Civil War Volunteers from Randolph County

If you have additional any addition information on any Civil War volunteer shown here, please send along and we will make a link. There are many sources for data and it would be wonderful to make these men live by including a bit of biographical material.

Last NameFirst NameEnlistedOccupation
AdamsJohn Quincy16 Sep 1863NS
Adams ,Nathaniel T08 Mar 1862Farmer
AlbrightJohn E01 Jul 1861Farmer
Aldred ,Richard12 Mar 1862Miner
Aldred,Isaac08 Mar 1862NS
Aldred,Parson05 Jun 1861Carpenter
AldridgeJohn A11 Mar 1862Farmer
AldridgeJames W20 May 1861NS
AldridgeRansom17 Jul 1862NS
AldridgeSamuel N15 Jul 1862NS
AlfordHenry M01 Mar 1862NS
Alford ,James B-NS
Alford,John05 Jun 1861Cabinet Maker
Alford,Sidney J24 Feb 1862NS
Alfred,Arlendo W18 Jun 1861NS
AllenSimon E06 Mar 1862Farmer
Allen ,Daniel07 Mar 1862Farmer
AllredMilton01 Oct 1862NS
AllredNathaniel C11 Oct 1864NS
AllredHenry C10 Jun 1861NS
AllredBenjamin F10 Jun 1861NS
AllredCalvin C10 Jun 1861NS
AllredEmsley06 Mar 1862Farmer
AllredJames A06 Mar 1862Farmer
Allred,Daniel05 Jun 1861NS
Allred,Eli W01 Mar 1862NS
Allred,Elisha01 Mar 1862NS
Allred,James10 Sept 1863NS
Allred,William R05 Jun 1861NS
Allred,Doctor F18 Jun 1861NS
Allred,Samuel C18 Jun 1861NS
Allred,Thomas M19 Mar 1862NS
Amos,Thomas F05 Jun 1861NS
AndrewsHezekiah LNS
AndrewsThomas Wilburn04 Dec 1861NS
Andrews ,Lorenzo D04 Nov 1861Teacher
Andrews,William W19 Oct 1862NS
ArmfieldHamilton27 Aug 1864NS
ArnoldAlfred Norman10 Jun 1861NS
ArnoldThomas10 Jun 1861NS
Ashworth ,Elias06 Mar 1862Farmer
Auman ,Fletcher H10 Oct 1862Farm Laborer
Auman ,Henry06 Mar 1862Farm Laborer
Auman ,Jacob10 Oct 1862Farm Laborer
BainWilliam C17 Mar 1862Mechanic
BakerJohn Henry10 Jun 1861NS
Baldwin,Presley W05 Jun 1861NS
BallJames D17 Mar 1862Mechanic
BarkerCyrus03 Nov 1862NS
BarkerNathan03 Nov 1862NS
BarkerJasper M21 Oct 1861NS
BarkerLewis S20 Oct 1861NS
BarkerJesse H17 Jul 1862NS
BarkerNathan David10 Jun 1861NS
Barker ,James A05 Mar 1862Farmer
Barker,Daniel L07 Dec 1863Farmer
Barton,Daniel20 Apr 1864NS
Bean ,Richard T12 Mar 1862Farmer
BeasonMilton27 Aug 1864NS
BeckerditeAndrew F01 Nov 1862NS
BeckerditeDavid B12 Mar 1862Teacher
BeckerditeJohn T12 Mar 1862Farmer
BeckerditeJ15 Nov 1864NS
BellHenry14 Mar 1862Farmer
BellW F15 Nov 1864NS
Bell ,A M04 Nov 1861Farmer
Bell ,T W04 Nov 1861Farmer
Bell ,Milton12 Mar 1862Farmer
Bell ,Zimri12 Mar 1862Farmer
Bingham ,S M04 Nov 1861Farmer
Bingham ,Alvery12 Mar 1862Farmer
Bird ,Hartwell07 Nov 1862NS
BirkheadLawrence M18 Jun 1861NS
BirkheadM01 Aug 1863NS
BirkheadS L01 Oct 1861NS
Birkhead,Burwell W05 Jun 1861Student
Birkhead,Francis M18 Jun 1861NS
BishopWilliam D18 Jun 1861Farmer
BlackFred10 Mar 1862Farmer
BlackPhilip10 Mar 1862Farmer
Blair ,Jesse H05 Mar 1862Farmer
Boman,W L05 Jun 1861NS
BoonDaniel H29 Mar 1863NS
Bowlin,William05 Jun 1861NS
Bowman,R01 Jul 1863NS
BradyIsaac01 Sep 1862NS
BradyLewis05 Mar 1862Farmer
BradyWesley04 Mar 1862NS
BradyBarney B18 Jun 1861Farmer
BradyFranklin Asbury18 Jun 1861Carpenter
BradyIsaac17 Jul 1862NS
BradyJohn17 Jun 1862NS
BradyJoseph M17 Jul 1862NS
BradyWilliam W17 Jun 1862NS
Brady,Levi B12 Mar 1862Farmer
Brady,Zimri G12 Mar 1862Farmer
BransonAlvin15 Apr 1863NS
BransonJesse15 Apr 1863NS
Branson ,Thomas A01 Mar 1862Teacher
Branson ,Isaac N01 May 1862NS
BraxtonYork06 Mar 1862NS
BrayEdward J12 Mar 1862Farmer
BrayHenry W08 Mar 1862Farmer
BrayJohn24 Aug 1862NS
BrayMathis D08 Mar 1862Carpenter
BrayJ F15 Jul 1862NS
BrayWinfield M07 Jun 1861Farmer
BrayWilliam Franklin10 Jul 1861NS
Bray,J W01 Jul 1862NS
BreedloveDavid W18 Jun 1861NS
BreedloveAbraham09 Jan 1864NS
Breedlove,Henry14 Nov 1861NS
Breedlove,Lorenzo05 Jun 1861Cooper
Breedlove,William05 Jun 1861NS
BrewerWesley D18 Jun 1861NS
BristowSamuel06 Dec 1863Farmer
Brogdon,James05 Jun 1861NS
BrooksMartin V11 Mar 1862Farmer
BrooksThomas12 Mar 1862Farmer
BrookshireWilliam F04 Apr 1862Farmer
Brookshire ,Bethel L08 Mar 1862Farmer
Brookshire ,Enoch08 Mar 1862Farmer
Brookshire ,Thomas F12 Mar 1862Painter
BrowerWilliam Preston17 Mar 1862Clerk
BrowerRudy C18 Jun 1861NS
Brower ,James M24 Mar 1862Farmer
Brower,A M12 Sept 1864NS
Brower,John L08 Feb 1861NS
BrownJ W15 Apr 1863NS
BrownJohn D13Feb 1863NS
BrownWilliam08 Mar 1862Farmer
BrownWilliam H01 Oct 1864NS
BrownJames M18 Mar 1862NS
BrownJohn18 Mar 1862NS
BrownAlfred29 Apr 1861NS
BrownJesse17 Jul 1862NS
Brown ,Adam01 Nov 1862NS
Brown ,Eli01 Nov 1862NS
Brown ,Reuben01 Nov 1862NS
Brown,Travis12 Mar 1862Farmer
Brown,J08 Mar 1862NS
Brown,Joseph A. C.18 Jun 1861NS
BrylesAlfred27 Oct 1862NS
BuntingJehu15 Mar 1862Farmer
Bunting,Solomon08 Mar 1862NS
BurgessFranklin F30 Jan 1864NS
BurgessIsaac W01 Jul 1861NS
