Elmore Cemetery

The cemetery is on Jonathan “Jonnie” and Mary Faith McLean’s property. From Laurinburg take Highway 74 West, turn south onto Elmore Road. Jonathan’s driveway is maybe ½ mile down the road on the right (west) and his house sits back from the road. From his house, we went south, then west across a little branch to get to the cemetery.

Many thanks to Charlie White for sharing this listing with us.

[Note by Mary Modlin: This cemetery was also referred to as McColl Family Cemetery and Gibson Family Cemetery in death certificates.]

Funeral home markers (2) Clayton H Gibson

Son C H and L E Gibson

5 Nov 1907
15 Nov 1907

Daughter’s Grave

Laulin Prince

Daughter of
LP & DF Gibson

30 April 1882

Gibson obelisk

Della Frances Gibson

23 Nov 1854-
23 Mar 1919

She was the sunshine of our home

Lewis P Gibson

22 Oct 1854-

Headboard Sign


Mary E

Wife of W H Gibson and dau of Henry & Anna E Bullard

Born 23 Mar 1848
Died 24 May 1879

Rose, daughter of J B and Ula F Usher

16 May 1916

Maggie L McColl

wife of R U Wright

18 July 1870

5 Dec 1934

Calton Leroy

Son of L E and Marie McColl

Born 5 Jun 1908

Died 5 July 1908

At rest

Rev John Calton McColl

Born 17 Jun 1867

Died 14 Jan 1898

Sarah A

Wife of Hugh McColl

Born 26 Jan 1836

Died 2 Oct 1897

Wilson Key

Infant son
F B & Ella McColl

21 Nov 1888
4 Jan 1890


Wife of Calton Hall

Born 11 Dec 1818
Died 17 Jun 1889

Rev. 14:13


3 Dec 1933 is the death date from the death certificate of Lewis P Gibson. The date was not chiseled into the stone.

Luraney “Raney”, wife of Calton Hall, was the daughter of Nelson Gibson (of Nelson) and Rutha Dawkins and lived in Sampson County, where I found her and Calton Hall on census listings. Her brother Samuel J Gibson was the father of Lewis P(ipkin) Gibson and her brother William D Gibson was the father of Hiram W Gibson, the father in turn of Della Frances Gibson. Hence my grandmother Mattie Delilah Gibson (White’s) parents were 1st cousins, once removed.

It is likely that “Raney” was the youngest child of Nelson Gibson and Rutha Dawkins. Of the 10 known children, there were 3 boys: William D, Samuel J and Thomas Nelson Gibson. The 2 younger ones are buried at the Gibson Cemetery near Gibson; William died during the Civil War, and likely has no marker anywhere.

Clayton Gibson, father of the infant buried here, and Laulin Prince Gibson, infant buried here, are both siblings of Mattie Delila Gibson, all children of Lewis Pipkin Gibson and Della Frances Gibson.

Hiram W Gibson is the spouse of Mary E Bullard Gibson, buried here. I think it highly likely that Hiram is also buried here, but there is no stone — somewhat like the failure to put death date on Lewis P Gibson’s obelisk: the money must have run out. Hiram’s first wife, Catherine Hamer, is buried in the Alfred Hamer cemetery in the corner of a field at Tatum, Marlboro County. I have not found the death place of Sarah Ann “Sallie” Covington, Hiram’s 2nd wife, md 5 Sep 1872, Richmond County. (Mary Bullard was from Fayetteville, and that marriage took place in Cumberland County.)