Gibson Estate Records

Gibson Estate Records in Scotland County, NC

Submitted by Dianne Duncan – August 22, 2003

Abstracted from FHL microfilms #2195290 & 2195291
[Information in brackets has been added by Dianne Duncan]

Gibson, AD 1914:
Administrix: Mrs. Eliza C Gibson
Daughters: Mattie Gibson(w/o Jesse Gibson)

Gibson, AP 1921
Administrix: Martha J Gibson
Wife: Martha J Gibson
Children: Annie P Gibson, Elizabeth Gibson, Archie P Gibson, Mary Ruby Gibson, Thelma Gibson, Martha Gibson

Gibson, AP 1926
Executor: JN Gibson
Devisees: Mrs. Luna Harris, Mrs. Mary Lytch, Mrs. Julia Breeden, Mrs. Sallie Barker, JN Gibson

Gibson, Addie 1939
Executor: Jessie Peele

Gibson, Alice 1939
Executor: FM Gibson
Devisees: FM Gibson, BL Gibson, Mae Gibson, Mildred Gibson Tucker

Gibson, Arch 1935

Gibson, Arch P 1936

Gibson, Archie P 1926
Devisees: Mrs. Annie G McNeill, Mrs. Elizabeth Yongue, Thelma Gibson, Archie P Gibson, Ruby Gibson, Martha Gibson

Gibson, Benjamin F – 1933
Executor: Mrs. Elva Gibson
Children: Elsie G Livingston, Era G Gibson, Lena G Hendrix, Margaret Gibson, Benjamin F Gibson Jr.

Gibson, BF 1932
Administrix: Mrs. BF Gibson
Distribution: Mrs. BF Gibson, Elsie G Livingston, Eva D Gibson, Lena G Hendrix, Margaret Gibson, BF Gibson Jr.

Gibson, Mrs. Christian 1920 (made copy this is sister of DWG)

Gibson, EH 1947 (died June 12, 1946)
Executrix: Mrs. Edith M Gibson

Gibson, EF 1906 [Edith Francis Gibson, w/o Francis B Gibson]
Executors: Noah F Gibson, Francis D Gibson, John Shaw Jr (friend)
Children: Noah F Gibson, Anna Roberta Adams, Edith M Gibson, Francis D Gibson, McLaurin Gibson
Noah Gibson named as guardian for minor child, Edith M Gibson
Mrs. Anna Roberta Adams [d/o Edith Frances & Francis B Gibson] named as guardian for minor child, McLaurin Gibson

Gibson, Mrs. EF 1912 [Edith Francis Gibson, w/o Francis B Gibson]
Mrs. Anna Roberta Adams [d/o Edith Frances & Francis B Gibson] named as guardian for minor child, McLaurin Gibson

Gibson, EJ 1914 [Edmond J Gibson, s/o Noah Gibson]
Administrator, HD Gibson [Henry Durant, s/o Noah Gibson] & Mrs. Mattie Gibson [Mattie (Cuthire), w/o Edmond J Gibson]
Widow, Mrs. Mattie B Gibson: no children

Gibson, EJ 1928 [Edmond J Gibson, s/o Noah Gibson]
lawsuit by the estate of EJ Gibson against Bruce and Christian Gibson [Christian, w/o William F Gibson, Bruce, s/o Christian and William F Gibson] for a note for money owed by Bruce to the estate of EJ Gibson

Gibson, EJ 1928 [Edmond J Gibson, s/o Noah Gibson]
more of the same lawsuit listed above

Gibson, Edith M 1948 (died May 7, 1947)
Executor: Herbert Martin Gibson
Devisees: Mrs. Grace G Lyon, Mrs. Kathleen Carson, Mrs. Elsie Neal Farley, Herbert Martin Gibson

Gibson, Eli 1907 (have copy) [s/o Nathaniel Gibson]

Gibson, Eli 1935
suit to sell property to pay unpaid taxes [believe this is unrelated to the Eli Gibson who died in 1907 as his property was sold]

Gibson, Eliza 1924 (died July 12, 1924)
Sons: Press Gibson, Dan Gibson, Will N Gibson, John B Gibson, Jessie M Gibson

Gibson, Emanuel 1938 (died 1930)
Administrator: Robert R Gibson (no widow)
Children: Wilma Gibson Wright, w/o Frank Wright, Marvin Gibson, Georgie Mae Gibson, w/o Marvin Haygood

Gibson FB 1903 [Francis B Gibson, s/o Noah Gibson]
John Shaw Jr named as guardian for minor child Blanche Gibson
WF Gibson named as guardian for minor child Francis D Gibson
Mrs. EF Gibson (widow) named as guardian for minor child McLaurin Gibson

Gibson, Fax 1947
Widow: Charlotte Patterson Gibson
Administrator: Amos Parrott

Gibson, Florence 1949
Administrator: D Lee McCohen

Gibson, Francis A 1920 (will)
Executors: sons, W.N. Gibson, J.T. Gibson, R.E. Gibson

