Hannah Elizabeth Hockett Gregson

This was transcribed and submitted by Lynette Hudspeth

Ancestral note written by Hannah Elizabeth (Lizzie) HOCKETT GREGSON sometime between May 31, 1932 and May 31, 1933. Transcribed from a copy of the original by her great-granddaughter, Lynette Hudspeth, on January 22, 2007. Original spelling and punctuation have been observed – to the best of my ability – with the exception of capitalized surnames for the ease of recognition. Lizzie’s text is provided in a calligraphy font. See footnotes for possible genealogical inaccuracies.


Hannah Elizabeth Hockett Gregson
Born 1853 May 31 Age 79

This note is from Hannah Elizabeth GREGSON of Climax N. C.

A daughter of Jesse D. and Rebecca COX HOCKETT a daughter of Enock and Mary COX his wife who were born about 1800

Enoch died 1850

Mary 1873[1]

Mary was a daughter of Nathan and Catharine MOFFIT COX and had three sisters Jane Catharine and Margret two brothers that I remember of Mahlon and Nathen I cant remember Grandfather Enoch fathers name. His wifes name was Amy perhaps CRAVEN I cant be sure[2].  He had a daughter Hannah and a son Jonathan one Charles and Nathan and likely other children.

[1] The “3” in the date “1873” has been crossed through. No other date was provided. The date most commonly given by researchers for the death of Mary COX is 19 NOV 1877.

[2] Most researchers report the father of Enoch COX is Charles COX who was married to Amy BARKER – not Amy CRAVEN