Trueblood Marriages (grooms)

Perquimans County, North Carolina  1856-2000

Compiled by Bob Stokley

The above was taken from the Perquimans County Marriage Register. In many cases there is a great deal of time between marriages. I went through the Register name by name and have included all that were listed. Where no age is given, none was listed in the Register.

Bob Stokley  20 July 2003

Trueblood Marriages by Bob Stokley

NathanNancy Brook 11-6-1856
Josiah Emely Stallings 12-04-1856
Nathan Margaret Lane11-12-1862
George W. Margaret J. Winslow 11-24-1870
Ephraim 22Rebecca Sylvester2311-12-1876
Joshua J. 31Elizabeth Copeland 2409-08-1882
William 28Mattie Winslow 20 12-16-1885
Wm. Thomas22Rebecca Williams 1912-28-1889
George A.40Mollie Symons 2401-05-1890
Nathan23Maty E. Raper 1704-14-1891
Nathan 26Elizabeth Colson 2112-13-1891
Jason31Sarah (Sally) Jessup22 12-12-1894
James S.26Ellen Chappell 2603-30-1898
Joseph W. 33Laura Ward 17 09-13-1903
Madison 26Henryetta Lane2012-15-1904
William 21Lillie Lane1806-10-1906
Clinton N. 21Bertie Hurdle 16 12-31-1918
Alonzo 24Lucille Hurdle 1912-31-1919
Nathan23Gertie May Thompson 1801-23-1921
Travers A. 26Martha Monds2009-09-1926
David Riddick 26Virgie L. Bagley2112-31-1926
George 23Geneva Smith 1801-02-1936
Nathan N.27Doris Louise Baker1704-23-1939
Jack19Kay Tarkington1710-02-1954
Johnnie 47Georgia Klein4107-11-1953
Will W.64Laura Jordan Sutton6611-12-1955
George David, Jr. 18Joan Corrine Madre1902-26-1956
Curtis33Barbara Y. Chenault1810-10-1959
Martin Elbert, Jr. 22Doris Marie Allen1504-09-1960
David 21Marian Gene Collins 1601-12-1961
Curtis Nathan18Annette Lane 1701-20-1963
Ricky Wayne17Doris Jean Lowe1807-29-1964
Paul JeromeGeorgia Mae Barnes06-26-1965
Ricky Wayne21Carolyn Kathleen Dail1705-17-1969
Edward Clifton,Jr.23Carolyn Marie Morgan2105-03-1970
William Floyd 19Betena Ann Lamb 1704-29-1977
Mark Vincent Judy Ann Lassiter05-27-1995
Paul Lynn Cynthia Denise Askew 06-29-2000
Reggie WayneDiane Louise Mills06-27-1998
Robin EarlPenny Marie Casper08-22-1922
Tony Curtis Evelyn Jeneal Perry 09-10-1989


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