Updated Pages

Greetings Fellow Randolph County, North Carolina Researchers!

I wanted to inform you that I have updated the “Families” Page with some of the names I personally research. If you have any families you research or are interested in from Randolph County, or if you see a website related to people from Randolph County, I hope you will share the information with me so I can post it to the page.

I also updated the “Cemeteries” Page. I love visiting the various cemeteries in the county when I get a chance to visit, but I often struggle with knowing which cemeteries are in the townships I am staying. I have included a rough list of locations of cemeteries based on addresses posted by users in Find-A-Grave. There is a long list of cemeteries at the bottom whose addresses only list them as being in Randolph County. If you happen to know a more exact location for any of those cemeteries, please send me a message so I can update the list. I will be working on the list myself for a while to get everything as filtered as possible into the appropriate townships/areas.

And lastly, if there is anything you wish to see added or included in this page, PLEASE send me a message. The more ideas you can send my way, the better this site will be for all of us. You can contact me by clicking on my name (Brittany Jenkins) under the “Questions/Submissions” section on the right-hand side of the page.

Happy Researching!

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