For the convenience of those not acquainted with the record, and where the ones needed are to be found, the following is here printed, taken from Winslow Memorial, Vol I, Chart V.

  • John Winslow, m Agnes (d of John Thogmorton Esq) of Kemsey 1400-20, was father of Kenelm above, issue: Edward, of Kempsey, & Droitwich, Co Worcester, England, b Oct 18, 1575, d May 8, 1655, in Parish of St Andrews, who had issue by 2d wife Magdaline Olliver: 1 Edward, b Oct 19, 1595 (1st Gov of Mass) 2 John, b April 16, 1597, d 1674, age 78, m Oct 12, 1624 Mary Chilton (d of James, who came over in the Mayflower). Her will July 24, 1676.
  • John Winslow came to New England in the “Fortune” Nov 3, 1621, settled in Plymouth, Mass, and moved to Boston 1656. He was a prominent merchant, and large ship-builder. He had by wife Mary (Chilton), 1 Elizabeth, 2 John, who died 1731, m Abigail Atkinson (d of Theodore) June 18, 1689, issue: 1 Elizabeth, b April 23, 1692—2 John, b Dec 31, 1693, m Sarah Pierce Sept 21, 1721, died Oct 15, 1731—3 Judith, 4 Joseph (age not given) m Sarah Lawrence (d of Major Thomas Lawrence of New Town L. I.) Living in Perq Co N. C. 1677-79, where he served as “foreman of the Petit Jury” when acting Gov Thomas Miller was tried for treason, between the said dates. He is called in the Col Records of N. C. “another New England Traider.” The question naturally arises in the mind of any thinking person; would it not be the usual custom for a man of John Winslow’s wealth, a merchant and ship-builder, to fit out one of his own ships, with his own goods, and put his son Joseph in command as Captain? Certainly the ship he commanded “Traded” between the Ports of New England, and the ports of Carolina, or he would not have been designated as a “New Eng Traider.” This is, however, a moot point, for which no one has been able to find a satisfactory solution. Joseph Winslow, son of John, & Mary (Chilton) had two children whose ages are given in Savages Dictionary, prior to this date, and may we not, with some foundation, come to the conclusion that Thomas Winslow of Perq, who was of age in 1702, may have been his youngest son, probably born after his death, for Joseph Winslow died in New England 1679. In the absence of proof, we will leave that unsettled question to future generations for solving. No one could serve on a jury, in the Province of N. C. without being a resident of the colony, and having in their possession at least 100a of land, therefore we know he was living in the County, between 1677-79, and it is supposed he would naturally have his family here with him. He probably died in New England on one of his Trading trips. However this may be, we pass on to Thomas Winslow, first in Perq according to records still extant. John Winslow had a grant for land in New Kent Co Va 1669. As the records of New Kent have been destroyed by fire, no further mention of said John is made, but it is probable that he was ancestor of the Spotsylvania Winslows, and also the ones found in Essex Co Va, where a Thomas Winslow, with wife Ann, made a deed 1694. Although the writer has made diligent search in Virginia, for some connection between these Winslows, & the family who moved to Perq, no results have rewarded her efforts. The theory still clings that Joseph of New Eng, was the progenitor of the N. C. Winslows, and it seems the most plausible conclusion, in face of all the facts.
  • Thomas Winslow of Perq, proved his freedom “from Timothy Clare” in 1702. He was either an apprentice to said Timothy, or had been imported by him to the Province of N. C., for which he had to serve for a certain length of time. From the fact that he soon after this date m Elizabeth Clare (d of Timothy, & wife Mary (Bundy) we are led to believe he came of age at that time. The date of marriage can not be found. For some reason unknown to the writer the Winslows did not have their early marriages recorded, although there was an old record book kept by the Reg of Deeds in Perq, no Winslows appear therein. Therefore no dates can be furnished for them, until they became Quakers, which was not until said Thomas m Elizabeth Clare. The Winslows of New England were Episcopalians, and the supposition is that Thomas adhered to the same faith, & changed on arrival in Perq, from association with his wife’s family.