BurgessJames R01 Jul 1861NS
BurgessFranklin F10 Jun 1861Farmer
BurgessJohn P10 Jun 1861NS
BurgessSamuel M06 Mar 1862Farmer
BurkWilliam E17 May 1861NS
Burkhead ,Solon E05 Dec. 1863NS
BurrBarney17 Jul 1862NS
BurrisAlfred L10 Mar 1862Farmer
BurrisLewis F18 Jun 1861NS
BurrisWilliam Y18 Jun 1861NS
BurroughDobson18 Jun 1861NS
ButlerJefferson07 Mar 1862Farmer
ButlerHickman10 Nov 1861NS
Byrnes ,William L01 Apr. 1862Teacher
Cagle ,George19 Mar 1862Farmer
Cagle ,Lewis19 Mar 1862Farmer
Callicott ,Asa21 Oct 1862NS
Callicott ,Jacob06 Mar 1862Farmer
Callicott ,Pleasant21 Oct 1862NS
CameronAlexander10 Oct 1861NS
CampbellJames E06 Mar 1862Blacksmith
Campbell ,N G04 Nov 1861Farmer
CanoyJohn H23 Mar 1863NS
CarrObed William03 Mar 1862Teacher
CarrollH Spain06 Mar 1862Farmer
CarterA J12 Mar 1862NS
CarterSamuel H18 Jun 1861NS
Carter ,N H04 Nov 1861Farmer
Carter ,P W04 Nov 1861Farmer
Carter ,John L13 Jun 1863Farmer
Carter ,Josiah L28 Feb. 1862Farmer
Carter,Emsley29 Aug 1862NS
Cashatt ,J F07 Nov 1862NS
CaudleWesley E10 Jun 1861Mechanic
Causey,Alfred E05 Jun 1861Farmer
Causey,Robert L14 Nov 1861NS
CavenessIsaac F05 Mar 1862Farmer
CavenessJames W18 Mar 1862NS
CavenessJohn E18 Jun 1861NS
CheekJosiah05 Mar 1862Farmer
CheekSamuel W16 Aug 1862NS
Cheek,Moton05 Jun 1861Cooper
ChurchillJohn H05 Mar 1862Tinner
ClappIsaac10 Sep 1862Farmer
ClappP Somerville20 Sep 1863NS
ClarkRobert G30 Sep 1862NS
Clodfelter ,John04 Nov 1861Farmer
CobleEli Graham17 Jul 1862NS
CobleJohn R10 Jun 1861NS
CobleRiley06 Mar 1862Farmer
CobleWilliam10 Jun 1861Carder
Coble,Alfred M27 Sept 1862NS
Coble,Daniel O27 Sept 1861NS
Cole ,Evan10 Oct 1862Farmer
Cole ,J Milton10 Oct 1862NS
Cole ,Willis C01 May 1862NS
ColetraneLeonard M28 May 1861Farmer
Coletrane,James M05 Jun 1861NS
CollettWilliam19 Sep 1863NS
Colton ,James H28 May 1862NS
ColtraneA W03 Jun 1861NS
ConnerJames W15 Jun 1862NS
ConnerMiles S20 Oct 1861NS
Conner ,Joseph Welborn07 Mar 1862Farmer
Conner ,Zebedee F07 Mar 1862Farmer
CooperAhi18 Jun 1861NS
Cooper ,G W19 Jul 1864NS
Cooper ,George W06 Mar 1862Carpenter
Cooper ,John12 Mar 1862Farmer
Cooper ,Mathew12 Mar 1862Farmer
Cooper ,Robert12 Mar 1862Farmer
Copple,Jacob20 May 1863NS
CorbettJeremiah16 Jul 1863NS
CoxDaniel H16 Aug 1862NS
CoxNathaniel03 Nov 1862NS
CoxR Haywood04 Nov 1862NS
CoxHenry C20 Nov 1861NS
CoxJonathan L15 May 1863NS
CoxWilliam20 Nov 1861NS
CoxAlexander M17 Jul 1862NS
CoxEli17 Jul 1862NS
CoxGeorge H29 Jun 1861NS
CoxHenry17 Jul 1862Farmer
CoxWilliam M27 Mar 1863NS
CoxJames M10 Jun 1861NS
CranfordJ P03 Nov 1862NS
CranfordLevi03 Nov 1862NS
CranfordP C03 Nov 1862NS
CranfordR R01 Jun 1863NS
Cranford ,Micajah14 May 1862Farmer
Cranford ,Marley04 Nov 1861NS
Cranford ,John04 Nov 1861Farmer
Cranford ,N H04 Nov 1861Farmer
Cranford ,Tyson04 Nov 1861Farmer
Cranford ,Z A04 Nov 1861Farmer
Cranford,Kirby05 Jun 1861NS
CravenAaron04 Nov 1862NS
CravenGeorge H05 Mar 1862Farmer
CravenJ Austin18 Mar 1862Farmer
CravenSamuel J05 Mar 1862Farmer
CravenAndrew J18 Jun 1861NS
CravenCaswell B18 Mar 1862NS
CravenDaniel C18 Jun 1861NS
CravenJames M18 Jun 1861Farmer
CravenW H15 Jul 1862NS
CravenJames M20 Nov 1861NS
CravenBenjamin17 Jul 1862NS
CravenRobert F17 Jul 1862Farmer
CravenEnoch S10 Jun 1861NS
CravenHenry06 Mar 1862Farmer
CravenJacob Franklin25Feb 1862Farmer
Craven ,Reece C05 Mar 1862Farmer
Craven ,Benton H27 Feb. 1862Farmer
Craven ,Jeremiah F27 Feb. 1862Student
Craven ,Robert P15 Jul 1863NS
Craven,William A05 Jun 1861NS
CrawfordEmsley18 Jun 1861NS
CreakmanGeorge19 Sep 1863NS
Crisco ,W J04 Nov 1861Farmer
Criscoe,Alfred25 Mar 1863NS
CrossAlfred M21 Apr 1864NS
CrossThomas F10 Jun 1861NS
Cross,H08 Mar 1862NS
Cross,Luke05 Jun 1861Laborer
Cross,Miles H05 Jun 1861NS
Cross,William D04 Mar 1862Painter
CurtisA Randolph21 Mar 1862Farmer
DanielM M08 Mar 1862NS
DanielWilliam H04 Mar 1862NS
DavidsonFelix01 Mar 1862Farmer
DavidsonFelix05 Jun 1861NS
DavisHenry03 Nov 1862NS
DavisJames10 Mar 1862Farmer
DavisJohn L14 May 1862Farmer
DavisJoseph C12 Mar 1862Farmer
DavisDugan18 Jun 1861NS
DavisDougan10 Oct 1861NS
DavisGreenberry10 Oct 1861NS
DavisHenry10 Oct 1861Farmer
DavisJesse10 Oct 1861NS
DavisJohn W10 Oct 1861NS
DavisFranklin A11 Mar 1862Farmer
Davis Duncan24 Mar 1862Farmer
DavisAllison Gray04 Mar 1862Jeweler
DavisWright08 Mar 1862NS
DavisJames05 Mar 1863NS
DawsonFrank H28 May 1861Farmer
DeanElisha10 Mar 1862Farmer
Deaton Andrew C29 Oct 1863NS
DensonAaron01 Nov 1861NS
DensonJames01 Nov 1861NS
DensonSamuel01 Nov 1861NS
DiffeeMoses B13 Jun 1861NS
DivineyJesse15 Jun 1862NS
DivineyThomas10 Oct 1862NS
DolittleDavid05 Jun 1861NS
DorsettVirgil S05 Mar 1862Teacher
DorsettDavid A12 Mar 1862NS
DorsettEthelbert R18 Mar 1862NS
