Gregson Related Lines

Submitted by Lynette Hudspeth

In 1911 the Overseer for Providence (now known as Providence Friends Meeting, 2054 Providence Church Road, Pleasant Garden, Randolph County, North Carolina) produced a complaint against Roscoe GREGSONClaude GREGSON, and Hubert GREGSON for joining the U. S. Military Department.  This complaint can be found in the minutes of Centre Mo. Meeting of Friends that was held at Centre, N. C. 10 mo. 21, 1911.  Centre Friends Meeting is located at 325 East NC Hwy 62, south of Greensboro in Guilford County, North Carolina.

Hubert GREGSON is my grandfather.  I am providing a short history of my GREGSON ancestors per my personal knowledge and the genealogical work compiled by one of my aunts from her thirty years of research.  My aunt’s work contains more detail than I can provide here so I have included surnames of allied families.  If any researcher should feel that I can help them in any way or should find an error in this information or can add to it….please contact me at and mention Gregson genealogy in the Subject Line.  Thank You, Lynette Hudspeth

A brief sketch of these three GREGSON brothers:

Charlie Roscoe GREGSON:  Born  5 JUL 1890 in Randolph County, NC/Died  14 OCT 1971 in Redding, Shasta County, CA.  Roscoe joined the US Army and served overseas during World War I.  After this service to his country he moved to Redding, California where he owned and operated a restaurant.  He never married or returned home to North Carolina.

Claude Walter GREGSON:  Born  13 MAR 1893 in Randolph County, NC/Died  6 SEP 1974 in Randolph County, NC.  Claude served in the US Navy before World War I and later served his country when he went to Pearl Harbor to help rebuild it after December 7, 1941.  He owned a well drilling business in Randolph County, NC and, on  8 SEP 1917, married Verna Alma SMITH.  Verna was born  13 NOV 1888 and died  21 MAR 1972.  Claude and Verna had three children.

Hubert Clayton GREGSON:  Born  14 JAN 1895 in Randolph County, NC/Died  3 APR 1987 at Moses Cone Hospital, Greensboro, Guilford County, NC/Final resting place is Randolph Memorial Park, 4538 US Hwy 220 Bus N, Asheboro, Randolph County, North Carolina.  Hubert was inducted into the US Navy in 1911 (listed on induction papers as having blue eyes, brown hair, and height just shy of 5ft. 10inches).  He was honorably discharged in 1915.  When the United States entered World War II he tried to reenlist.  This time, for obvious reasons, he was rejected.  He was a proud – and lucky – father who had three sons serve with honor in that war and return home safely. During his service in the Navy he traveled to China and was privileged to view the Ming Tombs.  In 1916 he worked in Detroit, Michigan for $0.39/hour.  While in the Navy and during his time in Detroit Hubert sent his pay home to his mother for safekeeping.  When he returned home to Randolph County, NC he married – 10 JUN 1917 – Hazel Ruth BARKER and, with his savings, bought the first automobile owned in Randolph County, NC.  For many years he owned and operated a sawmill (1916-1940) in the county and produced molasses (every fall 1928-1945).  Later in his life Hubert was a brick mason who hired and supervised others in this profession.  His wife, Hazel Ruth BARKER, was born  12 AUG 1896 in Randolph County, NC/Died  21 SEP 1965 in Pleasant Garden, Randolph County, NC/Final resting place is Randolph Memorial Park, 4538 US Hwy 220 Bus N, Asheboro, Randolph County, North Carolina. She was the daughter of George Prather (G. P./Prather/Prathy) BARKER and Elma Jane BARKER – neeBARKER.  Hubert and Hazel had twelve children.  When his father died in 1921, Hubert bought the Gregson home place – the land and a slat board house that had been built by his father circa 1896 to replace the family’s old log cabin.  This property is located in Pleasant Garden, NC.  On November 28, 1938, after the death of his mother, Hubert moved his family into this house.  In 1962, after having his foot break through the floorboards on at least two occasions, he thought it was time to build a new home.  According to one of his sons, the only thing holding the old house together “was habit and the termites holding hands”.  With the help of all his children, their spouses, and most of his grandchildren he razed the old home and built a new brick veneer one with a regulation size Shuffleboard court in the basement and another outside on the far side of the front lawn.  He was an excellent Shuffleboard player and enjoyed card games, especially Pinochle.  Although not a Saint in the traditional sense of the word – for he could try his wife’s patience by playing cards and some other annoyances – Hubert lived his life well and with gusto; he was tolerant of all people in all circumstances; his word was a promise he would keep; he believed no job was worth doing if you didn’t do it right; he had an honest down-to-earth sense of humor; and he loved his family dearly.  On his 90th birthday he was interviewed for an article in a local newspaper.  The reporter asked him what he owed his longevity in life to and he thought for a moment and replied with a smile on his face, “keeping my nose out of other people’s business”.

Hubert’s second wife was the sister of Hazel, his first.  He married Elsie Elma BARKER on 10 Nov 1966.  Elsie was born  12 FEB 1893 in Randolph County, NC/Died  20 SEP 1988 in Randolph County, NC.  Hubert and Elsie did not have children.