  • The will of Thomas Winslow, p in Perq, Jan 1745. Sons: Thomas, Timothy, John, Job, to whom he left “a plan’ in Pasq Co, near Newbegun Creek,” dau’s Elizabeth, & Miriam.
  • According to legal papers in Perq, Thomas Winslow was m to Elizabeth Clear (who was b Feb 21, 1686,) before 1705.
  • Winslow, Thomas (1) did not have a son Joseph, according to “Grimes,” but in N. C. Historical and Genealogical Reg, a variance is noted, which gives said Thomas, a son by that name, and the deeds in Perq make plain the fact that Joseph (1) was his son. There is also a difference in the dau’s mentioned in these two books, Grimes giving the dau’s as: Elizabeth, & Miriam, and Hathaway as: Elizabeth, & Christian. The writer is not up on the daughters, but she is morally certain that Thomas Winslow (1) had a son by the name of Joseph. A Thomas Winslow m Leah Smith (widow of Joseph), 1734. (See deeds Perq Co.) She was his widow soon after. Who this Thomas was, and where he stood in the line of the family, is an unsolved question.
  • (1) Winslow, Joseph (thought to be eldest son of Thomas, & Mary (Bundy)) m Pleasant Toms, b 1710 (d of Francis, & Margaret (Bogue)) 22, 6mo 1729, she died 4, 1mo 1785. They had issue according to his will, p in Perq, Jan 1750; Sons: Joseph, to whom he left “land on Core Neck,” dau Lydia, “land at the head of Little River,” dau’s Miriam, & Mary, “land called Grassy Ridge,” wife Pleasant. (See deeds in this book for more information about this family.) Joseph Winslow, had a grt for land in Perq, 225a, granted at a Council in Edenton, Mar 11, 1740. He was living in Balahack, Jan 3, 1745-6 and bought of Samuel Newby 250a, adj “his own line” on that date.
  • (a) Winslow, Joseph (2) Joseph (1) Thomas (1) m Mary White, (d of Thomas, & Rachel Jordan who were m in Isle of Wight Co 1719; Rachel Jordon d of Joshua, & Elizabeth Sanbourne, d of Daniel Sanbourne, & wife Sarah, of Isle of Wight Co Va, whose will was p in said Co, 16, 12mo 1711.) (See White record.) Joseph (2) will Perq p Oct 1766, Sons: Thomas, John, Joseph, dau’s Betty, Pleasant, & Rachel, wife Mary. Exrs John, & Benjamin White (brothers-in-law).
  • (b) Winslow, Lydia m John White, (s of Thomas, & Rachel (Jordan)) brother of Mary, who m Joseph (2), so that their children were double first cousins. In turn their dau Pleasant crossed over the border again, & m William Winslow, a little further down the line. (See Jacob Winslow line.)
  • (II) Winslow, Thomas (2) Thomas (1) m Sarah Nixon. His will Perq, p April 1747, Sons: Jesse, Thomas, dau Elizabeth, wife Sarah (née Nixon).
  • (III) Winslow, Timothy (1) Thomas (1) m Rachel Wilson, d of Robert & wife Rachel (Pricklove, d of John Pricklove, & wife Elizabeth) 9 1mo 1730. His will p in Perq gives his children in the following order: 1 Jacob, 2 Timothy (2), 3 Obed, 4 Caleb, 5 Mary, wife Rachel. His will p July 1752. Test’ John, & Mary Winslow (brother, & sister-in-law). Rachel (Wilson) Winslow m 2d Wm Townsend, by whom she had four children, m 3d John Williams. She is named in her fathers will, 1758, as “dau Rachel Townsend,” and in her son Obeds will as “mother Rachel Williams.” Her will p in Perq, July 1777, is an interesting document, and clears up many puzzles.
  • (IV) Winslow, John, m Mary Pearson (d of Peter, & wife Rachel) 20, 7mo 1740, issue: 1 Josiah, 28, 7mo 1741—2 Miriam, b 9, 10mo 1743—3 Thomas, b 8. 1mo 1745/6—4 Samuel, b 10, 4mo 1748—5 Ruth, b 23, 7mo 1750/6—6 John, b 2, 9mo 1754. His will, p in Perq, names sons: Josiah, Thomas, Samuel, & dau Miriam, wife Mary.