DorsettJoshua B18 Jun 1861NS
DorsettThomas L18 Mar 1862NS
Dorsett A M04 Nov 1861Farmer
DouganThomas H01 Nov 1861NS
DunnJoseph S-NS
Dunning John07 Mar 1862Farmer
Edwards George W19 Jul 1862Farmer
ElbersonJohn H20 Oct 1861NS
ElderJames M18 Jun 1861NS
ElderJabez19 Sep 1862NS
ElderWilliam19 Sep 1862NS
EliottRoswell06 Mar 1862Farmer
ElliottSimpson17 Jul 1862Cooper
Elliott Samuel B12 Mar 1862Shoemaker
ElliottJ P05 Jun 1861NS
EllisonDavid P18 Jun 1861NS
EllisonZanga19 Oct 1863NS
Ellison Albert H03 Mar 1862Potter
EllisonUrbin D04 Oct 1862NS
EssickRansom18 Aug 1862NS
EulissGrandison25Feb 1862Farmer
FarlowA18 Mar 1862NS
FaulknerDavid05 Jun 1861NS
FaulknerSilas05 Jun 1861Farmer
FentressRemus E23 Mar 1863NS
FergusonJohn W01 Oct 1862NS
Fesmire Reuben C12 Mar 1862Farmer
FieldsRobert17 Jul 1862NS
FieldsAndrew J06 Mar 1862Farmer
FieldsJesse06 Mar 1862Farmer
FieldsWilliam06 Mar 1862Farmer
Fields Peter08 Mar 1862Farmer
FloydSquire21 Mar 1862Farmer
Floyd Benjamin F12 Mar 1862Farmer
Floyd Miles12 Mar 1862Farmer
Floyd Henry H06 Mar 1862Farmer
Floyd John12 Mar 1862Farmer
FlyodZimri21 Mar 1862Farmer
ForbisMonroe12 Mar 1862Farmer
FordAshwell26 Apr 1863NS
FosterJames01 Oct 1862NS
FosterJosiah F10 Jun 1861Farmer
FosterLevi10 Jun 1861NS
FoustWilliam H18 Mar 1862Student
FoustChristian06 Mar 1862Farmer
FoustJacob06 Mar 1862Farmer
FoustJames M25Feb 1862Farmer
FoustPeter06 Mar 1862Farmer
Fouts James Madison18 Jul 1862Farmer
FowlerW S-NS
FowlerWilliam S01 Sep 1862NS
FoxSamuel M10 Mar 1862Farmer
FoxDennis A18 Jun 1861NS
FoxJohn C18 Jun 1861Farmer
FrazierHardie H22 Oct 1864NS
FrazierFelix Cicero07 Jul 1862NS
FrazierJohn J10 Mar 1862Shoemaker
FrazierElias05 Jun 1861NS
FrazierFelix05 Jun 1861NS
FrazierWilliam05 Jun 1861NS
FreemanJames F18 Jun 1861NS
Freeman Isaac P07 May 1862NS
FruitLewis T18 Jun 1861Farmer
FutralThomas A J04 Mar 1862Farmer
GallahornZebedee29 Jun 1861NS
Gallahorn Alpheus07 Mar 1862Farmer
GallimoreRoby16 Jul 1861Farmer
GallimoreRansom13 Jul 1863NS
GardnerHiram P12 Mar 1862Farmer
GardnerW S08 Mar 1862NS
Garner Henry17 Jul 1862NS
GatesJesse C12 Jul 1861Farmer
Gibson James N29 Mar 1862Mechanic
GibsonGeorge W05 Jun 1861NS
GillilandHenry05 Mar 1862NS
GlascoJohn W06 Mar 1862Farmer
GlascoWilliam M06 Mar 1862Farmer
Glasgow William W08 Apr. 1862Farmer
GlennRobert A05 Jun 1861NS
Goins Andrew J07 Mar 1862Farmer
GoodmanCaleb31 Aug 1861Farmer
GordyMoses11 Mar 1862Farmer
Gowen Pleasant L12 Mar 1862Blacksmith
GowleyAlfred15 Jul 1862NS
Graves Zebedee24 Mar 1862Farmer
GravesRichard08 Mar 1862NS
GrayRobert C18 Jun 1861NS
GrayRobert Harper18 Jun 1861NS
GriffinDaniel12 Mar 1862Farmer
GrishamSilas30 Aug 1862NS
Grissom Thomas A12 Mar 1862Farmer
GrovesB08 Mar 1862NS
Gurley James12 Mar 1862NS
Haddock Benjamin F21 Oct 1862NS
Haddock Thomas W21 Oct 1862NS
HahnAnthony M08 Mar 1862NS
HaleEdward E18 Jun 1861NS
HallJames30 Mar 1863NS
Hall John Calvin12 Jul 1864NS
Hall Alexander W07 Mar 1862Carpenter
Hall Lovelace N08 Apr. 1862Farmer
HamiltonClier G18 Jun 1861NS
Hamilton Julian Fletcher05 Mar 1863NS
Hamilton O C04 Nov 1861Farmer
HamletAndrew J05 Jun 1861NS
HammondJohn E15 Apr 1863NS
Hammond William12 Mar 1862Farmer
Hammons Alpheus A22 Oct 1864NS
HancockJoseph A25 Oct 1862NS
HancockJohn M-NS
HancockWilliam Henry-NS
HancockJames23 Mar 1863NS
Hancock C H04 Nov 1861Farmer
Hancock Albert07 Nov 1862NS
Hancock David06 Mar 1862Farmer
Hancock Wesley J12 Mar 1862Farmer
Hancock John18 Mar 1862Farmer
HancockThomas J05 Jun 1861NS
HancockJoseph05 Aug 1861NS
HannerRobert K05 Jun 1861NS
HannerJames C05 Jun 1861Farmer
Hardesty Lindsay H-NS
HardinWilliam R06 Mar 1862Farmer
HardinJohn04 Oct 1862NS
HardisterLevi P18 Jun 1861NS
HardisterE H15 Jul 1862NS
HardisterLeonard W15 Jul 1862NS
HardisterJonathan W10 Mar 1862NS
Hardister Agrippa S04 Nov 1861Farmer
Hardister Lindsey C12 Mar 1862Farmer
HarlanJames F18 Jun 1861NS
Harman King David27 Jul 1864NS
HarmonGeorge A28 Mar 1862Farmer
Harper John B12 Mar 1862Farmer
Harrell Joseph25 Jan 1862NS
HarrelsonRichard01 Mar 1862NS
Harvell James04 Nov 1861Farmer
Harvell Lewis04 Nov 1861Farmer
Hatcher Charles L04 Nov 1861Farmer
HaysElias W10 Jun 1861NS
HaysJames Madison06 Mar 1862Farmer
HaysOliver P10 Jun 1861Miller
HaysThomas B10 Jun 1861NS
HaysWilliam A06 Mar 1862Ra
HaysWilliam Franklin10 Jun 1861NS
HeadGeorge P26 Feb 1863NS
HeathAugus S05 Jun 1861Blacksmith
HeathE05 Jun 1861Blacksmith
HeathJames Washington05 Jun 1861NS
HeilegJonathan05 Jun 1861NS
Henderson Farley E12 Mar 1862NS
HendricksJacob12 Mar 1862Farmer
HendrixEli A20 Jul 1861Teacher
Hendrix Samuel05 Mar 1862Farmer
Henley E J04 Nov 1861Farmer
HensonA01 Oct 1861NS
HensonJoseph A06 Mar 1862Farmer
HethcockJ08 Mar 1862NS
