• John Tucker (spelled variously, Tougart, Tourcart) came to England with William the Conqueror, and fought at Hastings 1066. He was granted Armes by same 1079, and was given an Estate, in South Tavistock, Co Devon, and married relict of Trecareth, who is thought to be the former incumbent of said Estate. His son Stephen was granted permission 1150, to wear his hat in the Kings presence, & also an Estate of Samerton, near Travitock, in Pembroke Co, Wales, which the Tuckers have held for over 400 years (the Sealyham property) and have used the same coat of Arms.
  • George Tucker, m Maria Hunter of Gaunnte, was a man of note in Milton, next Gravesend, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, who conveyed to him the “Manor” 1572. He was appointed Jurat July 22, 1562, by said Queen, & Henry Tucker of Bermuda, was Jurat 1639, & Mayor of Gravesend & Milton 1637. They were brothers, and soon after this disappeared from England, and the tradition is generally accepted they they emigrated to America.
  • Daniel Tucker was a subject in the Colony, at Jamestown 1609. (Brown Gen to America.)
  • Capt William Tucker was among the living “Att Elizabeth Cittye” Feb 16, 1623. He received a grt of 650a “on East side of the main River, agst Elizabeth Cittie,” and 150a at Newport News, 1626, in the Corporation of Henrico. (Land Office, Richmond Va.) He was deputized to go against the rebellious Nansemond & Warrasquicke Indians 1623/4, and served as Burgess from said Co, 1624. John Tucker had a grant for land, Oct 28, 1697, 65a on N. E. side of Western Branch, Nansemond Co, and was living in Lower Norfolk Co Va, Oct 5, 1683, at which time he made a deed unto Capt Wm Robinson, 200a of land which sd Robinson bequeathed in his will, Mar 5, 1695, to Wm Thorogood of Princess Anne Co, who sold sd land to Col Edward Moseley, of same Co, & he in like manner sold land to Nath’l Tatum of Norfolk Co, Nov 26, 1715, “land on Elizabeth River, at the head of Western Branch, of Indian Creek.” The Tuckers settled at a place called “Tucker Town.”
  • Robert Tucker of Weymouth, about 1635 emigrated to Milton Mass, 1662, m Elizabeth Allen, b 1604, d 1682, son Monrasch Tucker, m Waitstill Sumner, b 1654, d 1743, issue Samuel, m Rebecca Leeds, b Milton Mass 1687, d 1758, had son Samuel, m Elizabeth Haywood, b 1719, d 1776, who had son Nathaniel, b 1769.
  • Mr Robert Tucker of Lower Norfolk Co Va dec’d, Mar 1723. Frances Tucker Admix. “Merchandise belonging to sd Tucker, West India goods, in ye Stores, & Come now in ye Brigantine ‘Providence’ valued at £450-9-9, in the hands of Mrs Frances Tucker.” Three children of sd Tucker, not named.
  • William Tucker of Norfolk Co, with consent of wife Elinor sold to Richard Tucker his plan’ on Deep Creek, “as by a deed from — Browne” Nov 13, 1703.
  • John Tucker, of the Borough of Norfolk, will p Sept 17, 1762. Son: “Henry, negroes, & blacksmith Tools, & £300 in Cash, including money belonging to him from Mr Gristocks Estate, and the Sloop Rebecca, dau Frances Calvert, negroes, & £100 Cash, Son Travis house, & Lott where I now live, son Jno. the land & houses, that was the Glebe, dau Jane £200 Cash, dau Rebecca, & Elizabeth, £100 Cash each, wife Rebecca. My brig ‘Three Brothers’ to be sold, & money put to Interest, with good security, to be applied to the bringing up & Schooling of my four youngest children, Elizabeth, Travis, Jane, & Jno Tucker. My Sloop Hannah to be hired to the County, & money applied as before.” (Norfolk County Records.)
  • John Hutchings Jr, Christopher Perkins, Edward C. Travis, & Henry Tucker Exrs.
  • Walter Tucker of Lynn Regis, Dorsett, Mer’cht, Power of Att’ to Mr Samuel Tucker of Bristol, to recover Estate of his “cozen John Edwards in Va.” Sept 24, 1664. (Isle of Wight Records.) (Samuel Tucker same date, of Ratcliff.) (Isle of Wight Co Va.)
  • Robert Tucker of the Co of Albemarle, Pro’ of N. C., “with consent of my wife Mary,” sold to Nath’l Ludgell of Norfolk Co, 150a, part of 300a, for 2000 lbs of Tob. Oct 14, 1704.
  • Robert Tucker of Norfolk Co, Merchant, att’ for John Tucker d. s. p. of Martin Brandon, Prince George Co Va, Aug 18, 1716.
  • Thomas Parrame in his will, Prince George Co Va, names dau Elizabeth Tucker, and wife Elizabeth. (Court at Merchants Hope.)
  • Francis Tucker, will Prince George Co Va, Dec 12, 1722. Sons: Francis, John, Henry, Abram, & Mathew, wife Mary. He was dead Jan 13, 1723.
  • Robert Tucker, m Elizabeth Cleeves in Princess Anne Co, Aug 29, 1750.
  • Nathaniel Tucker, made his will in Onslow Co N. C. Jan 7, 1750, and names brother Henry Tucker.
  • John Tucker was living in Perq Precinct 1701.

Source: History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).

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