  • Winslow, Mary, m 2d Joshua Moore, “at Symons Creek Pasq Co,” 1, 5mo 1755.
  • Winslow (a) Josiah, m Elizabeth — issue: 1 Jonathan, b 28, 7 mo 1768—2 Ezra, b 2, 1mo 1771—3 Josiah, b 10, 9mo 1772—4 Sarah, b 17, 9mo 1774—5 James, b 17, 10mo 177-, and John Woolman, no birth date. (The two last moved to Randolph Co.)
  • Winslow (b) Miriam, m Bennoni Pritchard, at Symons Creek, 7, 1mo 1762.
  • Winslow (c) Thomas, (3) John (1) Thomas (1) moved to Randolph Co N. C. where he m 13, 1mo 1768, Elizabeth Phelps, issue: Miriam, b 14, 9mo 1768—2 Henry, b 25, 8mo 1771—3 Eleazer, who died in said county 1843. Married, & had son Nathan, b in Randolph Co, May 23, 1821, d July 30, 1890, issue: Abner Thomas Winslow, who moved to Indiana; ancestor of Mr J. E. Winslow of Greenville, Pitt Co, N. C.
  • Winslow (d) Samuel, m Ruth Fletcher 13, 3mo 1771, issue: Mary, b 4, 1mo 1772. He probably left the county, as no will appears in Perq made by him. Nothing further can be found on the Perq records, relative to this branch.
  • Winslow, Henry (1) Thomas (3) John (1) Thomas (1) b 1771, d 29, 1mo 1849, in Randolph Co N. C., m Elizabeth Needham, of Back Creek Mo Meeting, issue: 1 John, b 22, 1mo 1800, d 12 3mo 1830, m Elizabeth Henley (d of Jesse, & Miriam née Bundy) 14, 6mo 1821, issue: 1 Jesse Henley Winslow, b 21 5mo 1822, d 2, 7mo 1875, m Susannah Johnson (d of John Johnson, & Lydia née Falkner) 23, 8mo 1849. They moved to Iowa, where they prospered, and reared a family. From them sprang Mr. E. H. Haskell of Washington, D. C.


  • Winslow, Jacob (1) Timothy (1) Thomas (1), m Elizabeth —? The ages of his children have not been found, although the Quaker records may hold them. A thorough search of these records, kept in the vault at Guilford College, might reveal much valuable data on the Winslow family, if they were open to the public, and one had plenty of time to examine them. However we have Jacob Winslows Will, which was p in Perq, Jan 1771, with his sons named as follows: William, Jacob (2) Obed, and dau’s: Mary, Millicent, Wife Elizabeth.
  • Nathaniel Welch in his will Perq, p 1789, names “daughter Elizabeth Winslaw, but as several Elizabeth Winslows appear in Perquimans county, it is not positive proof that this indicates the wife of Jacob. Besides, Jacob Winslows wife Elizabeth, died before this date, and it was not customary for a person to be named in a will, after death. Her will p in Perq, Jan 1785, names dau Mary Saunders, & Millicent Lamb (wife of Restore), sons: William, & Jacob, dau Betty. Benjamin Saunders, & Restore Lamb Exrs. Jacob Winslow lived in “Piney Woods” district, near the Chowan line, and his home, a quaint old residence with many wings, & cubby rooms, was still in use a few years ago, having descended through several generations to Mrs. Elisha Copeland, d of Francis, & Rachel Winslow (s of William Winslow, & wife Pleasant née White). The old rambling house after her death was demolished, and a new and more modern residence arose on the same site.