HicksRichmond J15 Mar 1862Farmer
HicksJackson18 Jun 1861NS
HicksWilliam J12 Mar 1862NS
HicksEmsley04 Jun 1861NS
HicksJackson05 Jun 1861NS
HicksMilton05 Jun 1861NS
HillSion12 Mar 1862Farmer
HillWilliam17 Nov 1864NS
HillWilliam T05 Mar 1862Farmer
HillE S15 Jul 1862NS
HillJesse15 Jul 1862NS
HillW H15 Jul 1862NS
HillGreen19 Aug 1864Farmer
Hill David04 Nov 1861Farmer
Hill W L04 Nov 1861Farmer
Hill Willis W04 Nov 1861Farmer
Hill Doctor H11 Aug. 1862NS
Hill Hilliard12 Mar 1862Farmer
Hill John C13 Mar 1862Merchant
Hill Samuel12 Mar 1862Farmer
Hill William H12 Mar 1862Farmer
HillJoshua A-NS
HinshawJacob03 Nov 1862Farmer
HinshawThomas03 Nov 1862NS
HixWilliam H Harrison28 Apr 1862NS
HixClement30 Mar 1863NS
HixJames R10 Jun 1861NS
Hobbs Lewis06 Mar 1862Mechanic
HolderJohn Wesley01 Mar 1863NS
HolderLewis F10 Jun 1861NS
Holder William12 Mar 1862Farmer
HolderA08 Mar 1862NS
HolidayJeremiah01 Oct 1862NS
HollandWilliam28 May 1861NS
HookerAlexander F06Feb 1863NS
HookerClarkson01 Nov 1861NS
HookerIsham29 Jun 1861NS
HooverHenry E01 Oct 1861NS
Hoover Alexander A-NS
Hoover William M07 Nov 1862NS
Hopkins Nelson F04 Nov 1861Blacksmith
Hopkins B H04 Nov 1861Farmer
Hopkins M F18 Mar 1863NS
Hopkins Martin M04 Nov 1861Farmer
Hopkins Stokes A04 Nov 1861Farmer
HorneyE Clarkson18 Jun 1861NS
HowellCullen18 Aug 1862NS
HoylePeter F28 Mar 1862Farmer
HughesDavid08 Mar 1862Farmer
HughesDaniel H12 Mar 1862NS
HughesThomas01 Aug 1863NS
HughesWilliam T18 Mar 1862NS
Hughes Solomon H12 Mar 1862Farmer
HughesW G26 Feb 1863NS
Huland John22 Jun 1863NS
HuntGeorge Washington10 Mar 1862Farmer
HuntJohn03 Jan 1863NS
HuntLeonard Washington12 Mar 1862Farmer
Hurley Calvin12 Mar 1862Farmer
HurleyW N02 Mar 1863NS
HuttonArnold P12 Mar 1862NS
Ingold Eusebius P12 Mar 1862Editor
Ingram William D10 Apr. 1863NS
IveyStephen W10 Jun 1861Farmer
JacksonThomas12 Mar 1862Farmer
JacksonWiley R12 Mar 1862Farmer
JacksonRobert04 Nov 1861Farmer
JacksonC Harrison18 Jul 1862Farmer
JacksonWilliam K18 Jul 1862Farmer
JacksonMicajah C21 Nov 1863NS
JamesMarshall E10 Oct 1861NS
JamesM R10 Jun 1861NS
JarrellA F05 Jun 1861NS
JarrellMilton M05 Jun 1861Farmer
JarrellWilliam05 Jun 1861Farmer
JarrettDavid01 Apr 1864NS
JenningsPeter10 Jun 1861NS
JenningsDavid B05 Jun 1861Mechanic
JereraldWilliam B21 Mar 1862Farmer
JerraldAbsalom12 Mar 1862Farmer
JerrellSamuel07 Mar 1862Farmer
JerrellSidney07 Mar 1862Farmer
JerrellsRobert29 Sep 1864NS
JobblingT J08 May 1863NS
JohnsonW A-NS
JohnsonBethel A20 Dec 1862NS
JohnsonJoseph Oliver12 Mar 1862Farmer
JohnsonWilliam H12 Mar 1862Farmer
JohnsonBethuel26 Mar 1863Farmer
JohnsonRufus10 Dec 1864NS
JohnsonFranklin L23 Mar 1863NS
JohnsonWillis10 Jun 1861NS
JohnsonT C04 Nov 1861NS
JohnsonJ I04 Nov 1861Farmer
JohnsonEli05 Jun 1861NS
JohnsonYancey M. C.18 Jun 1861NS
JollyJohn W05 Jun 1861Mechanic
JollyThomas J27 Oct 1862NS
JonesDaniel05 Mar 1862Farmer
JonesCalla C-NS
JonesJonathan Frank-NS
JonesR B15 Jul 1862NS
JonesThomas B17 Jul 1862NS
JonesW T08 May 1863NS
JonesWilliam C06 Mar 1862Blacksmith
JonesAmos06 Mar 1862Laborer
JonesBartley24 Mar 1862Farmer
JonesWilliam H06 Mar 1862Farmer
JonesCalvin R22 Mar 1862Farmer
JonesJohn05 Jun 1861NS
JordanJesse05 Jun 1861NS
JulianJohn T01 Mar 1863NS
JulianAlpheus H05 Jun 1861NS
KearnesIsaac07 Mar 1862Farmer
KearnesThomas S13 May 1862NS
KearnsSilas W16 Aug 1862NS
KearnsIsaac N04 Nov 1861Farmer
KearnsAlson J27 Aug. 1864Farmer
KearnsB N23 Mar 1863NS
KearnsE T04 Nov 1861Farmer
KearnsJohn C12 Jul 1864NS
KearnsJulius V04 Nov 1861Farmer
KearnsSpencer22 Oct 1864NS
KearnsThomas E19 Aug. 1864NS
KearnsThomas H04 Nov 1861Farmer
KearnsWhitson O04 Nov 1861Farmer
KearnsJames F16 Dec. 1863NS
KearnsH01 Mar 1862NS
KennettAugus S05 Jun 1861NS
KenneySimpson01 Dec 1863Farmer
KimballWilliam05 Jun 1861NS
KimeArrington G20 Oct 1861NS
KindleyJacob10 Mar 1862Farmer
KingJames06 Mar 1862Farmer
KingJohn H01 Nov 1861Farmer
KingIsham06 May 1862Farmer
KingWilliam D03 Mar 1862Farmer
KingJesse05 Jun 1861NS
KingWilliam H05 Jun 1861NS
KingHowell26 Feb 1863NS
KingJames26 Feb 1863NS
KingJohnson26 Feb 1863NS
KinleyZebedee28 Apr 1862NS
KinneyHenderson11Feb 1863NS
KinneyGeorge10 Jun 1861NS
KinneyWesley06 Mar 1862Farmer
KirkmanThomas H17 Jul 1862NS
KivettSolomon15 Jul 1862NS
KivettWarren B10 Jun 1861NS
KivettAlfred W10 Jun 1861Farmer
KivettDaniel M06 Mar 1862Farmer
KivettJMM10 Jun 1861NS
KivettJacob10 Jun 1861NS
KivettJames F10 Jun 1861Farmer
KivettJoel10 Jun 1861NS
KivettJohn W10 Jun 1861NS
KivettK M10 Jun 1861NS
KivettTalton10 Jun 1861NS
KivettTroy10 Jun 1861NS
LambMilton W-NS
LambGaston V05 Jun 1861NS
LambAlpheus L05 Jun 1861NS
LambBurgess V05 Jun 1861NS
LambDavid C05 Jun 1861Mechanic
LambDudley05 Jun 1861NS
