Will of

William Pearson

16 January 1805

Perquimans County, NC

I William Pearson of the County of Perquimans  & State of North Carolina do make & ordain this my last will & Testament in manner as followeth.–

1st It is will that all just debts should be discharged by my Executor, in due time.–

2nd I give & bequeath unto my son Peter Pearson all my land & appurtenances thereunto belonging (only reserving the use thereof to my wife Miriam Pearson during her widowhood) to him & his heirs forever but if he should die without legal isue, I give said land & premises to be divided between  two of my Daughters Lillias & Miriam Pearson to be divided in the following manner beginning at Josiah Elliotts line opposite the head of the large branch that runs up by my house, thence running down said branch till it coms to the mouth of a small branch near the main road, thence up said small branch to the fork thence from said fork a strait line to a marked tree in my back line the corner of John & Thomas Evens, Miriam to have that part whereon the buildings stands and Lillias to have the other part to them & their heirs forever.–

3rd I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Peninah Elliott that part of my estate which I have possessed her with, & five dollars to her & her heirs forever.–

4th I give the use of my land & plantation & all the remaining part of my estate to my wife Miriam Pearson during her widowhood, but if in case she should marry I give all the remaining part of my estate not before given (except my hand mill and my gun) to be equally divided between or amongst my said wife & four of my Daughters, to wit, Elizabeth, Lillias, Easter, Miriam Pearson but if in case my Daughters Lillias & Miriam should fall heirs to the land as provided in the second paragraph, then it is my will that my Daughters Elizabeth & Easter should have said remainder to them & their heirs forever.

5th I give and bequeath unto my son Peter Pearson one hand mill & one gun to him & his heirs forever.–

6  If my said wife should not marry but should die in widowhood, I give all the said remainder as mentioned in the gift number four to be equally divided amongst my four Daughters Elizabeth, Lillias, Easter & Miriam in the same manner as is directed & provided on said gift that is if Lillias & Miriam should fall heirs to the said land, then for Elizabeth & Easter to possess said remainder of my estate to them & their heirs forever.–

7th And lastly I nominate constitute & appoint my wife Miriam Pearson my Executrix & Thomas Hollowell my Executor to see this my will fulfiled & done hereby ratifying & confirming this and no other to be & contain my last Will & Testament in manner & form as it now stands according to the true intent & meaning thereof, in Witness where of I the said William Pearson have hereunto set my hand & seal this 16th day of the 1st month 1805.

William Pearson       Seal  

Signer Sealed & published in the presents of                                                        

Mary Hollowell

Sarah Hollowell

In the room of Thomas Hollowell who I have appointed Executor to the above will I do nominate and appoint Thomas White of Josiah Executor to the above will in Presents of this 1st mo. 15th 1807

Wm  Pearson      (his mark)   Seal                                                                           

John Bogue                                                                                                                       

Joseph  Evans       (his X mark)

Perquimans County } February Term at Hertford AD 1807

This certifies that the foregoing will was exibited into open Court & proved by the Oath of Joseph Evans one of the subscribing witnesses thereto & at the same time the Exex. therein named

appeared & qualified agreeable to law.–


Test Thos. H Harvey Clk

May Term 1807 Thos White

appeared & qualified agreeable to law

Test Thos. H. Harvey Clk


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