  • Winslow (a) William (1) Jacob (1) Timothy (1) Thomas (1) m Pleasant White (d of John, & Lydia, née Winslow (d of Joseph, & Pleasant (née Toms) Winslow) 7, 3mo 1787, issue: Francis, m Rachel Newby (d of William, & Lydia —) and had issue: Francis (2) m Mary Tatum Jordan (d of Hezekiah, & Mary T. Cook (Jordan) ) of Nansemond Co Va, who moved to Gates county, where Mary Jordan resided at the time of her marriage to F. E. Winslow solemnized Nov 19, 1855, issue: 1 Edward Daniel, b Aug 27, 1856, d unmarried May —, 1926—2 Tudor Frith, b Nov 28, 1857, d April 29, 1929, m Mary Wood (d of Charles, & Mary née Skinner) 3 Watson, b July 1, 1859, d Jan 10, 1921, m Ellen Goode Rawlings (d of Walter M. Rawlings, & Marie S. Hughart, of Charlotte Co Va) 4 Caleb Cook, b Mar 19, 1861, d Nov 9, 1909, m Martha Leigh (d of Edward Leigh, & wife Grizzelle Jacocks, of Perq Co.)
  • Winslow (b) Jacob (2) Jacob (1) Timothy (1) Thomas (1) m Millicent Perry. His will Perq probated May 1807. Sons: Jacob (3), William, & Jesse, Dau’s: Sarah, Millicent, & Mary. Wife Millicent.
  • Winslow (c) Obed, of whom nothing is known. d. s. p.
  • (V) Winslow, Tudor Frith, (1) Francis (2) Francis (1) William (1) Jacob (1) Timothy (1) Thomas (1) and wife Mary née Wood had issue: 1 Mae Wood (unmarried)—2 Kate, m William Hudson, issue Mary Tudor Hudson—3 Francis Edwards, m Nemmie Parris of Rocky Mount, N. C., issue four children—4 Elizabeth Blount, m Thomas Wilcocks of Norfolk Va, issue three children.
  • (V) Winslow, Watson, m Ellen Goode Rawlings, b Jan 30, 1869, m Jan 16, 1889, issue Francis Watson, b Feb 7, 1890, d Aug 23, 1891—2 Edward Valentine, b April 11, 1892, d Mar 6, 1907—3 Hillary Goode, b Oct 23, 1895 (Clerk of Perquimans) m Emma G. Pemberton (d of E. L. Pemberton, of Fayetteville, N. C., and wife Katherine Murchison) Dec 2, 1918, issue two children—4 Herman Rawlings, b April 13, 1898, m Ruth Spivey (d of Robert, & Lavinia née Mathews) issue: Watson, & Ruth—5 Walter Frith, b Jan 3, 1903, m Ruth Ayres (d of Wm Ayres, & wife Fanny (Dixon) June 4, 1902, issue: Fanny Lou.
  • (V) Winslow, Caleb Cook, m Martha Leigh, issue: 1 Ellen Terry, b—m Clyde McCallum, no issue—2 E. Leigh, b — m Maureen McManus, issue two sons, Leigh, & John. 3 Julian Emmett, b — m Mary Clark (d of —) issue: dau Betty, b —.
  • William Winslow made his will in Chowan Co, p June 1806. Wife Pleasant, sons: Obed, Jacob, Francis, William, John, Josiah, dau’s: Liddy, Mary, & Elizabeth. Exrs, Caleb Winslow, Restore Lamb, Jacob Winslow, & Joseph Copeland. He lived on the edge of Perquimans, and his grand-son Francis (2) made his home in early married life at a place called “Snow Hill” just across the line in Perquimans. Here were born the four little boys, Edward, Tudor, Watson, & Cook, who took an active part in later life in the public affairs of said county. The Winslows are too numerous to trace out all the various family connections, in their many ramifications, and also there is not sufficient data, to make them clear, but this much is certain, both and all branches of this wonderful family, trace back to either Thomas (1) son of Joseph, or John (1) who is supposed to have been brother of said Thomas. Any one wishing to find the data relative to his or her own particular branch, should find no difficulty in tracing them on the splendid records in Perq, where every known Winslow figures at some time or other.

