• The earliest emigrant by the name of Wood, was John, who came from London to Isle of Wight Co, in “Bonadventure” Jan 1634, age 26. He married in said Co, Margaret — & had, according to the Quaker Reg of Lower Mo Meeting, Nansemond Co Va, one dau: Elizabeth, b 27, 7mo, 1658. He died soon after this date, and we find his widow married to Thomas Taberer of same Co, by whom she had issue: 1 Christian, b — 9mo 1661—2 Elizabeth b — 10mo 1663. From the fact that there was a second dau Elizabeth, one would naturally suppose that John Wood’s dau Elizabeth did not long outlive her father.
  • William Wood came to Va in “Hopewell” Sept 1635, age 27, Elizabeth, age 24, & Jo Wood, age 26. Another Wm Wood was trans’ to Rapp Co Va, July 29, 1650, by Robert Bird. Edward Wood was Trans’ to Norfolk Co Va, by John Ashcomb, who was granted 829a of land, “on Langleys Creek, upper Norfolk Co,” for transporting emigrants; Mar 6, 1683. With this Edward Wood we are directly concerned, because his descendants moved to Chowan Co N. C. From Chowan they drifted over into Perquimans. John Wood took up land in Nansemond Co Va, Apl 25, 1667. Whose son he was is not made manifest, but we find in Berkeley Par Reg Perq Co, “Mr John Woode, minister of gospell” performing the rites of matrimony in Perq, as early as June 13, 167—, when he officiated at the marriage of Alex Lillington on that date, and he also married Mr. Wm Therrell, to Mrs. Jean Godfrey, Dec 2, 1676. He is not mentioned as one of the ministers sent out from England by S. P. G., and may very probably be an itinerant, coming down from Va for special occasions. A natural procedure, considering the fact that N. C. for some time after this continued to be a part of Va. If they sent us governors, why would they not also send ministers, to look after the soul’s welfare?
  • There were two distinct families of Woods, in Albemarle, and it is thought that those who settled near Woodville, on Little River, may perhaps be descendants of this earlier branch, but no actual proof has been found. The Woods of Perq, like those of Chowan adhered to the Church of England, proof of which can be found in Berkeley Par Reg, from the fact that William Wood, next found on the record, was married to Deborah Sutton (d of George) May 8, 1718, “by Dr. Urmstone (John) minister of the Church of England.” George Sutton however was a strong Quaker, and it seems probable that her family carried over Wm Wood, as we later find the name on the Records of Friends. George Sutton in his will Perq, p Mar 11, 1699, bequeathed to his dau Deborah a “Plantation at the hickory.” There is to this day in Perq a place called by that name, on the highway leading to Elizabeth City. William Wood, & wife Deborah had issue: 1 Richard, b Oct 30, 1720—2 Sarah, b Oct 23, 1721, d Mch 21, 1722/3—3 William (2) b Sept 3, 1722/3—4 George, b Sept 2, 1724—5 Deborah, b Mar 25, 1725/6—6 Rebecca, b June 3, 1727—7 Elizabeth, b Dec 18, 1728. Deborah Wood died same day. (A case of too much child bearing.) Sarah Wood died Mch 17, 1722/3. (See Sutton family, this book.)
  • William Wood dec’d Dec 1, 1769, Mary Wood Admix, before Seth Sumner, J. P., Mary Wood petitioned the Court Oct 17, 1769, for leave “to sell perishable Estate of her dec’d husband William Wood.” (Loose papers.)
  • Wood, Richard (1) William (1) m Hannah Lowry, 19, 10mo 1746, issue: 1 Tamer, b 21, 9mo 1747—2 Winnefred, b 29, 3mo 1749—3 William (3) b 12, 11mo 1750—4 Rhoda, b 23, 1mo 1753—5 Benjamin, b 16, 4mo 1756—6 Samuel, b 29, 11mo 1758, d 13, 11mo 1782—Rachel, b 3, 1mo 1761.
  • (2) Wood, William (2) William (1) m Mary —. Issue: 1 Deborah, b 25, 1mo 1764—2 Rebeckah, b 29, 5mo 1765—3 William, b 4, 10mo 1766.
  • (2) Wood, Richard, m Sarah Morris, “at Simons Creek” 20 8mo 1764. (d of Aaron.)
  • Wood, Richard, m Cynthia Lassiter, Aug 21, 1800. (Chowan Co marriage bonds.)
  • Records of Norfolk Co give the fact “that Wm Wood hath departed this country,” Oct 5, 1687. From this line are descended Mr John Q. A. Wood of Elizabeth City, & his brother George dec’d. The first for years Clerk of Perquimans county. Mr Wood has always been a fine citizen, and his family highly respected.
  • John Wood who appears as Clerk of Perq for so many years, probably came to the Co from Chowan. He m Miss Wingfield, and had son Charles Wingfield Wood of Perq Co, who lived at Woodlawn, an old home on the outskirts of Hertford, acquired by his father from Joseph Cannon. Charles W. Wood m Mary (Mollie) Skinner, (d of Benjamin Skinner, and wife Elizabeth Leigh (d of James Leigh, of Durants Neck) and had issue: 1 John, died an infant.—2 Elizabeth (Bettie) m Mr W. G. Gaither issue: a number of children, all married but two. 3 Mary Wood, m T. F. Winslow of Hertford, issue: 1 Mae Wood, single—2 Katherine Blount, m W. H. Hudson, and had one daughter Mary Tudor—3 Francis E. Winslow, m Nemmie Parish of Rocky Mt N. C., where they reside, issue three girls, and one son. He is a prominent Lawyer of said place, and stands high in his profession. 4 Elizabeth Blount, m Thomas Wilcox of Norfolk Va, issue three children.
  • Mr. W. G. Gaither and wife Elizabeth Wood, had issue: 1 Charles W. Gaither, m Lula Hayes, and issue a son and daughter—2 Helen (unmarried)—3 Elizabeth, m Edward Conger of Elizabeth City, N. C. (no issue)—4 Sarah, m C. Burnett Lewis, issue one son—5 William G. Gaither, m Helen Robinson (d of Charles, & Mary Leigh) issue three children—6 Rev Wood Gaither (Episcopal minister) m Penelope Weddell of Tarboro N. C. issue four children—7 Mary, m William Van Eberstein, of Washington, N. C., no issue—8 Nettie Martin, m Wallace Huffines of Rocky Mount, N. C., no issue—9 Louise, unmarried.


