1840 census Williamson

Please note that a vast majority of current-day Scotland County records prior to 1899 are included in the records for Richmond County.

Heads of Household – WILLIAMSON DISTRICT

Evander McIver

Isabel Campbell
Angus Campbell
Mrs. Sarah McSween
Danl. Currie
Margaret McNair
Mrs. Katharine Calhoun

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Mrs. Janet Patterson
Jesse Clark
Stephen Wallace
Hugh M. McLean
Mrs. Christian McLean
John Oliver
John D. Currie
James McInnis
Drewry Waters
Drewry Skipper
James Graham
Jas. Rachels
Saml. Sneed

John McNeill (of Ch.) [?]
Mrs. Katharine McNeill
Rueben Norton
Godfrey Huckabee
John Rachels
Wm. Rachels (Sen)
Duncan McMillan (sailor)
Wm. Woodward (Sen)
Aaron Wallace
Ranson Wallace
Betsey Smith
John McLauchlin
Wesley Norton
Matthews W. McNair
Neill McNair
John C. Smith

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Bryn Smith
James P. Smith
Danl. Smith
John McEachern
David Norton
Wilson Brown
William Brown
Danl. B. Brown
Thomas M. Wright
Warner Chance (Jun)
Warner Chance (Sen)
Mrs. Lucy Wright
Chloe Williamson
Hugh Brown
Saml. Wallace
Mrs. Sara Beasly
Benjn Scott
James Odem
William Graham
Wilson Williamson
Danl. Woodard
Luke Woodward
Mrs. Mary McNeill
Christian McGill
Elizabeth McLean
Daniel McNeill (J. C.) [?]
Danl. Campbell (Short) [?]
William Wright (Sen)
Duncan McNeill

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Henly Sneed
John Calder
Wm. Gibson
Isaac Williamson
Jas M. Smith (Sen)
Stafford Gibson
James Fee
Thomas M. Gibson
Duncan C. Wright
Wiley G. Norton
Mrs. Sabry Wright
Currington Pate
Wesley Covington
Mrs. Sarah Loyd
Nancy Woodward
Mrs. Jeneth Page
Lewis Pate
Nelson Gibson (Jun)
Adam Pate
John K. Gibson
Mrs. Jane Pate
Saml. Wright
Elisha Wallace
Kenneth Campbell
Thomas Pate
George Bullard
Noah Gibson
John Kelly Sen.
Elijah Pate

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Nathaniel Gibson Sen.
Samuel Goodwin
Zibah Gibson
John Gibson (Sen)
Nathl P. Gibson
George Wright
Duncan Smith
Gilliam Johnson
Avery Parham
Mrs. Elizabeth Smith
Matthew Norton
Sara Gantlett
Younger Newton
Samuel Pate
Hugh Livingston
Betsy Hodge
George Parker
James Barantine
Archd. McPherson
John S. Smith
John H. Henderson
Elizabeth Almon (In F. G. Dist.)
Christian McKinnon
Samuel Benaiste (Steele Di)

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