Thomas White was a subject in the colony at Jamestown, 1609. (Browns Genesis to America.)

James White in Va same date, at same place. Henry White of York Co Va, had a son Henry, who moved to Isle of Wight. From the dates it seems probable that this was the identical Henry White who migrated to Perq Precinct N. C., before 1670. He built the first Quaker Church in Perquimans, thought to be Little River Mo meeting, which was about where Woodville is situated. Just beyond the confines of this village can be seen at the present time an old Quaker burying ground, with small stones such as were in common use at that day among the simple Quakers. Meetings were held at the house of Henry White, 26, 4mo 1690, at which time, James Davis (s of William) and Elizabeth White (d of Henry) of Albemarle, took each other as man and wife. Another Quarterly meeting convened at the house of Henry White, 1, 3mo 1695, when it was “agreed that Robert Wilson, Francis Toms, & Henry White, doe write a letter in behalf of the Meeting, to friends at yearly meeting in London.” At a meeting held at the house of Arnold White, 24, 4mo 1679, there were present: Henry White, Timothy Meade, Francis Toms, Charles Moris, Jonathan Tailer, Arnold White, George Tailer, Mary White, Rebecka Simons, Solomon Pool, & Margaret White. The children of Solomon Pool were registered at this meeting, as follows: Richard, b 2, 3mo 1680—Ane, b 12, 2mo 1682—Mary, b 15, 10mo 1683—Solomon (2) b 23, 4mo 1687.

As Arnold appears in Perq simultaneously with Henry White, the inference may be drawn with some certainty, that they were brothers, but the records do not mention the fact. John and William White also made their entry into Perquimans about the same time, and they may also be brothers.

White, Henry, children as recorded in the Quaker Reg, of Perq Co, are as follows:Ann, b 5, 10mo 1669—

  1. Elizabeth, b 29, 10mo 1673—
  2. Robert, b 2, 11mo 1674—
  3. James, & John (twins), b 20, 5mo 1676—
  4. Elkanah, b 2mo 1679—
  5. Mary, b middle of 8mo 1682—
  6. Damaris, b —, 12mo 1684—
  7. Constant — —
  8. Henry (2), b 25, 4mo 1690—
  9. Arnold, b end of 7mo 1693—
  10. Mary (2d by name), b —, 7mo 1696—
  11. Jonas, b 24, 4mo 1700—
  12. Sarah, b middle of 4mo 1704.

His wife was Mary, who died 3, 3mo 1679, and mother of his first five children. His second wife is not given.

The will of Henry White, p in Albemarle, Sept 19, 1706, names the following issue: Henry, Arnold, Isaac, Robert, & John, to whom he devised his “Maner plantation,” dau’s: Content and Naomy. (No wife is mentioned.) Henry White bought land in Surry Co Va, June 9, 1655 (Surry records). He made an affidavit in Perq Co, 1689, giving his age as 57 years. (Gen’l Court, May 26, 1689.)

White, Arnold Sr, issue: 1 Philliman, b 10, 10mo 1670—2 Arnold, b 29, 4mo 1673—3 Paul, b 20, 1mo 1676. Mary White, wife of Arnold, died —, 1mo 1679.

White, Arnold Jr, (s of Arnold Sr) issue: 1 Paul, b 6, 8mo 1697—2 Ann, b 1, 1mo 1699—3 Joshua, b 28, 12mo 1702—4 Nehemiah, b 25, 12mo 1712—5 Pathenea, b 6, 10mo 1717. Mary wife of Arnold, died 23, 1mo 1680. He m 2d Phereby Nixon, 1, 9mo 1696.

White, John (s of Henry) m Elizabeth Newby (d of John) issue: 1 Abraham, b 3, 12mo 1700—2 Sarah, b —, 11mo 1703—3 Rachel, b — 1705—4 Jonas, b —, 11mo 1707—5 Elirabe, b —, 1mo 1711—6 John, b —, 11mo 1713—7 Rebecca, b —, 5mo 1716.

White, Arnold, will Perq, Mar 22, 1690. Names d Elizabeth, s Arnold, brother Henry, wife not named.