LambElkanah H05 Jun 1861NS
LambJohn Q. A.05 Jun 1861Farmer
LambM01 Mar 1862NS
LambNewton E05 Jun 1861NS
LambWilliam A05 Jun 1861NS
LambertCharles R11Feb 1862Farmer
LambertEli01 Nov 1862NS
LambertGeorge T08 Mar 1862Farmer
LambertJohn F10Feb 1863NS
LambertJohn M28Feb 1862Farmer
LambertJohn D17 Jul 1862NS
LambertJohn F17 Jul 1862NS
LamberthCouncil30 Apr. 1862Farmer
LamberthJohn20 Mar 1862Farmer
LambethJoseph10 Oct 1861NS
LambethZachariah10 Oct 1861Farmer
LaneW Frank12 Mar 1862Farmer
LaneWilliam F30 Mar 1863NS
LaneJohn D21 Jul 1862NS
LaneJohn C10 Jun 1861Farmer
LangleyJosiah17 Jul 1862NS
LangleyBartley Yancey10 Jun 1861NS
LangleyE Tyson10 Jun 1861NS
LangstonAmos B07 Jun 1864NS
LanierJ W04 Nov 1861Farmer
LassiterBenjamin H-NS
LassiterHenry C-NS
LassiterJohn H-NS
LassiterThomas H-NS
LassiterWilliam Fletcher-NS
LassiterEzekiel04 Nov 1861Farmer
LassiterJesse W04 Nov 1861Farmer
LassiterM Benson04 Nov 1861Farmer
LassiterThomas H04 Nov 1861Farmer
LathamJohn11 Mar 1862Farmer
LathamEnoch08 Mar 1862Farmer
LathamHenry05 Jun 1861Farmer
LathamJohn08 Mar 1862NS
LathamKelly08 Mar 1862NS
LathamNoah05 Jun 1861NS
LathamLewis26 Feb 1863NS
LaughlinWilliam T10 Jun 1861Carder
LawrenceWilliam W08 Aug 1862NS
LawrenceJohn M10 Jun 1861NS
LawrenceAustin W06 Mar 1862Farmer
LeachJames A08 Jul 1862NS
LeachHenry C-NS
LeachJ Addison-NS
LeachE E15 Jul 1862NS
LeachHenry C08 May 1861NS
LeachWilliam A08 May 1861NS
LeachW M25 May 1863NS
LedmanJ M-NS
LedmanW Alveus-NS
LedwellJason01 Oct 1862NS
LedwellJohn W06 Oct 1862Farm Laborer
LedwellThomas01 Dec 1862NS
LedwellThomas W07 Mar 1862Farmer
LedwellWhitson C08Feb 1863NS
LedwellWhitson C12 May 1862Farmer
LedwellWiley E15 Aug. 1863NS
LedwellElwood09 Sept 1861Farmer
LeeAllen A08 Mar 1862NS
LeeRiley W01 Mar 1862NS
LeonardWilliam M17 Jul 1862NS
LewallenJohn07 Nov 1862Laborer
LewallenDawson20 Oct 1861NS
LewallenZimri A11 Mar 1862Farmer
LewallynJ03 Jun 1861NS
LewisCalvin B12 Mar 1862Farmer
LewisWilliam15 Jul 1862NS
LewisFarley15 Jul 1862NS
LewisClaton S04 Nov 1861Farmer
LewisJ H04 Nov 1861Farmer
LewisM H23 Mar 1863NS
LewisWilliam09 Sept 1861Trader
LewisNathaniel Hill05 Jun 1861NS
LineberryAlbert M-Farmer
LineberryZacheus G18 Apr 1862NS
LinthicumS W06 Jun 1862NS
LittleZimri12 Mar 1862Mechanic
LittleGreen26 Mar 1863NS
LittleGreen05 Jun 1861Farmer
LloydNathaniel04 Mar 1862NS
LoflenIra12 Sep 1864NS
LoflinJohn07 Nov 1862NS
LongJohn O11 Jul 1861NS
LoudermilkIsrael15 Jul 1862NS
LowderPatrick J20 Sep 1863NS
LowdermilkReuben12 Mar 1862Farmer
LowdermilkZemeriah Hadley29 Jun 1861Farmer
LowdermilkJohn H29 Jun 1861NS
LowdermilkElkanah11 Mar 1862Farmer
LoweJames P06 Mar 1862Farmer
LucasThomas09 Mar 1863NS
LucasJohn J07 Mar 1862Farmer
LuckE E04 Nov 1861Farmer
LuckElijah10 Mar 1862Farmer
LuckWilliam10 Mar 1862Farmer
LutherBarney R07 Mar 1862Farmer
LutherCollier06 Mar 1862Blacksmith
LutherFranklin12 Mar 1862Farmer
LutherRiley12 Mar 1862Blacksmith
LutherWhit J-Farmer
LutherGeorge15 Jul 1862NS
LutherA H04 Nov 1861Farmer
LutherB F04 Nov 1861Farmer
LyndonJosiah W14 Mar 1862Farmer
LyndonT E04 Nov 1861Farmer
LytleFranklin21 Mar 1862Farmer
MainorSidney D-NS
ManessReuben25 Mar 1862Teacher
MarleyLucian M15 May 1862Farmer
MarleyB Franklin05 Oct 1862NS
MarshAlfred T-NS
MarshDavid W-NS
MarshWilliam R-NS
MarshJames A01 Mar 1862Merchant
MasonJohn C-NS
MayBenjamin H-NS
MayHenry P-Farmer
MayWilliam J-NS
McCauleyWilliam01 Jun 1861NS
McCollumJames M05 Jun 1861NS
McCotterRichard D15 May 1862NS
McDanielA Green10 Jun 1861NS
McDanielHiram05 Mar 1862Blacksmith
McDeulRiley14 Mar 1862Farmer
McDowellRiley15 Oct 1863Laborer
McDowellJames M04 Mar 1862NS
McDowellLindsay01 Mar 1862NS
McMastersD Clark-Farmer
McMastersJohn D-NS
McMastersRobert C-NS
McMastersThomas Y-Mechanic
McMastersLewis F10 Jun 1861NS
McMastersDaniel Green04 Nov 1861Farmer
McMastersWilliam H05 Jun 1861Farmer
McMastersJames P18 Jun 1861NS
MedleyJames H06 Mar 1862Farmer
MedleyJohn10 Mar 1862Farmer
MedleyWilliam R20 Nov 1861NS
MendenhallJulius F01Feb 1864Farmer
MendenhallJulian01 Oct 1861NS
MendenhallJoseph W09 Mar 1862Laborer
MilichanC15 Nov 1864NS
MillerDempsey M12 Mar 1862NS
MillerWilliam Mash07 Nov 1862Farmer
MillerGilbert11 Apr 1864Farmer
MillerD N04 Nov 1861Farmer
MillerDaniel Henry15 Sept 1862NS
MillsapsJesse15 Jul 1862NS
MitchellWilliam01 Mar 1862NS
ModlinBarney06 Apr 1862Farmer
MoffatDennis03 Dec 1863NS
MoffittFields B12 Mar 1862Farmer
MoffittHugh25 Mar 1862Farmer
MoffittJohn R05 Mar 1862Farmer
MoffittMarshall D17 Mar 1862NS
MoffittMilo M05 Mar 1862NS
MoffittB F15 Jul 1862Farmer
MoffittZeno08 Apr 1863NS
MoffittCharles L01 Jul 1861Carpenter
MoffittEli01 Jul 1861Potter
MoffittJoseph H08 Jun 1861Farmer
MoffittSamuel H01 Jul 1861Farmer
