecca 2d wife of Francis Toms, must have been mother of his son Francis (3), & d Pleasant, who m Joseph (2) Winslow s of Thomas (1) & wife Elizabeth Clare. The age of neither of these two can be found in Berkeley Parish Reg, Perq Co, where the others are recorded.
  • Toms, Francis (3), m Rebecca Nixon (d of Zachariah, & wife Elizabeth Symons, who lived at that time in Pasq Co, at Nixonton). (See Pasq Co Deeds.)
  • Toms, Francis, & Rebecca (Nixon) had issue: 1 Zachariah, b Apl 10, 1741—2 Rebecca, b Sept 26, 1743—m Caleb White, of Thomas, & Rachel (Jordan)—3 Mary, b Jany 8, 1745/6—4 Caleb, b Feby 3, 1747/8—5 Elizabeth, b May 25, 1750, m Samuel Phelps, & 2d Zachariah Nixon (2) her cousin.
  • (3) Toms, Francis, (3) will Perq, p July 1771. Sons: Zachariah, Caleb, dau’s Rebecca White, Elizabeth Toms, son-in-law Jos McAdams, & Caleb White.
  • (4) Toms, Zachariah (1), will Perq, p April 1774, names wife Margaret, sons: Francis, William, dau’s Rebecca, & Margaret Tow, bro-in-law Joseph, & Caleb White.
  • (2) Toms, Joshua, (1) (s of Francis, & Pershillah) m Sarah Gosby (d of John, & Hannah, née Nicholson) b Nov 12, 1687. (See Berkeley Par Reg.) Issue: 1 Sarah, b Mch 5, 1703/4—2 Hannah, b June 6, 1706, m Ezekiel Maudlin (2). Joshua Toms m 2d Rebecca Sutton (widow of Joseph, who was dec’d 1724, née Jones, d of Peter Jones Sr, will 1752). She m 1st Joseph Sutton, 2d Joshua Toms, & 3d 1737 Charles Denman, Clerk of Perq. Joshua Toms had by Rebecca one d Sarah, b July 4, 1727.

*Note: John Kinse (s of John, & Catherine) was b 6, 10mo 1692, in Nansemond Co Va. He m in Perq Co N. C. Pershillah Toms, (d of Francis Sr, & wife Pershillah). John Kinseys will, Perq April 14, 1717, names d Elizabeth, dau-in-law Mary Nicholson, son-in-law Samuel Nicholson, wife Preshillah.