  • White, John (s of Henry of Little River) m Elizabeth Newby (d of John, & dau-in-law of Matthew Collins of same) 14, 11mo 1696, “at the house of James Davis.”
  • White, Arnold, m Rebeccah Overman, In, at Newbegun Creek, 18, 5mo 1717.
  • White, Arnold Sr, m Jane Pike (widow, of Pasq precinct) 9, 4mo 1720.
  • White, Jonathan (s of Robert), m Ann Pike (d of Samuel) 10, 2mo 1729.
  • White, Abraham, m Sarah Keaton, In, at Newbegun Creek, 9, 9mo 1723.
  • White, Henry, m Ruth Keaton, In, at Newbegun Creek, 4, 3mo 1727.
  • White, Nehemiah, m Hannah Overman, at Newbegun Creek, 3, 3mo 1732.
  • White, Nehemiah, m 2d Martha Pritchard, in, 7, 3mo 1734.
  • White, Joseph, m Sarah Newby, In, 4, 4mo 1736, at Symons Creek.
  • White, John, m Susannah Hill, In, 6, 9mo 1746, at Symons Creek.
  • White, Benjamin, m Miriam Pike, In, 3, 9mo 1761, at Symons Creek.
  • White, William, was a passenger for Va, in Primrose July 27, 1625, Comd of Capt Douglas. William, and John who came to Perquimans about the same date of Henry’s arrival, may have been his brothers. They quickly disappear from the records in Perq. John m Margaret Titerton (widow of William, née Hall), Jan 18, 1685. John Waite died Jan 14, 1691. According to his will p in Perq, Apl 4, 1692, he left no heirs. The legatees in said will being wife Margaret, William & Elizabeth Tetterton (Step-children).
  • White, William, m Margery Williams, September 1693. He had by a former wife Rebecka, issue: 1 Sarah, b Oct 13, 1681—2 Thomas, b Nov 17, 1684—3 Samuel, b Dec 2, 1687. William White died Jan 14, 1687. Margery his wife, d Oct 14, 1704.
  • White, Thomas (probably a brother of John, & William) m Diana Foster née Maners, widow of Wm Foster, m 1675 d Oct 9, 1687. She had by first husband Francis & Elizabeth Foster, named in his will—Oct 9, 1687. Diana White m 3 times, 1st Thomas Harris, Clerk of Perq, 2d William Foster, & 3rd Thomas White. Perq Court was held in the house of Thomas Harris, and after his death, 1679, at the house of Diana Harris, Sept 1679, and still later, at the house of Thomas White, presumably the same house each time. Thomas White in his will Mar 11, 1695, names wife Diana, and William Collins, who it is thought m Elizabeth Harris, d of Diana by her 1st husband.
  • White, Robert, (s of Henry) will Albemarle, April 19, 1698. Sons: Vincent, Robert, d Mary, friend Thomas Jones. Robert (2) lived in Pasq Co, where his will was p April 16, 1733, Sons: Jonathan, Zapaniah, Joseph, dau’s: Ann, Elizabeth.
  • White, Nehemiah, (s of Arnold Jr) will Pasq Co, p July 1751. Sons: Benjamin, Joshua, dau’s: Sarah, Mary, Martha, wife Martha. Joseph Pritchard (bro-in-law) Ex.
  • White, John, (s of Henry (1) m Sarah Clare (d of Timothy, & wife Mary Bundy). He died before Mar 10, 1730, will p on that date, names son John, and dau’s Rachel, Sarah, Elizabeth, Hulde, sister Mary, wife Sarah, who m 2d Jacob Elliott. She was John Whites 2d wife, he having m 1st Elizabeth Newby.
  • White, Jean, Relict of Roger White, m 2d John Wilkinson, Jan 9, 1686. (Berkeley Reg.)
  • Henry White made affidavit in Perq 1689, that he “knew Samuel Davis in Isle of Wight Co Va”, “where he was an apprentice of Henry White his father” before 1660, said Samuel also migrating to N. C.
  • White, Edmund, m Millicent Toms, In, 3mo 1788, at Welles meeting house, in Perq. It is not positively known which branch of Whites he belongs to. He certainly had one son Edmund (s of Edmund, & Mary dec’d) of Pasq Co, m Margaret Nixon (s of Samuel, & Rachel dec’d of Perq) 15, 5mo 1816, at Suttons Creek meeting house. Margaret wife of Edmond died 14, 11mo 1827.
  • White, Samuel, will Perq Co p April 1779, names sons: Gabriel, Joshua, William, Benjamin, & Arnold, wife Hepsibee. Henry White, & Levi Munden Exrs.
  • White, Gabriel, will Perq, p Nov 1824, names wife Abselah, s Andrew Knox White, d Juliana R. White, Sarah, & Martha Ann White. Samuel Nixon Ex.
  • White, John, (of the Thomas White line) m Mourning — issue: 1 Robert, m Rebeckah Albertson (d of Francis dec’d, & wife Caroline) 16, 9mo 1819 at Suttons Creek, issue: 1 Jordan, b 8, 9mo 1821, d 21, 6mo 1822—2 Elizabeth, b 18, 8mo 1823—3 Lucinda, b 19, 2mo 1826—4 William Albertson White, b 15, 2mo 1828.