MoffittWilliam A08 Jun 1861Clerk
MoffittW R01 Jun 1863NS
MoffittReuben E05 Mar 1863Farmer
MoffittElijah K05 Mar 1862Potter
MoffittMatthews H29 Mar 1862Farmer
MoffittJesse L05 Mar 1862Farmer
MoffittEli Abijah01 Apr 1862NS
MoffittJesse L12 Apr 1862NS
MoonJohn21 Mar 1862Farmer
MoonLewis05 Mar 1862NS
MoonShuble A04 Nov 1862NS
MooreGeorge W04 Nov 1861Farmer
MooreJohn01 Mar 1862Farmer
MooreRobert A01 Dec 1861NS
MorganZachariah H18 Jul 1862Farmer
MorganLouis H05 Jun 1861NS
MunroeM L. J.10 Oct 1862NS
MurdochG W04 Nov 1861Doctor
MurdockAlexander G04 Nov 1861Farmer
MurrayA04 Mar 1862NS
MyersMalcomb11 Mar 1862Farmer
MyersAlfred A-Farmer
MyrickM E15 Jun 1861Laborer
NanceAbraham J08 Mar 1862Farmer
NanceIsaac J25 Mar 1862Mechanic
NanceThomas T12 Mar 1862Farmer
NanceWilliam C12 Mar 1862Farmer
NanceCyrus L18 Jun 1861Farmer
NanceDaniel L18 Jun 1861NS
NanceH H15 Jul 1862NS
NanceJ M15 Jul 1862NS
NanceJohn M01 Apr 1863NS
Nance M C04 Nov 1861Farmer
Nance W G04 Nov 1861Farmer
NeedhamThomas15 Jun 1861Farmer
NeedhamWilliam15 Jun 1861NS
NeedhamElijah17 Jul 1862NS
NeedhamHugh08 Mar 1862NS
NelsonMorris24 Mar 1862Farmer
NelsonGeorge22 Dec 1863NS
Nelson William W07 Mar 1862Carpenter
Newby William M04 Nov 1861Farmer
NewsomEnsly21 Aug 1862Farmer
NixonWilliam21 Aug 1864NS
NoeJoseph01 Mar 1862NS
OdellJohn Milton10 Jun 1861Manufacturer
OdellLaban10 Jun 1861NS
OsbornW H12 Mar 1862NS
OwenIsaac Newton12 Mar 1862Student
OwensNoah15 Mar 1862Farmer
OwensPeter12 May 1862NS
OwensJ C23 Jul 1863NS
PalmerJohn H05 Jun 1861NS
PalmerJoseph N05 Jun 1861Farmer
ParishD M07 Nov 1862NS
ParkerJames E03 Mar 1862Farmer
ParkerJ C01 Jul 1863NS
PattersonG L18 Mar 1862NS
PeacockAlexander15 Aug 1863NS
PeacockEphraim07 Mar 1862Farmer
PeacockHenry Lyndon18 Jun 1861NS
PearceLovett11 Mar 1862Farmer
PearceWilliam10 Oct 1862NS
PearceAlex K15 Jul 1862Farmer
PearceJohn A08 Oct 1864Farmer
PearceAlfred07 Dec 1863NS
Pearce Oliver H04 Nov 1861Wheelwright
PenAlvens06 Mar 1862NS
PergersonRobert28 Oct 1862NS
PerryHezekiah D18 Jun 1861NS
Pew Alexander-Farmer
PhillipsJames12 Mar 1862Farmer
Phillips Joel05 Mar 1862Farmer
PhillipsJohn01 Mar 1862Laborer
PickettWiley07 Dec 1863Farmer
PierceDoctor F10 Mar 1862Farmer
PierceWilliam08 May 1863NS
PiggottJ H01 Oct 1862NS
PikeWilliam M12 Mar 1862NS
PikeOliver M18 Jun 1861NS
PoolFelix01 Dec 1864NS
PoolJames M10 Oct 1861NS
Pool Robert C17 Mar 1862Farmer
PoolAaron09 Mar 1863NS
PopeAlexander Clay17 Jul 1862NS
PoundsWilley L01 Nov 1861Farmer
PoundsJames M10 Jun 1861NS
PoundsWilliam10 Jun 1861Cotton Factory Man
PowellW W-NS
PresnellAlfred L28 Apr 1862NS
PresnellAllen04 Jul 1863NS
PresnellJames M24 Mar 1862Laborer
PresnellNixon19 Oct 1864NS
PresnellStanton12 Mar 1862Farmer
PresnellJohn01 Nov 1861NS
PresnellDaniel29 Jun 1861NS
Presnell John07 May 1862Farmer
PresnellJosiah05 Jun 1861Farmer
PresnellNixon05 Jun 1861NS
PritchardThomas06 Mar 1862Farmer
PughFranklin18 Jun 1861Farmer
PughJames W04 Dec 1861NS
PughJohn R01 Nov 1863NS
PughAlpheus06 Mar 1862Farmer
RaganFrederick A01 Oct 1861Farmer
RaganJoel C12 Mar 1862Farmer
RainesDaniel05 Mar 1862Farmer
RainesNathan05 Mar 1862Farmer
RainesMarshall S10 Jun 1861Farmer
RecordA J08 Aug 1864Shoemaker
ReddickAnnual11 Mar 1862Farmer
ReddickJohn M18 Jun 1861NS
ReddickWilliam18 Apr 1862Farmer
Reddick David L18 Jul 1862Farmer
ReddingAlfred31 Mar 1863NS
ReddingWilliam20 Dec 1863Farmer
ReddingBenjamin F05 Jun 1861NS
ReddingWatson Woodburn01 Mar 1862NS
ReeceWilliam D10 Jun 1861NS
ReederNoah01 Mar 1862Farmer
ReeseJoseph M04 Jan 1862Farmer
RevellsAndrew H22 Jun 1863NS
ReynoldsDavid06 Mar 1862Farmer
ReynoldsM01 Mar 1862Farmer
RichDaniel01 Nov 1861NS
RichClarkson18 Mar 1862Farmer
RichAlfred13 Nov 1864NS
RichNathan01 Mar 1862NS
RichWilliam01 Mar 1862NS
RichardsonAllen04 Dec 1861NS
RichardsonElwood20 Oct 1861NS
RichardsonJohn10 Oct 1862NS
RichardsonJohn R20 Oct 1861NS
RichardsonPeter07 Sep 1864Blacksmith
RichardsonNoah01 Mar 1862Laborer
RidgeWillis07 Nov 1862NS
RidgeLogan A30 Mar 1863NS
RightselSamuel10 Sep 1862NS
RoachSidney20 Oct 1861NS
RoachCalvin01 Sep 1862NS
RoachArchibald02 Sept 1863NS
RobbinsAhi C22 Jun 1863NS
RobbinsAlex S07 Nov 1862Farmer
RobbinsClarkson L12 Mar 1862Farmer
RobbinsClarkson07 Nov 1862Farmer
RobbinsElias07 Nov 1862Farmer
RobbinsFranklin Clarkson12 Mar 1862Farmer
RobbinsIsaac14 Mar 1862Minor
RobbinsJohn22 Jun 1863NS
RobbinsMicajah07 Nov 1862NS
RobbinsNathan07 Mar 1862Farmer
RobbinsRoswell W18 Jun 1861NS
RobbinsThomas R31 Mar 1863NS
RobbinsJames M06 Mar 1862Farmer
RobbinsS M06 Mar 1862NS
RobbinsWilliam Thomas06 Mar 1862Farmer
RobbinsJonathan30 Aug 1863NS
RobbinsIsaiah S05 Jul 1861NS
RobbinsAbsalom01 Mar 1862NS
RobbinsCalvin01 Mar 1862Laborer