Excursus. Cannon: John Cannon came to New England in “Fortune” with John Winslow 1620. Such records prove that the two families were known to each other before migrating to Perq Precinct. “Robert Cannon of New England died at Mr Durants, Jan 1, 1690.” Wm Townsend m Rachel Winslow (widow of Timothy) 4, 4mo 1753, and had dau Betty, who m Joseph Cannon. The last made his will in Chowan Co, p 1785. Wife Betty, brother Jacob, his father Jeremiah Cannon, will in Chowan, 3, 3mo 1779, wife Rachel, her former husband John Smith of Perq Co, d Sarah Arnold (wife of Benjamin), sons: Joseph, & Jacob. Jacob Cannon, m Jemima Newby (d of Robert) is named in his will 1789. Joseph Cannon, Orphan of Jacob, in account with his Guar Josiah Townsend, Feb 1806. Jacob Cannon will, Perq Co, p May 1832, names wife Ann, sons: James, Joseph, and dau: Sally Ann, brother Joseph. Exrs Nathan Winslow, & Allen Saunders. Joseph Cannon was a Lawyer of good repute, and owned “Woodlawn” near Hertford, which was acquired by Mr Charles Wood, and a few years ago met with the misfortune of being burned to the ground. On the place is the old Cannon burying ground, with tombstones, and here was buried Joseph Cannon.

  • Carleton Cannon, m Martha Winslow (d of Francis, & Rachel (Newby) ).
  • Elisha Copeland, m Mary Jane Winslow (d of Francis, & Rachel).
  • Jonathan White, m Louise Winslow (d of Francis, & Rachel).
  • Caleb Winslow (s of Francis, & Rachel) m Sally Cox, & had 1 Hugh Winslow, m Maggie Evans (d of Benjamin) issue Clarrissa. 2 Inez Winslow, m Hugh Pendleton, no issue.
  • (3) Winslow, Timothy (2) Timothy (1) Thomas (1) untraced.
  • (3) Winslow, Obed (1) Timothy (1) Thomas (1) d. s. p. Will Perq, p Jan 1775, names brother Caleb Winslow, sister Mary Wilson (wife of Reuben) cousin Sylvanus Wilson, cousin Jesse Winslow (s of Thomas (2) and his brother Jacob Winslows children: Mary, Millicent, William, Jacob, & Elizabeth, sister Rachel White, brother Wm Townsend (half brother), sister Betty Cannon (half-sister) mother Rachel Williams (her last husband).
  • Winslow, Timothy (father of above sons) will Perq, p July 1752; names sons: Jacob, Timothy, Obed, & Caleb, to whom he bequeathed land “on Little River.” Daughter Mary, wife Rachel. They were m Sept 5, 1730.


  • Winslow, Caleb (1) Timothy (1) Thomas (1) b Dec 12, 1749, d Mar 3, 1811, m 1st Ann Perry, (d of Jacob) Oct 18, 1769, b Dec 12, 1755, d Feb 4, 1796, age 40 years; he m 2d 1797, Jemmimah Cannon, 3 Jan 29, 1806 Peggy Scott, by whom he had no issue. She d 1822. Caleb Winslow will Perq, p May 1811, names wife Peggy, son Nathan, dau Rachel White (wife of Jonathan) gr-son John Copeland. The ages of his children as given me by Dr Caleb Winslow, son of Dr Randolph Winslow of Baltimore, Md: 1 Rachel, b Nov 9, 1770—2 Jacob, b Apl 9, 1773, d Apl 1775—3 Betsey, b Aug 8, 1775, d July 1775?—4 Timothy, b Aug 4, 1778, d Sept 1783—5 Caleb, b Aug 24, 1780, d 1806, m June 2, 1802, Mary Parker—6 Sarah, b Dec 1782, d Dec 1782—7 Josiah, b Dec 20, 1783, d 1784—8 Esther, b Feb 21, 1786, m — Copeland, issue: John—9 Peninah, b Nov 11, 1790, d Sept 1791—10 Obed, b June 7, 1792, d Aug 1793—11 Nathan, b Jan 4, 1795, d Aug 29, 1873, buried in Friends Cemetery, Harford Rd, Baltimore Md.
  • Winslow (a) Rachel, m Jonathan White. (See White family.)