  • (2) Toms, Joshua, Will Perq, p April 1732, names son, Foster, dau’s Sarah, Hannah Maudlin, & Miriam Sutton, son-in-law Christopher Sutton, gr-sons William, & Joshua Sherro (Sherwood). Wife Rebeckah. (Clerk of Court Charles Denman.) The two Sherro children, are thought to be step-gr-children, as Rebecca had a sister, who m Sherwood. (See divisions.)
  • (5) Toms, Foster, (1) made pet’ to the court, Oct 1754, for Est of Sarah Toms, “out of the hands of Charles Moor, Admix of Christopher Denman dec’d.”
  • (5) Toms, Foster, will Perq, p April 1, 1779, Sons: Joshua, John, Gosby, & Foster (2), d Martha.
  • (5) Toms, Martha, will Perq, p Feby 1794, names sons: John, & Foster, gr-son John (s of Joshua) gr-son Francis Newby (s of Francis) gr-son Zachariah (s of Gosby) gr-son Joshua (s of Gosby). Test’ Zachariah Nixon.
  • (6) Toms, Foster, (2) will Perq, p May 1794. Sons: Joseph, & Samuel, wife Elizabeth. Brothers, John, & Gosby, cousins: Francis Newby, and John Toms Jr.
  • (7) Toms, John, will Perq, p Nov 1808, names wife Mary, sons: Benjamin, Anderson & John A. Toms, gr-son John White, d Miriam White and her husband Francis, s Foster, dau’s Sarah, & Mary.
  • Francis Toms (2) had land grt him Nov 25, 1714, 200a—which he sold, July 12, 1726, to Thomas Winslow.
  • Toms, Zachariah (1) s of Francis (3), m Margaret White, (d of William, & Margaret). See his will 1774.
  • Toms, Zachariah, deed to s Caleb, with consent of wife Margaret. 1775.
  • Toms, Margaret, made a deed to son Francis, a negro, — 29, 1775. The same to dau’s Rebecca, & Elizabeth, April 29, 1775. Elizabeth Toms, (d of Zachariah, & Margaret, m — Tow).
  • Toms, Foster, & wife Mary, were Admix of Malachi Jones, (who died without issue) July 1777. Malachi Jones in his will, names niece Mary Jones (d of Thomas).
  • Toms, Foster, (s of John, & Mary) died 14, 12, 1807. He had no issue. Names in his will, p 1808, Brother Benjamin, sister Nancy Toms, cousin Foster Nixon, and sisters Miriam White (wife of Francis) Martha Nixon, & Sarah Elliott, Exrs brothers: John A. & Anderson Toms. It seems clear that John Toms, father of Foster (above) m Mary Anderson, d of John Anderson. John Anderson, will p in Perq, 1808, names d Mary Toms, & her sons Anderson & John A. Toms.
  • Toms, Anderson, (s of John dec’d) m Mary Bagley (d of Nathan) “at Suttons Creek Perq Co” 15, 12, 1808. Nathan Bagley in his will, Perq Co, 9, 11mo 1815, names d Mary Toms, & gr-children Mary, & Foster Toms, son-in-law Anderson Toms.
  • Toms, John Anderson, m Phariby Bagley, (d of Nathan, of Perq) “at Suttons Creek 1, 12mo 1805, issue: 7 Mary, b 24, 11mo 1806—2 Foster, b 5, 3mo 1809.
  • Toms, Benjamin, (s of John) m Martha Wilson (d of Christopher, & Pheribe) of Perq, “at Suttons Creek” 16, 9mo 1813. He seems to have died intestate. Christopher Willson, will Perq, p Feby 1824, names d Martha Toms, son-in-law Benjamin Toms, wife Pheribe.
  • Toms, Foster, (1) will 1779, m Martha — who for some reason is not named in his will, but she survived him, making a will, which was p 1794. (Her will already given.) Heirs of Martha Toms dec’d Jan 3, 1798. (Division.) Orphans of Gosby Toms dec’d, John Clary, (in right of his wife Penelope) Samuel Nixon, (wifes part) Jesse Copeland, part—Henry Copeland (wifes part) Isaac Barber, (wifes part) Willis Newby part, Nathan Newby part, Francis, Leah, Zach’ry, & Joshua Toms prt, Mary Clary part. (Auditors account.)
  • Another Audit, Aug 4, 1797, gives to John Toms Sr £58 s14, Foster Toms, Representatives, (same) Francis Newby Jr, (same).
  • Toms, Leah, account with her Gar, John Clary. Jan 27, 1805.
  • Toms, Mary (d of Benjamin, & Martha (Wilson) Toms) is buried in the Episcopal Cemetery, in Hertford. She died Sept 1855, age 25 years and 6 months.
  • Toms, Joshua, (s of Foster, & Martha) m Millicent Newby, —, 8mo 1779. (Welles.)
  • Toms, Benjamin, in a deed, names d Phereby Blount.
  • Toms, Zachariah, in a deed to Zach Nixon, 13, 11mo 1804, conveyed “all my part of a Grist Mill, on Suttons Creek, called Toms Mill.” In another deed, to Joshua Toms, 14, 5mo 1805, he sold land, “formerly belonging to our father Gosby Toms dec’d.”
  • Toms, Margaret, m Thomas Jones, 5, mo 1775.

Source: History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).

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