Thomas White Line

  • In Perquimans Co. there seems to have been two separate, & distinct, lines of this family, that of Henry White, and the descendants of Thomas, of Isle of Wight Co Va. Henry White pioneered to N. C. much earlier than the last named. It is thought, but not proven, that Thomas of Isle of Wight, was a descendant of John White, who came to Va, from New England, & took up land in Norfolk Co.
  • Elder John White, b 1596 in Essex Co England, arrived in New England, 1632, settled at Cambridge, Mass. John White (uncle of Peregrine, s of William, & Ann (Fuller) White) came to Norfolk Va, 1679, where he m Mary — & had John Nicholas, b in Norfolk 1689. John White, of the Southern Branch of Elizabeth River, Yeoman—apt’ Anthony Bonford, of Chuckatuck, Nanzimund Co, planter—Att’ to sell unto Paul Luke, of Isle of Wight, Land, Cattle, Household stuff, in sd Co, belonging to his wife Edy Lewellin, d of Thomas, formerly of said Co, for 300 lbs of Tob. Apl 23, 1664. (Records Isle of Wight Co.)
  • White, Thomas (s of John of Isle of Wight) m Rachel Jordan (d of Joshua, & Elizabeth (Sanbourne) Jordan) 13, 7mo 1719. (Elizabeth Sanborn, was d of Daniel, and wife Sarah.) (See the will of Daniel Sanborne Isle of Wight.)
  • White, Thomas, & wife Rachel (Jordan) had issue: 1 Lydia, b 12, 9mo 1720, m John Robinson—2 Elizabeth, b 19, 10mo 1722, m Joseph Pritchard—3 Joshua, b 26, 11mo 1727, m Guliemma Jordan—4 Jordan, b 20, 3mo 1729—5 Thomas, & Rachel (twins), b 25, 12mo 1730—5 Rachel White, m Benjamin Winslow, (s of John, & Esther (Snelling) Winslow)—6 John, b 17, 3mo 1733, m Mary (d of Joseph, & Pleasant (Toms) Winslow)—7 Mary, b 29, 2mo 1735, m Joseph Winslow (s of Joseph & wife Pleasant (Toms) Winslow)—8 Matthew, b 10, 3mo 1738, m Mary Robinson—9 Caleb, b 8, 3mo 1740, m Rebecca Toms (d of Francis (3) & wife Rebecca Nixon, d of Zachariah Nixon, & wife Elizabeth Symons of Pasq Co.) Rebecca White was b Jan 8, 1743.
  • White, Thomas, will Perq, book C p 1, p Jan 1762. He bequeathed, to wife Rachel, a negro called Judah, & a negro girl Priscilla, a mare, called “Pink” and a horse, called “Sorrel,” 1 large looking glass, and 1 square table. Sons: Joshua, Thomas, Joseph, John, Matthew, Caleb, and Benjamin (not of age), dau’s Mary Winslow, (to whom he left a “large looking glass”) Sarah, gr-dau’s Sarah, & Mary Pritchard.
  • White, Joshua, (eldest son of Thomas) will Perq, p Apl 25, 1784, names s Jacob, (to whom he left 125a of land, on both sides of Cypress Swamp) s Zachariah, s Joshua (Plan’ where I now live) dau’s Mourning, Mary, & Elizabeth, wife Mary. (His 2d wife probably) d Margaret Moore, & son-in-law Samuel Moore.
  • White, Zachariah, will Perq, p Nov 1808, names legatees. Wife Miriam, dau’s Margaret, Mary Davis, s Joshua, dau’s Miriam, Sarah, s Francis.
  • White, Jacob, s of Joshua (1) will Perq, p Nov 1816, named wife Miriam, sons: Josiah, Robinson, Theophilus, Joshua, dau’s Jemmimah Guyer, & Polly White.
  • White, Joshua, (2) will Perq, p Feb 1831, names son James, wife Sallie, s Gabriel, s Theophilus.
  • White, Joshua, (3) will Perq, p Nov 1865, Wife Emily, son Joshua W. (Warren) White, Millicent Pearce, Charles Willis Pearce, Mary A. Winslow.