  • Winslow (b) Nathan (1) Caleb (1) Timothy (1) Thomas (1) son of Caleb, & Ann Perry, m Dec 29, 1819, Margaret Fitz Randolph (d of Jacob, & Elizabeth (Pretlow) of Nansemond Co Va, b about 1781, d July 3, 1848, age 67 years, issue: 1 John Randolph, b Nov 8, 1820, d Feb 13, 1866, M. D. (unmarried) buried beside his father in Baltimore—2 Rufus Kinsey, b Jan 22, 1822, d 1843 (drowned when only 19 years of age)—3 Caleb, b Jan 24, 1824, M. D., d June 13 1895, buried beside his father, m Jan 14, 1852, Jane Paxon Parry, b July 23, 1829, d Feb 14, 1910 (d of Oliver Parry, & Rachel Randolph, of New Hope Penn)—4 Margaret Kinsey, b Oct 16, 1826, d 1830, buried on plantation in Perquimans Co, N. C., with her mother.
  • Winslow, Caleb (2) Nathan (1) Caleb (1) Timothy (1) Thomas (1) m Jane Paxon Parry, issue: 1 Randolph, M. D. b in Hertford N. C. Oct 23, 1852 (resides in Baltimore)—2 Oliver Parry, b Jan 1, 1855, d Apl 18, 1860—3 John Randolph, b June 15, 1856, d, April 20, 1860—4 Nathan, b Dec 4, 1857, killed by a slave, Aug 25, 1858—5 Edward R. Parry, b Oct 18, 1859, d July 9, 1862—6 Julianna Randolph, b in Hertford, Perq Co, May 15, 1861, d Aug 13, 1928 (unmarried)—7 Margaret, Fitz Randolph, b April 1, 1863, d May 8, 1863—8 John Randolph (2d by name) b in Baltimore Md, June 1, 1866, M. D. (residence Baltimore), m Elizabeth Lewis Reed, Feb 6, 1894 (d of Dr Thomas B. Reed, & Mary Campbell, of Philadelphia), no issue.
  • Winslow, Randolph (1) Caleb (2) Nathan (1) Caleb (1) Timothy (1) Thomas (1) m Rebecca Fayssoux Leiper, b May 29, 1856 (d of John Chew Leiper, & Mary Lewis Fayssoux) m Dec 12, 1877, at Creekside, Ridley Penn, issue: 1 Nathan, b Nov 17, 1878, m Oct 5, 1904, Margaret Kable Massey, b July 29, 1875 (d of J. Llewellyn Massey, of Charlottesville, Va, & Emily Thomas, of Sandy Spring Md) no issue. (Dr Nathan Winslow, residence Baltimore Md.)—2 John Leiper, L.L. B., b Mar 7, 1880, m June 27, 1906, Anne Stewart Tonge, of Bainbridge Ga, b Nov 6, 1877 (d of Wm G. D. Tonge, & Laura E. (Taylor)) issue: 1 Virginia Stewart (d young)—2 John Leiper, b Feb 12, 1911—3 Rebecca Fayssoux, b Nov 5, 1915.) 3 Fitz Randolph, M. D. b July 2, 1881, of Hayden Ariz, m Oct 31, 1913, Florence Isabel Reese, no issue—4 Edward Fayssoux, D Phar, b Nov 23, 1883, m June 6, 1905, Emma White, Garrigues, b Mar 24, 1883 (d of Sam’l M. Garrigues, & Sallie F. (White) issue, 1 Randolph, b Oct 14, 1906—2 Frances G., b Aug 10, 1910 (died same day)—3 Sarah G., b July 22, 1911—4 George Leiper, b Oct 25, 1915 (dead)—5 Mary Fayssoux, b July 7, 1885, in Baltimore, m Sept 11, 1911, James M. Shellman, b Oct 28, 1888 (s of Harvey Jones Shellman, & Josephine Keith, of Westminster Md) Issue: 1 Josephine Keith, b Mar 4, 1916—2 Randolph, b July 26, 1920.
  • Winslow, Jane Parry, (6th child of Randolph, & Rebecca (Leiper) Winslow) b Nov 7, 1886, m Nov 23, 1910 Herbert F. Carroll of Raleigh, N. C. issue: Herbert F. Carroll Jr, b Sept 16, 1911.
  • Winslow, Caleb (7th child) b July 1, 1889, m June 21, 1916, Lena Rebecca Gary, b Jan 28, 1888, (d of Col Robert J. Gary, & Vashti Saulsbury) issue: 1 Caleb, b Mar 30, 1918—2 Robert Gary, b Nov 9, 1919—3 Vashti Louise, b May 2, 1922—4 Elizabeth Reed, b Dec 3, 1928.
