Marriages — 1865 & 1866

In High Point, Nov. 28, by R. F. Sechrest, Esq. , Mr. A. M. MEREDITH AND Miss M. J. White.

On the same day by the same, JONATHAN WELCH, Esq., and Miss. M.A. WRIGHT.

On the 30th of Nov. by the same, Mr. J. C. ODELL and Miss L. M. JESTER.

December 6th, by the same, Mr. A. W. THORNTON and Miss CORNELIA WHEELER.

On the 7th December, by the same, Mr. J. C. HEDGECOCK and Miss MARY CLODFELTER.

On the 14th December, by the same, Mr. J. H. TRIMBLE and Miss M. J. HALL.


The Patriot, August 19, 1865

MARRIED – At the residence of the bride’s father, on the 3rd instant, by W. P. Heath, Esq., Mr. JAMES H. ROSS and Miss MARGARET F. KERNODLE, of Guilford.

In this county on the 25th of July, by Rev. N. H. D. Wilson, Mr. R. H. ALBRIGHT and Miss MAGGIE K. REECE, daughter of Wm. Reece.

In High Point, N. C., August 7th, 1865, by M. Jarrell, Esq. Mr. JAMES F. HILTON and Miss DORCAS E. THOMAS, daughter of Nicholas Thomas, Esq.

Greensborough Patriot, February 11, 1864

MARRIED — At the residence of the bride’s father in Forsyth County, N. C., on the 27th ultimo, by Rev. Alson Gray, Mr. M. E. SPEARS and Miss M. J. PAYNE, daughter of Washington Payne, Esq..daughter of Mr. Lter of Lewis Harlan all of Randolph.

The Greensboro Patriot, March 23, 1866  — In Union, N.C. C. ODELL and Miss L. M. JESTER.

December 6th,Ashville News July 24, 1862

Married – On the 13th instant, by Rev. J. S. Burnett, MR. J. W. COGGINS and Miss MOLLIE J. MELTON – all of Buncombe.

On the 15th instant , by Rev. L. L. Stewart, Mr. D.L. SMITH and Miss MARTHA H. DAVIDSON – all of Buncombe.

On the 17th instant, by Wm. West, Esq., Mr. GEORGE M. CLARK, of the 16th Regiment N. C. Troops, and Miss MARY JANE MURRAY – all of Haywood County, N. C.

Ashville News, August 7, 1862

Married – on the 27th of July, by Rev James Atkins, Rev JOHN F. WOODFIN, of the Holston Conference, and Miss JULIET A. MONTGOMERY, of Blount county, Tenn.

Greensboro Patriot, May 18, 1866

In this plce, on the 16th instant, by Rev. Thomas Quigley of Raleigh, Mr. JOHN ROSSITER, of Newbern, and Miss ANNIE E. HIATT, only daughter of the late Gen. Joab Hiatt. Many thanks for the handsome present which accompanied the above notice. We wish the happy couple a long and prosperous life.

The Greensboro Patriot May 4, 1866

On the 19th instant, JEREMIAH LITTLE, and Miss JANE HARLAN, daughter of Lewis Harlan all of Randolph.

The Greensboro Patriot, March 23, 1866

In Union, N.C. Thursday evening, March 15th, 1866, by N. C. Jarrell, Esq., Wm. M. ROUGH of New Salem, and Miss MAHALIA A. SWAIM of Union, daughter of Lindsay Swaim, deceased.

In Thomasville on the evening of the 14th instant by Rev. D. R. Bruton, Capt. T. E. SUMMER to Miss MARTHA J. LOFTIN, daughter of Sheriff Loftin, all of Davidson county, N. C..

At the residence of Prof. Sterling on the 14th inst. By the Rev. J. Henry Smith, ARCHIBALD G. CARTER, Esq., to Miss MARGARET STERLING of Greensboro.

The Greensboro Patriot, March 9, 1866

In Thomasville, N. C., Feb. 8th, 1866, by Rev. D. R. Bruten, Mr. P. C. THOMAS and Miss A. E. Shelly.

Edited and Compiled by Sue Seibert