Perquimans County Deeds—Trueblood Grantees from 1600s to 1870

1. John Trueblood from Phineas Nixon, 1790 deed for 64 1/2 ac. Book I, #899. (Phineas Nixon was from Randolph County and John Trueblood was from Pasquotank County. The 64 1/2 ac. was purchased for fourteen pounds. This was probably the John Trueblood who was the son of Daniel Trueblood and Mary Morris.) 

2. John Trueblood from Thomas Saint, 1794 deed for 285 ac. Book K, #332. (the same John Trueblood as in # 1.) 

3. Samuel Trueblood from James Brothers, 1838 deed for 53 ac., Book Z, #41 (James Brothers was from Perquimans County and Samuel Trueblood from Pasquotank County)

4. Samuel Trueblood from Ambrose McPherson, 1840 deed for 1 1/4 ac. Book Z #441 (This deed was between Ambrose McPherson of Perquimans County and Samuel Trueblood of Perquimans County.)

5. Samuel Trueblood from John W. Speight, 1844 deed for 44 ac. Book BB, # 68. (John Speight and Samuel Trueblood were both of Perquimans County. This acreage was in Bagley Swamp Road area.)

6. Lydia Trueblood, Division of Jeremiah Speight estate, 1846, Platt Book 1, #78. (Samuel Trueblood & wife Lydia vs. John Speight, et al to divide the lands of Jeremiah Speight. The heirs were Lydia Trueblood, John Speight, Jeremiah Speight, James Speight, Orpa Speight, and Henrietta Speight. Lydia’s share was 46 acres.)

7. Jemima Trueblood, Division of Joseph Evans estate, 1848, Platt Book 1, #178. (Jemima was the wife of Joshua Trueblood. Her part of the land was 40 acres. Heirs were Jemima (wife of Joshua Trueblood), Rachel Jessop, Minerva (wife of Josiah Boyce), Mary (wife of John Whitehead), Margaret (John Moon)

8. Joshua Trueblood from John Bogue, 1856 deed for 126 1/2 ac. Book DD, #724. (This deed was between John Bogue of Perquimans County and Joshua Trueblood of Pasquotank County. The acreage was in the Bagley Swamp area of Perquimans County.) 

9. Samuel Trueblood from Ellen Haskett, Willis Haskett, et al, 1868 deed for 50 ac., Belv. T.S. Book HH, #108 (This land was at Newby’s Bridge, formerly owned by Samuel Trueblood, Sr.) 

10. Samuel Trueblood from Ann Pike, et al, 1868 deed for 50 ac., Belv. T.S. Book HH, page 108


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