  • Winslow, Eliza Leiper (8 child) b Feb 10, 1891, m Oct 23, 1915 John S. B. Woolford, M. D. b Oct 11, 1871 issue: 1 Eliza Leiper, b July 21, 1916—2 Helen Randolph, b Jan 7, 1918. Reside in Roswell, New Mexico.
  • Winslow, George Leiper, B. S. (9 child) b Mar 4, 1893, m May 5, 1917 Dorothy H. Massey, b Sept 12, 1891 (d of George Massey, & Harriet L. Starr of Philadelphia Penn) no issue.
  • Winslow, Oliver Leiper (10) b Feb 9, 1895, B. S. m July 19, 1919 Harriet A. Christian, b Oct 22, 1892 (d of Harrison Christian, & Virginia Diamond, of Meridian Miss) issue: 1 Oliver Parry, b Mar 28, 1922—2 Nathan, b June 11, 1926.
  • Winslow, Richard R. P. Lieut U. S. Army, b May 8, 1897, m April 24, 1919 Anne C. Sherlock of Augusta Ga.
  • Winslow, St Clair Spruill (12) b April 13, 1899, d Aug 18, 1899.
  • Winslow (13) Callender Fayssoux, M. S., b Dec 12, 1901, m Dec 14, 1927., Lucy G. Buchanan, b Aug 1, 1905 (d of Herbert Buchanan, & Sarah MacDougal of Norwich, Conn) issue: Luck Gray, b Jan, 1929.


  • John Winslow (1) contemporary of Thomas (1) is thought to be his brother, but there is no actual proof of the fact. This John m Esther Snelling (d of Israel, & Hannah, née “Larance.” d of William Lawrence, & “Rachell Welsh”) Hannah Snelling m 2d Timothy Clare, his 3d and last wife, by whom she had one dau Hannah. From this we see that John Winslow m the step-sister of Elizabeth Clare, who was the wife of Thomas Winslow. (See wills of Timothy Clare, 1724, and his last wife Hannah, 1726 (Grimes). John Winslow (brother of Thomas) will p in Perq, Jan 25, 1753, names sons: Benjamin, Israel, John, & Joseph, dau’s: Elizabeth, Hannah, & Esther, wife Esther.
  • The 2d John, whom it seems certain was nephew of John (1), made his will also in Perq Co, p July 1754, naming sons: Josiah, Thomas, & Samuel, dau Miriam, and wife Mary (d of Peter Pearson) therefore we make this distinction, so there will be no confusion of the two Johns, who come so close together. He has been classed as John Winslow (2) to distinguish him from his uncle, by the same name.?
  • Winslow, Benjamin (1) John (1) m Rachel White (d of Thomas, & Rachel née Jordan) and had issue according to his will: (Nov 1794) Sons: Joseph, John, Jordan, and Benjamin (2) dau’s: Sarah, & Rachel. His wife is not named in his will, but she is mentioned in the will of her mother, whose will was located behind an old looking glass, by an antique dealer in Suffolk Va, a few years past. This will is very interesting, but unfortunately is not dated, or signed, positive proof however can be found in the fact that she names the identical children in her will, that her husband Thomas White does in his 1762, p in Perq. (See Perq records.) Mr. Alonza Winslow of Winfall N. C. is a direct descendant of this line of the Winslow family, but the writer has not the data to trace his line.
  • Winslow, Joseph, was grt 225a in Perq, Mar 6, 1740/1. (Col Rec, Vol 4, p 588.)
  • Winslow, Timothy, was grt 540a in Perq, Nov 17, 1743. His wife Rachel née Wilson, m 2d William Townsend, and 3d John Williams. (See Townsend, & Wilson.)
  • Winslow, Henry, came to Perq Co, from London about 1740/1. He made petition to the Court Mar 11, 1740/1 for possession of 3333a of land in Perq, called “Birkswear” formerly grt George Catchmaid, & conveyed to sd Winslow. He had no descendants in Perq apparently.

Source: History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).


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