From this line sprang Dr White of Suffolk Va, who is a son of Joshua W. White, named in the last will. (See Jordan family, for Rachel Whites Will.)

White, Mourning, spoken of in the Henry White line, as wife of John White, & mother Robert, (who m Rebeccah Albertson,) may have been a d of Joshua (1) & wife Gulielma. The Whites, & Winslows, crossed so many times, it is difficult to distinguish, one from another. Robert (s of John) died 25, 6mo 1830. This seems all the more to be credited, from the fact that Robert, & Rebeccah had a son named Jordan White, b 8, 9mo 1821, died 21, 6mo 1822.

White, Joseph, (s of Joshua, & Rachel (Jordan) White) is mentioned in his will, but his age is not given. From the fact that five years intervened, between the date of Elizabeth, & Joshua Jordans ages, it is probable that he is the one between. Benjamin White also has no birth date, but we know from his fathers will, that he was the youngest child.

  • White, Thomas, (twin to Rachel) m Anne Barnes, May 11, 1755, issue: 1 Miles, b Apl 25, 1756—2 Nathan, b Nov 12, 1757—3 Seth, b Mch 1, 1759—4 Orpha, b Sept 25, 1761—Elizabeth, b Oct 27, 1763—Jonathan, b Mch 2, 1766—Miriam, b Oct 25, 1768—d. s. p. 1831. Ann White, wife of Thomas, died Nov 4, 1770.
  • White, Caleb (s of Thomas, & Rachel (Jordan) White) m Rebeckah Toms, Jan 14, 1761. Issue: 1 Peninah, b Dec 6, 1761—2 Francis, b Feby 24, 1764—3 Toms, b Mch 2, 1766—4 Caleb, b Oct 30, 1768—5 Rebeckah, b Sept 2, 1771—6 Mary, b Nov 12, 1773.
  • White, Caleb, will Perq, p May 1795, names sons: Francis, Toms, Caleb, James, Josiah, & Elisha, dau’s Penina Pritchard, & Rebecca Albertson, Mary, & Betty White, wife Rebecca. Test’ Wm Skinner, Caleb Winslow.
  • White, Francis, m Miriam Toms, 6, 1mo 1790, issue: 1 Toms (2) b 15, 12mo 1790—2 Miles, b 30, 8mo 1792—3 John, b 16, 3mo 1794, died 12, 10mo 1794—4 Caleb (2) b 12, 11mo 1796—5 Mary, b 12, 3mo 1799—6 John (2) b 17, 1mo 1801—7 Rebecca, b 4, 12mo 1802.
  • White, Francis, will Perq, p Nov 1813. Dau’s Mary, Rebecca, Sarah, & Mustia, Sons: Caleb, Francis, Toms, Myles, John, brother Toms White Ex.
  • White, Miriam, will Perq, 4, 3mo 1831, names sister Elizabeth Griffin, niece Jemima White (d of Josiah, & wife Orpha Robinson dec’d) Martha Jesop (d of Jesse, & wife Sarah) Benj, Jemima, Thomas, Miriam White, Mary Morgan, Mary Jessop, (children of brother Nathan White) Pheribe Wilson, (d of William, & wife Sarah) Anna Nicholson, Rebecca Albertson, Jonathan White, Achsah Nixon, Margaret Wilson, (children of brother Jonathan White), Eliza Ann, & Watson White, (children of Timothy White dec’d) Martha Bogue, (d of Thomas dec’d), Piney Woods Mo Meeting $200. (Miriam d of Thomas, died single.)
  • White, Nathan, (s of Thomas) m Miriam Albertson, 6, 10mo 1785, at Welles Perq Co.
  • White, Thomas, (s of Thomas, & Rachel) will Perq, p Aug 1809. Sons: Nathan, Seth, & Jonathan, dau’s Orpha Robinson, Elizabeth Griffin, & Miriam White.
  • White, Seth, will Perq, p Nov 1825—Brothers: Nathan, & Jonathan, sister Elizabeth Griffin, nieces; Sarah Jesop, & Jemima White.