RobbinsFranklin W05 Jun 1861NS
RobbinsIredell01 Mar 1862NS
RobbinsLemuel01 Mar 1862NS
RodgersJohn12 Mar 1862Farmer
RollinsIsaac Newton12 Mar 1862Farmer
RollinsHarrison H05 Jun 1861Farmer
RollinsJonathan J01 Mar 1862NS
RoseThomas12 Mar 1862Farmer
RouthAaron06 Mar 1862Farmer
RouthGeorge E10 Jun 1861Farmer
RouthJames M10 Jun 1861NS
RouthJesse10 Jun 1861NS
RouthJoseph Alson06 Mar 1862Farmer
RouthJoshua M10 Jun 1861NS
RouthWesley P25Feb 1862Farmer
RouthWilliam C10 Jun 1861NS
RouthWilliam R10 Jun 1861Farmer
RushAlson J12 Mar 1862Farmer
RushArchibald F12 Mar 1862Blacksmith
RushCalvin J12 Mar 1862Farmer
RushGeorge12 Mar 1862Farmer
RushJoseph H18 Jun 1861NS
RushHenry07 Dec 1863Farmer
Rush Noah04 Nov 1861Farmer
RushHenry B05 Jun 1861Laborer
RussellDaniel12 Mar 1862Blacksmith
RussellHenry Columbus03 Nov 1862NS
RussellThomas C07 Mar 1862Farmer
RussellThomas H15 Aug 1863NS
RussellWilbern15 Jul 1862NS
RussellWhitson28 Mar 1863NS
Russell Harris04 Nov 1861Farmer
Russell J G04 Nov 1861Farmer
Russell Lovelace04 Nov 1861Farmer
Russell N E04 Nov 1861Farmer
Russell R H04 Nov 1861Farmer
Russell Thomas L04 Nov 1861Farmer
RussellWiley W09 Sept 1861Farmer
RussellLee18 Jun 1861NS
Sanders Absalom W04 Nov 1861Farmer
Sanders Harris04 Nov 1861Farmer
SandersA R01 Mar 1862NS
ScarlettWilliam F14 Jan 1863NS
Scarlott J M04 Nov 1861Farmer
Scarlott Jesse04 Nov 1861Farmer
Scarlott William04 Nov 1861Farmer
ScottBenjamin L07 Nov 1862Farmer
ScottWilliam B24 Mar 1862Farmer
ScottAllen01 Oct 1861NS
ScottNelson01 Jul 1861Farmer
ScottEnoch P06 Mar 1862Farmer
ScottJames M10 Jun 1861NS
ScottJames08 Mar 1862NS
ScottStephen01 Sept 1862NS
SextonJohn03 Nov 1862NS
SextonJohn10 Oct 1861NS
SextonMorehead10 Oct 1861NS
ShawWiley H08 Apr 1862Farmer
ShawMartin K18 Jun 1861NS
Shaw Jesse T04 Nov 1861Farmer
ShultzEdward05 Jun 1861NS
SikesDavid A27 Jun 1861NS
SilerColumbus F10 Jun 1861NS
SilerWesley C10 Jun 1861NS
SkeenRansom Harriss06 Mar 1862Teacher
Skeen Moses L08 Jul 1862NS
SlackFranklin J18 Jun 1861Carpenter
SmithEdwin08Feb 1863NS
SmithElias A06Feb 1863NS
SmithHoward E10 Jun 1861NS
SmithMadison10 Jun 1861NS
Smith Albert15 Mar 1862Farmer
SmithE D14 Oct 1862NS
SmithAlbert05 Jun 1861NS
SmithH01 Mar 1862NS
SmithJames M01 Mar 1862NS
SmithJohn05 Jun 1861NS
SmithW W01 Mar 1862Laborer
SmithWilliam01 Mar 1862NS
SmithWilliam M05 Jun 1861NS
SniderW L15 Jul 1862NS
SommersGeorge18 Aug 1862NS
Spence William G04 Nov 1861Farmer
SpenceWilliam Gaston18 Jun 1861NS
SpencerEdward C08 Mar 1863NS
SpencerEsau L14 Dec 1863NS
SpencerJesse12 Mar 1862Farmer
SpencerLemuel12 Mar 1862Farmer
SpencerNathan12 Mar 1862Farmer
SpencerShubal Evans28 Apr 1862NS
SpencerWashington12 Mar 1865Farmer
SpencerWilliam14 Aug 1862NS
Spencer James Addison12 Mar 1862Teacher
SpinksJ D10 Jun 1861NS
SpiveyJosiah16 Jan 1864NS
StaleyCalvin06 Mar 1862Farmer
StaleyMadison01Feb 1864NS
StaleyWashington18 Mar 1862NS
StaleyWilliam E01 Jun 1861Carpenter
StaleyLeonard W14 Oct 1862NS
StaleyWilliam J05 Jun 1861Mechanic
StalkerNoah17 Jul 1864NS
StantonPresnell29 Jun 1861NS
SteedBenjamin F07 Mar 1862Farmer
SteedW P26 Aug 1862Farmer
SteedWinburn H12 Mar 1862Farmer
SteedClarkson C18 Jun 1861NS
SteedHenry C12 Mar 1862NS
SteedCalier15 Jul 1862NS
SteedBenjamin Franklin04 Apr 1863NS
Steed A C19 Feb. 1862NS
Steed Benjamin F04 Nov 1861NS
SteelFranklin D18 Jun 1861NS
Stevens Milton04 Nov 1861Farmer
StinsonEli P04 Mar 1862Farmer
StinsonJohn M18 Mar 1862Farmer
StinsonRobert Wiley18 Jun 1861NS
StoutJames W18 Jun 1861Farmer
StoutCalvin N17 Jul 1862NS
StoutLorenzo D10 Jun 1861NS
StoutW G10 Jun 1861Blacksmith
StriderAndrew06 Mar 1862Farmer
StriderJoel07 Mar 1862Farmer
StriderJames M.A.29 Jun 1861NS
Strider John18 Jul 1862NS
StuartH15 Nov 1864NS
StuartJohn15 Mar 1863NS
StuttsWilliam10 Oct 1862NS
SugartW C15 Jul 1862NS
SuggLewis Osburn07 Oct 1863Farmer
SuggGorrell Wesley18 Apr 1863NS
SullivanFrancis Marion15 Mar 1862Farmer
SumnerNelson12 Mar 1862NS
SumnerJohn R10 Jun 1861NS
SurrattJosiah25 Mar 1862Farmer
SurrattGorrell W05 Jun 1861Laborer
TadlockJoseph C12 Mar 1862Farmer
TadlockThomas C12 Mar 1862Farmer
TeagueAlpheus A06 Mar 1862Farmer
TeagueJames E28 Oct 1864NS
Teague Meredith M27 Feb. 1862Artist
ThompsonJames07 Mar 1862Farmer
ThompsonS G15 Jul 1862NS
ThompsonDavid M17 Jul 1862NS
ThompsonRobert05 Jun 1861NS
ThornbroughJohn C18 Jun 1861NS
ThornburgMartin17 Jul 1862NS
Thornburg William Lindsey04 Nov 1861Farmer
ThriftJohn W12 Mar 1862NS
ToddWilliam01 Mar 1862NS
Tomlinson H N04 Nov 1861Farmer
Tomlinson J M20 Dec. 1862NS
TrogdenH C10 Jun 1861NS
TrogdenJeremiah F10 Jun 1861Farmer
TrogdonLyndon A10 Jun 1861NS
TrogdonSamuel10 Jun 1861NS
TrogdonSolomon10 Jun 1861NS
TrogdonStephen W10 Jun 1861NS