Gibson, Francis A (Mrs.) 1921
Executor: Jasper T Gibson

Gibson, HP 1946 (inventory only, no names)

Gibson, Harris 1939 (died Sept 19, 1938)
Heirs: Wade Gibson, Willie Gibson, Mamie Gibson
Widow: Mrs Martha Ann Gibson
Grandchildren: Harris Lyles Gibson (s/o Willie Gibson), Belton Prince Lytch (s/o Mamie Gibson Lytch)

Gibson, Henrietta 1935
Distributees: John P Gibson, Mrs WA McRae, Mrs CF Smith, Miss Minnie Gibson, Mrs HL Morgan, Mrs Earl Teler (Telen?) Mrs Belton Wright, Miss Clara Gibson, ZF Gibson, EF Gibson, JP Gibson

Gibson, Henry D 1921 (died April 30, 1921)
Children: Annie G Whitehead, Mary P Gibson, Julia H Gibson
Administrator JF Whitehead, (h/o Annie G Whitehead)
JF Whitehead named guardian of Julia H Gibson (heir)

Gibson, Henry D 1937
JW Whitehead guardian of Julia H Gibson (heir)

Gibson, Henry F 1931 [s/o William P Gibson & Mary Gibson]
Wife: Elizabeth Gibson
Executor: Elmore Gibson

Gibson, Henry F 1933
Administratrix: Mrs Elizabeth H Gibson

Gibson, Ida S 1949
Administrator: Malloy Gibson, Meredith Gibson

Gibson, Ira 1948
Administrator: Wm P Gibson

Gibson, JM 1906
Minors: Lillie McNeil, Amelia McNeil, Eliza McNeil, James McNeil
Guardian: JH McNeil
(record very hard to read)

Gibson, J Claude 1931
Distributees: James Hubert Gibson, Mildred B Gibson
Administrator: Mrs M B Gibson

Gibson, JM 1934
“Unknown heirs”

Gibson, Dr JS 1941 “See Edgar N Gibson” “nothing in packet”

Gibson, James C 1930
James Claude Gibson died Aug 23, 1930
Administrator: Mildred B Gibson

Gibson, Jasper T 1928
Administrator: Mrs Alex W Gibson

Gibson, Jasper T 1937

Gibson, John B 1939
Administrator: John Cliff Gibson
Widow: Cattie (Callie?) Farmer Gibson
Heirs: JC Gibson, Maud Elizabeth Gibson, Mary Alice Curry

Gibson, Jehu 1915 [s/o Nathan Gibson & Martha (O’Brien) Gibson]
Wife: Frances Ann Gibson
Executor & son: William N Gibson

Gibson, MF 1934 [Millard Fillmore Gibson, s/o Eli Gibson & Elizabeth (Davis) Gibson]
Wife: Sallie F Gibson
Children: Jesse C Gibson, Eli B Gibson, Mamie McColl, Mary Alice Adams, Nettie Gibson, Robert Gibson.
Executors: sons: Jesse C Gibson & Eli B Gibson
Will dated April 16, 1918
Will changed Aug 8, 1931 giving Eli B Gibson’s share to his sons (Eli B Gibson was seriously ill and not expected to live) Robert Vaughn Gibson and Joe Mills Gibson with their mother, Myrtle Vaughn Gibson as trustee.
Will filed March 19, 1934

Gibson, Nathan 1917
Children: Clarence Gibson, Ethel Gibson
Executor: NF Fletcher (friend)
Will dated Sept 15, 1915; filed March 14, 1917

Gibson, Nelson ) 1923
Wife: Adeline Gibson

Gibson, RF 1906 [Robert Fletcher,, s/o Thomas Nelson & Martha A (Smith) Gibson]
Daughters: Maggie Gibson, Bettie Gibson, Mattie Gibson, Mary Gibson, Sinah Fletcher& Mentie Gibson
Grandsons: Fletcher, Oscar, Archie
Executors: WB Fletcher & JC Fletcher
Will dated Nov 25, 1903, filed April 6, 1906

Gibson, Rachael 1932 [w/o Robert D Gibson, d/o Stafford L & Polly (Hanner) Gibson]
Brother: J Ab Gibson
Sisters: Sarah F Gibson, Mary E Parker, Elva M Gibson, Alice Gibson
Executor: NT Fletcher
Will dated Nov 29, 1918, filed Aug 11, 1932

Gibson, WF 1909 [William F, s/o Noah & Julia Ann (Fletcher) Gibson]
Children: Lola, LeRoy Bruce, Sallie, Kilgo,
Wife: Christian
Executors: Christian Gibson & LeRoy Bruce Gibson
Will dated Feb 20, 1907, filed Feb 2, 1909

Gibson, Ziba L 1926 [Ziba Lawrence, s/o Ziba & Lizzie (Adams) Gibson]
Wife: Mary
Children: Lizzie G Gardner, Mildred B Gibson, Lawrence T Gibson
Executors: Lizzie G Gardner, Mildred B Gibson, Lawrence T Gibson
Will dated Jan 10, 1919, filed Dec 17, 1926