  • White, Jonathan, m Rachel Winslow, b Nov 9, 1770 (d of Caleb, & Ann (Perry) Winslow, of Perq) issue: 1 Timothy, m Eliza Watkins, & had issue: Eliza, Ann, & Watson, Anna, m Wm Robinson, died 1868, age 71 years, issue: 1 Elizabeth, m Christopher Wilson & had Pharaba Wilson, & Wm Robinson Wilson—2 Rachel Robinson—3 Thomas Robinson. Anna (née White) widow Robinson; m 2d Josiah Nicholson, who died 1852, issue: 1 William (Dr) b 1826, m Sarah W. Newby (née Walton) 1854, 2 Timothy, b Nov 2, 1828, died Sept 15, 1924, age 95 years. He resided in Richmond Ind, m 1st Sarah N. White, Nov 8, 1853, died Sept 26, 1865, issue: 1 Marianna, b 1854, died 1888, m Sept 1877 David Buffmer?—2 John Nicholson, 3 Josiah, died 1908, 4 Thomas, 5 Sarah Ellen, b 1863, died 1864 (age 20mo) 6 Walter, b Aug 1865, died Mar 1867. Timothy Nicholson, m 2d Mary White, April 30, 1868, (sister of Sarah A, who died May 1911), issue: 1 Sarah, 2 Eliza, 3 Josiah (brother of Timothy, b 1831) m Ella Bassett of Rhode Island, 4 John Nicholson, m Mary Winslow, 1833, issue: 1 Ella (single), 2 Edward m — George (s of Timothy, & Sarah, b 1835, died 1855.)
  • White, Rebecca, (d of Jonathan White, & wife Rachel Winslow) m Anthony Albertson, issue: 1 Elias, 2 Edward, 3 Jonathan.
  • White, Jonathan, (s of Jonathan, & Rachel Winslow) m Mary Twine, issue: 1 Darius, 2 Addison, 3 Caleb. Jonathan White, m 2d Elizabeth Parker (née Skinner) sister of James C. Skinner (father of Thomas, Harry, & Mrs Fanny Whedbee, wife of Mr Monroe Whedbee) issue: 4 Timothy, 5 Jonathan (of Greenville, N. C., called “Jack White”) Achsah, 6 child of Jonathan, & Rachel, m 1st Wm Nixon, 2d John W. Wilson. No issue by either.
  • Margaret White, m John W. Wilson, issue: 1 Alfred, 2 Timothy, 3 Achsah, 4 Christopher, 5 Margaret, 6 Mary Ann, 7 Franklin, 8 Rachel, 9 Horace, 10 Pharaba.
  • White, Jonathan, will Perq p Aug 1823, names sons: Timothy, & Jonathan, dau’s Anna Robinson, & Rebecca Albertson, Achsah & Peggy W White, wife Rachel. Test’ Jos White, Nathan Winslow (bro-in-law).
  • White, Rachel, will Perq, p Nov 1835. Dau’s: Anna Nicholson, Margaret W. Winslow, Rebecca Albertson, & Achsah Nixon, gr children: Eliza Ann White, & Watson White, s Jonathan, brother Nathan Winslow.
  • White, Benjamin, (youngest s of Thomas, & Rachel) will Perq p Aug 1808, names sons: Thomas, John, Jesse, Josiah, Demsey, & Dewey, gr-dau’s Martha, & Mary White.
  • White, Jesse, (s of Benjamin) m Mary Albertson (d of Chalkey) of Perq, 25, 3mo 1802, at Suttons Creek.
  • White, Jesse, will p in Perq Feb 1814. Son: Cornellius, Chalkey Albertson, dau’s: Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah R. White, & Millicent Henley. Brother Thomas White Ex.
  • White, John, m Lydia Winslow (d of Joseph, & Pleasant née Toms) and had according to his will: (p in Perq Oct 1774) Sons: Francis, John, Samuel, Thomas, & Joseph, wife Lydia, dau’s: Dorothy, & Pleasant. The last m Wm Winslow (s of Jacob, & Elizabeth Winslow) 7, 3mo 1787. (Welles Mo Metting.)