TrogdonReuben05 Jun 1861Laborer
TrotterGeorge12 Mar 1862Farmer
TrotterJohn M26 Mar 1862Farmer
TroyMatthew M01 Apr 1863NS
TroyRobert Peterson30 Mar 1862Teacher
TroyThomas Settle06 Mar 1862Student
TuckerAnderson D05 Jun 1861NS
TuckerPinkney14 Oct 1863NS
TuckerRichard01 Mar 1862NS
TurnerJohn J03 Mar 1862Tailor
TurnerAndrew J10 Jun 1861NS
TurnerJohn T10 Jun 1861NS
TurnerM S01 Dec 1861Farmer
TurnerThomas06 Mar 1862Farmer
Turner John W05 Mar 1862Farmer
TysingerAlexander13 May 1861Farmer
TysingerFarlaey26 Aug 1861NS
TysonJordan05 Oct 1862NS
UptonAlvis07 Sep 1864Farmer
VanderfordJoseph J06 Mar 1862Laborer
VanderfordWilliam B06 Mar 1862Farmer
VarnerAmos12 Mar 1862Farmer
VarnerJesse10 Mar 1862Farmer
VarnerJohn G10 Mar 1862Farmer
VarnerMcKenzie C18 Mar 1862NS
VarnerJohn P15 Jul 1862NS
VarnerJ G15 Jul 1862NS
VarnerWilliam Pressly10 Oct 1861NS
VestalJohn R17 Jul 1862NS
VucanonJesse23 Mar 1863NS
VuncannonJohn07 Nov 1862NS
VuncannonAlson G17 Jul 1862NS
VuncannonWilliam17 Jul 1862NS
VuncannonJ P01 Jul 1863NS
WaddillJames31 Oct 1864NS
WadeHarman S22 Feb 1862NS
WalkerNathan S12 Mar 1862Farmer
WalkerAlfred18 Mar 1862Farmer
WalkerLewis M18 Mar 1862NS
Walker Elizer W19 Aug. 1864NS
WalkerWilliam A05 Jun 1861NS
WallRobert06 Mar 1862Blacksmith
Wall A B-NS
WallJesse05 Jun 1861NS
WallaceEverett W05 Jun 1861NS
Walls Thomas S18 Jul 1862Farmer
WardBenjamin12 Mar 1862Farmer
WardMinas18 Jun 1861NS
WardZeno18 Jun 1861Farmer
WardLawrence M01 Jun 1861NS
WardAlfred21 Jul 1862NS
WardJohn M05 Mar 1863NS
WardJoseph M05 Mar 1862NS
WebsterArchibald M12 Mar 1862Farmer
WebsterJames A10 Jun 1861NS
WelbornAbsalom18 Jun 1861NS
WelbornCalvin H18 Jun 1861NS
WestAnderson01 Nov 1862NS
WheelerJ Ruffin05 Jun 1861NS
WhistenhuntAlexander W10 Oct 1861NS
WhistenhuntHenry H10 Oct 1861NS
WhistenhurstWilliam23 Mar 1863NS
WhiteJohn K18 Jun 1861Farmer
WhiteWilliam18 Jun 1861NS
WhiteWoodard R-NS
WhiteFrancis J17 Jul 1862NS
WhiteIsaac07 Dec 1863Farmer
White Henderson-NS
WhitlowJohn19 Aug 1862NS
WhitneyWilliam H H16 Aug 1862NS
WilburnLamma23 Apr 1861Student
WilkersonDaniel C06 Mar 1862Farmer
WilkersonJames M06 Mar 1862Farmer
WillettJoseph J17 Jul 1862NS
WilleyWilliam P10 Jun 1861NS
WilliamsA Spain24 Mar 1862Farmer
WilliamsJesse07 Nov 1862NS
WilliamsReuben01 Dec 1862Farmer
WilliamsSamuel07 Nov 1862NS
WilliamsWilliam M05 Mar 1862Farmer
WilliamsBenjamin06 Mar 1862Farmer
WilliamsD E10 Jun 1861Farmer
WilliamsJ R10 Jun 1861NS
WilliamsJames M10 Jun 1861NS
WilliamsJoel06 Mar 1862Blacksmith
WilliamsZimri J30 Nov 1861NS
WilliamsJohn T29 Jun 1861NS
WilliamsZimri J17 Jul 1862NS
WilliamsYancy11 Nov 1863Farmer
WilliamsW S01 Mar 1862NS
WilliamsonJohn10 Jan 1864NS
WilsonRiley G10 Mar 1862Farmer
WilsonHugh20 Nov 1861NS
Wilson Jesse19 Mar 1862Farmer
WinbourneRichard W05 Jun 1861NS
WiningtonA01 Mar 1862NS
WinninghamS F Marion06 Mar 1862Farmer
WinninghamJames N15 Nov 1864NS
WinninghamEli H05 Jun 1861NS
WinslowHilkiah30 Nov 1861NS
WinslowNathan05 Jun 1861NS
WoodAlex S18 Mar 1862Farmer
WoodWilliam G28 Mar 1863NS
WoodSpencer07 Dec 1863Farmer
WoodWilliam07 Dec 1863Farmer
Wood Lemuel W04 Nov 1861Farmer
Wood V S04 Nov 1861Farmer
Wood H12 Oct 1864NS
WoodThomas J05 Jun 1861NS
WoodW P01 Mar 1862NS
WoodburnTheodore B31 Mar 1863NS
Woodburn D P04 Nov 1861Farmer
WoodcockJohn J17 May 1861NS
Woodel Allen J19 Mar 1862Farmer
WoodellAllen J19 Mar 1862NS
WoodellBenjamin F20 Nov 1861NS
WoodellEnoch10 Nov 1861NS
Woodell Thomas07 Mar 1862Farmer
WorkmanGeorge W30 Sep 1862Farmer
WorthShubal G-NS
WorthShubal G05 Jun 1861NS
Wren John H10 Mar 1862Farmer
Wren Michael H04 Mar 1862Farmer
WrightA Spinks21 Jun 1862NS
WrightEli18 Mar 1862Farmer
WrightWilliam S18 Mar 1862Farmer
WrightDavid10 Jun 1861NS
WrightDoris10 Jun 1861NS
WrightIsaac10 Jun 1861NS
Wright Emsley07 Mar 1862NS
WrightJames D04 Oct 1862NS
WrilenberryJohn05 Jun 1861NS
YatesAndrew L07 Nov 1862Carpenter
YatesWilliam Bailey07 Nov 1862Farmer
YearginJacob M15 Sept 1863NS
YearginJames W15 Sept 1863NS
YeatsFrederick L12 Mar 1862Farmer
YeatsNoah L12 Mar 1862Farmer
YeatsPeter R12 Mar 1862Miner
YerginDaniel10 Jun 1861NS
YorkThoms Clarkson28 Mar 1862Farmer
YorkSeymour12 Mar 1862NS
YorkSolomon18 Jun 1861NS
YorkBraxon06 Mar 1862Farmer
YorkClarkson06 Mar 1862Farmer
YorkDarius10 Jun 1861Farmer
YorkJoseph25Feb 1862Farmer
YorkLarkin C10 Jun 1861Farmer
YorkWilliam J10 Jun 1861Farmer
YorkJames S16 Jul 1862Farmer
YorkEnos L23 Sep 1862NS
YorkJohn17 Jul 1862NS
YorkJ R26 May 1863NS
YountsPeter C10 Mar 1862Farmer
YountsSamuel L31 Jul 1864NS
YowChristopher12 Mar 1862Mechanic
YowGeorge02 May 1862NS
YowJames12 Mar 1862Farmer
YowWilliam12 Mar 1862Farmer
YowAndrew12 Mar 1862Farmer
YowJohn W12 Mar 1862Farmer