***Allied Families for the above generation of GREGSONs***

Surnames for Spouses include:


Ancestors of these three brothers and four more; Jessie Shubble, Barney James (B. J.), Albert Franklin, and Alfred Briles GREGSON:

Father………Henry Clay GREGSON

Born:   3 FEB 1847 in Randolph County, NC

Died:  24 NOV 1921 in Randolph County, NC

Final Resting Place: Centre Friends Meeting Cemetery, 325 East NC Hwy 62,  Guilford County, NC  27406

Married: 1st wife, Fatima Jane WOOD on 28 FEB 1871 (b. 9 AUG 1846/d. 8 MAR 1881), Four sons from their union
2nd wife, Sarah A. HARGROVE on 26 APR 1882 (b. Abt 1847/d. 12 MAY 1884), One daughter from their union
3rd wife, Hannah Elizabeth (Lizzie) HOCKETT on 30 SEP 1886 (b. 31 MAY 1853/d. 12 MAY 1938), Seven sons from their union


Religion:  Born into a Methodist Episcopalian family but converted to Quakerism – probably when he married his third wife who was a HOCKETT– the Hoggatt/HOCKETT family of NC being Quakers long in good standing

Could Read and Write:  Yes

Occupation:  Farmer, also worked at Randleman Mills, Randolph County, NC

Hair Color:  Red (according to some, a hot temper went along with the red hair)

Mother………Hannah Elizabeth (Lizzie) HOCKETT

 Born:  31 MAY 1853 in North Carolina
Died: 12 MAY 1938 in Randolph County, NC

Final Resting Place:  Centre Friends Meeting Cemetery,
325 East NC Hwy 62, Guilford County, NC  27406

Married:  30 SEP 1886 to Henry Clay GREGSON in North Carolina

Hair Color:  Black (according to her son, her hair never turned gray)

Religion:  Quaker/Society of Friends

Could Read and Write:  Yes

Parents:    Jessie Davis HOCKETT

Born:  19 AUG 1826
Died:  12 NOV 1896

Rebecca COX

Born:   20 JAN 1822
Died:   24 OCT 1876

Married:  23 FEB 1848; Centre Friends Meeting, Guilford County, North Carolina

****Allied Families of the above generation of GREGSONs****


Surnames for extended families:  COLTRANE, COX, YATES, MOFFITT, BARKER

Grandfather…….Julius Cicero GREGSON (Reverend)

Born:  1 MAR 1809 in North Carolina

Died:  8 JUN 1887 at 78 years of age in Randolph County, North Carolina

Final Resting Place:  St. Paul Methodist Episcopal Church South Cemetery, Randleman, Randolph County, North Carolina

NOTE:  This Church is now a museum that is open to the public on Sunday 

Religion:  Minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church
Could Read and Write:  Yes

Married:  1st wife, Holland BRILES before MAR 1835 (b. 20 OCT 1812 in
Randolph County, NC/d. 14 FEB 1868 in Randolph
County, NC), Six or seven daughters and Four sons from their

2nd wife, Rachel (Bet) ALLRED on 15 OCT 1868, they lived in
Franklinville, NC in the 1870s and 1880s, no children were
born of their union

Grandmother………Holland BRILES

Born:  20 OCT 1812 in Randolph County, North Carolina

NOTE:  According to our family records she was the 10th child born to her parents

Died:  14 FEB 1868 at 55 years of age in Randolph County, North Carolina

Final Resting Place:  St. Paul Methodist Episcopal Church South Cemetery, Randleman, Randolph County, North Carolina

NOTE:  This Church is now a museum that is open to the public on Sundays

Married:  Before 1835 Julius Cicero GREGSONReverend, in Randolph County, NC

Parents:  John BRILES

Born:  Abt 1775
Died:  Abt 1857 in Randolph County, North Carolina

Religion:  Methodist

Family History:  Reported to be a descendant of Conrad Broyl/Broyles/Brile/BRILES who came to America from Germany with his parents in 1717 –  were members of the Second Germanna Colony of Virginia

Ann Nancy/Nancy Ann BECKERDITE

Born:  Abt 1777
Died:  Bef 1840

***************What May or May Not Be*****************

The above Family Genealogy is supported by written family records, cemetery information, census data, and personal knowledge; now for the possibilities:

In the 1980s and 1990s my aunt corresponded with several researchers who believed Reverend Julius Cicero GREGSON’s father was an Amos GREGSON who lived about 10 miles south of Lexington, North Carolina.  This Amos GREGSON was reported to have been married to a Sarah MARTIN.  There are several records in the “old” Rowan County, NC deed books that list one “Amos GREGSON” as a witness to transactions made in the 1790s and early 1800s.  The county boundaries during that era put Lexington, which is west of present day Randolph County, and its surrounding area in Rowan County, NC (Lexington is now located within the newer boundaries of Davidson County, NC).  The first son born to Reverend Julius Cicero GREGSON and his 1st wife, Holland BRILES, was named Amos GREGSON.  If Julius and Holland were conforming to the traditional English order of naming their children – and they may well have been since they named their first female child Nancy Ann (mother Holland BRILES’ mother’s given names) and their second son, John (Holland’s father’s name) – this is strong evidence, but not proof, for a connection of Julius Cicero and Amos of Lexington GREGSON.

There is further speculation by researchers as to a connection of Amos of Lexington GREGSON with one George GREGSON who appears on an Orange County, NC tax list for the year 1755.  This may be but I don’t have or know of any specific supporting information for that connection; and so, we continue our search for that GRIGSON, GRAGSON, GRESTON, GREGSON ancestor who first saw fit to enter this beautiful State of North Carolina and make it his home