  • As we have already seen, Edward Wood came to Norfolk Co Va Mar 6 1683. In an affidavit made Jan 1680/1, he gave his age as 38. He was living in Upper Parish Nansemond Co Va, July 18, 1715. Of course he could not be the same, who made his will in Chowan Co, Aug 9, 1691, naming wife Alice, to whom he left “Land at Yawpim.” We have to depend for descent from two brothers, Edward, & John Wood, who made a joint deed in Norfolk Co Va, Nov 1, 1721, as follows: Edward Wood, & Mary his wife, John Wood, & Margarett his wife, of Chowan Co N. C. sold unto Thos. Freeman, & Sarah his wife of Norfolk Co, 100a “where said Edward, & John formerly dwelt” adj land of Thos. Cottell, “for the yearly Rent of one ear of Indian Corne.” Test’ Tho. Hobgood, Tho. Collett. Another deed same Co, 100a in Elizabeth Parish, Co of Norfolk, “where Edward Wood formerly dwelt,” on Spring Mills Creek, adj John Eastwood, Robert Collett, & Edward Wingate. Recorded Dec 1721.
  • Wood, James, of Perq (connection not apparent) will p Feby 1822, names dau’s: Nancy & Sally Wood, gr-daus: Susan, & Sally Norcom (dau’s of Betsy dec’d). Sons: Edward, Richard, & James (who moved to Tyrrell Co) sons William, & Edward Exrs. Test’ Thomas D. Martin, Mary M. Martin.
  • Wood, William (1) James (1) will Perq, p Nov 1824, Wife Ann, sons: William E. Wood, Edward Wood, dau’s: Elizabeth, & Lucy Ann Wood.
  • Wood, Edward, (1) James (1) will Perq, p May 1827, names wife Elizabeth, & children (who are unnamed) but his sister Ann in her will, p Feby 1830, gives the names of his children, thus: “Little Edward Wood, son of brother Edward, and James, & William Wood sons of same; she also names niece, Elizabeth S. Hall (d of brother William) sister Sarah, nieces Sarah, & Susan Norcom, sister-in-law Elizabeth Wood (widow of Edward) brother John E. Wood.
  • Wood, John, was Clerk of Perq 1808.
  • From this line descended Mr. Charles Wingfield Wood, who made his lifelong home in a lovely old place near Hertford, which was only a few years ago destroyed by fire. He has descendants living at the present time in Hertford, Elizabeth City, Rocky Mount, and other points in N. C. This family has from time immemorial stood high in the community, & has sent out into the world many fine representative people.


  • Wood, Samuel, m dau of Robert Smith, prior to May 1, 1693. (Legal papers.)
  • Wood, Thomas, m Anna Bailey, June 3, 1778. (Mar bonds Pasq Co.)
  • Wood, William, m Elizabeth Guy, Aug 18, 1804.
  • Wood, Evan, m Margaret Barber, Jan 4, 1786.
  • Wood, Elizabeth (d of John Davis of Pasq Co) named in his will, p Apl 1753.

Source: History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, (1931).


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