(For a continuation of the White family, see wills, N. C. Hist & Gen Register.)

MARRIAGES (not placed)

  • White, Joshua, m — Cornwell, 15, 1mo 1750. (Pagan Creek, Isle of Wight Co Va.)
  • White, John (of the Arnold White line) m Mourning White (d of Joshua) no date.
  • White, Edmund, m Millicent Toms, 3, 3mo 1788. (Welles Mo Meeting.)
  • White, Jesse, m Abigail Anderson, 2, 4mo 1788. (Welles Mo Meeting.)
  • White, Charles, (s of John, will 1771), Mary Jones, Nov 21, 1780. (Mar bonds Perq.)
  • White, Thomas, m Sarah Rountree, Feb 16, 1791, Sec Jesse Rountree. (Mar bonds Perq.)
  • White, Thomas, m 2d Susannah Palin, Intention, 21, 3mo 1801. (Pasq Mo Meeting.)
  • White, William, m Elizabeth Robinson, Intention, 21, 3mo 1789. (Pasq Mo Meeting.)
  • White, Thomas, m Sarah Rolntree, Feb 16, 1791, See Jesse Rountree. (Mar bonds Perq.)
  • White, Zachariah, m Millicent Nicholson, 30, 2mo 1790. (Pasq Mo Meeting.)
  • White, Zachariah, m 2d Miriam Elliott, Apl 8, 1795. (Mar bonds Perq.)
  • White, Edmund, m 2d Mary Morris (d of Aaron Jr) Intention, 21 4mo 1792. (Pasq Co.)
  • White, Joshua, m Mary Nicholson, Intention, 16, 3mo 1793. (Pasq Mo Meeting.)
  • White, Robert, m Tabitha Alford, April —, 1702. (Early Quaker records, by Col Olds.) (Col. Fred A. Olds, Raleigh, N. C.)
  • White, Rachel (d of John) m John Smith, no date. (See deeds.)
  • White, Francis, m Lydia Winslow (d of Joseph Jr) before Apl 1783. (Legal papers.)
  • John White dec’d 12, 1mo 1774, will probated by son Thomas, & wife Lida, before John Hollowell J. P. His Inventory shows: 7 horses, 3 cattle, 19 sheep, 13 hogs, 63 hives of bees, 8 punch bowls, 4 dram glasses, 3 “sets of Shoemakers tools” 6 pewter dishes, 8 pewter basins, 27 plates, 24 spoons, & 1 pewter cup, 12 geese, 32 turkeys, “1 cow in the field” rice in the field, parcel of potatoes, (not housed) a barrel of fish, and cash £41 s4, on hand.
  • Margaret White, (wife of William) in her will p in Perq Jan 1790, names sons: William (2) Josiah, gr-dau Margaret White (d of Margaret Jones) gr-dau Rebecca, Margaret, & Elizabeth Toms, dau Sarah Robinson, gr-children: Edward, Millicent, Elizabeth, & Sarah White, gr-sons: Robert, & William Jordan, gr-dau Margaret Jordan, niece Ann Elliott, gr-son Jesse White (s of Joseph). Test Wm Bond, Job Bond, Exum Newby.
  • The will of William White, p in Perq Aug 18, 1772, names sons: Joseph (who died before his mother Margaret made her will) William, & Josiah, dau’s: Elizabeth Jordan, Margaret Toms, Sarah White, wife Margaret.
  • Benjamin White, “an Elder,” died 16, 11mo 1789, age 53. He had been an elder in the Quaker Meeting for 17 years. (Quaker records.)

Source: History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).

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