McNeill/McEachin Family Cemetery

Contributed by Myrtle H. Bridges

This old cemetery is in Scotland County, NC, about 2-1/2 miles from the Hoke County line, and “near Major Jack McNeill’s old place.” When Margaret McEachin was buried here in 1809, the area was more than likely known as Cumberland County.

From Laurinburg travel north on Highway 15 about 7 miles to Peach Orchard Road. Turn right on Peach Orchard and travel about 3 miles to Hill Creek Road. Turn right and go about 500 feet to the entrance of S & H Farms. This is private property and visitors should obtain permission to visit the cemetery.

John McEachin, Sr. was born Feb. 21, 1740/41 in Kintyre, Argyllshire, Scotland, and died Oct. 8, 1815. He was married to Mary Currie (c. 1750 – June 26, 1837). They had at least these children:

1. James Alexander McEachin, Sr. (1790-1868) married Effie Purcell (1801-1843) who was the daughter of John Purcell (c 1773-1850) and Mary Gilchrist (c 1771-1843). Three of their children, James Alexander, Harriet Atwood and Mary McEachin are buried in this cemetery.

2. Peter McEachin married a Miss Fairley. Peter McEachin married Nancy Fairley, dau. of Alexander Fairley and Effie McLaurin. Their daughter Margaret, married Mial Wall of Anson County, NC.

3. Nancy McEachin married Hector McNeill. Their children were Sarah, John Daniel & Almonda.

4. Flora McEachin (1785-1862) married Archibald Lytch. Their son was named James.

5. Mary McEachin (1779-1856) married Angus McLean. The family history mentions a daughter named Elisa McLean.

6. John Archibald McEachin (1769-1826) “He first married Sarah McNeill and moved to Montgomery County, Georgia. Their sons, Archibald and James, walked back to NC after his death and lived in the vacinity of Laurinburg.” — [(1) – J.D. McEachin, Portland, OR]

7. Margaret McEachin (1776-1809) married Angus McNeill (c 1762-1835).

8. Edward McEachin married Mary Johnson. — [(2) – Doug Purcell, Eufaula, AL]
Records show he was born in 1783. Edward married a Johnson and lived near the old place in upper Robeson County. They had the following children: Major, Daniel J., Evender [Evander], and several daughters.

9. Archibald McEachin

Begin listings in McNeill-McEachin Cemetery:

Jack McNeill, Born July 19, 1880, Died January 6, 1908
Kate S. McNeill, Born March 18, 1876, Died Nov. 6, 1907

Mary, Consort of Angus McLean & Daughter of John & Mary McEachin, Born January 12, 1779, Died July 6, 1856

[note]  On the bottom right corner of Mary’s tombstone is “Lauder Fayett”, a mark that can be seen on many old tombstones here. The excellent workmanship of this stone mason reveals the care taken to engrave deeply and precisely into solid granite. His work remains legible today on many very old tombstones in this area.

Mary McEachin [Sr.], Native of Scotland, Departed this life June 26, 1837, in the 87th year of her age

Mary (Currie) McEachin, born about 1750 in Scotland, wife of John McEachin, mother of eight or nine children.

Illegible (Sep 4, 1999)

[note]  According to the research of [3] J.D. McEachin, this marker once read: In Memory of John McEachin, who was born February 24, 1741, died October 8, 1815.

Angus McNeill, A Native of [Arledge] North Knapdale, Argyleshire, Scotland, Died Sept. 13, 1835, Age 73

[note]  The children of Angus & Margaret McEachin McNeill were: Daniel McNeill “Calder Daniel” (1800-1868); John “Major Jack” (1801-1879); Mary (1803-1856); Hector “Preacher McNeill” (1805-1872); Flora 1807-1872; & Lauchlin (1809-1893) — [“Carolina Scots” p385-386]

Illegible [viewed Sep. 4, 1999]

[note]  J.D.’s record for above shows: Margaret McNeill died Jan 15, 1809, 33 years.

Hector McNeill, Died March 10, 1812, Aged 86 years

[note]  “My information shows the following: Hector McNeill (c 1725-1812) married Unknown. They had three children, Angus (c 1762-1835), Sarah and Lauchlin. Angus married Margaret McEachin (1776-1809) and they had a son Hector (1805-1871), who married Mary Gilchrist Purcell (1810-1877), youngest daughter of John Purcell (c 1773-1850) and Mary Gilchrist (McKay) (c 1771-1843).” — [(4) – Doug Purcell]

[note]  “Hector McNeill had a farm on the west side of Drowning Creek. He and John McEachin built Gilchrist’s Bridge over Drowning Creek Swamp (also known as Robeson’s Ferry Bridge). The two men were friends & had mutual grandchildren.” — [(5) – Hank Burnham]

Jas. Alexander, Son of J & E McEachin, Died August 21st, 1825 ? (illegible), Age 78 yrs & 8 dys

[note]  J.D.’s record shows James Alexander above died August 21, 1828 aged 13 months and 3 days.

James McEachin, Departed (illegible) 3rd day in (illegible), Aged 99 yrs & 10 mos.

[note]  Earlier records show: Sacred to the Memory of James McEachin, who departed this life January 3rd, 1868, Aged 77 years & 10 months

Harriet Atwood, Daughter of James & Effie McEachin, July 10, 1838, Sept 8, 1872

John McNeill, Born Aug. 23, 1780, Died Aug 2, 1829

E. McE. [Effie McEachin ?]

[note]  This may be the foot marker to Effie’s grave. Earlier records show: Sacred to the Memory of Effie, consort of James McEachin, dau. of John Purcell, who departed this life Mar. 23, 1843, Aged 41.

Mary, Dau. of James & Effie McEachin, Nov 12, 1821, June 21, 1870

Elizabeth Buchanan, Born Nov 22, 1808, Married December 24, 1830, Relict of Maj. John McNeill, Died April 11, 1885

[note]  She was the second wife of “Major Jack” and the daughter of John Buchanan, the gunsmith.   [Carolina Scots p385]

Flora Cattie, Wife of A. A. McNeill, Born Aug 23, 1845, Died June 17, 1905
Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God

[note]  Flora’s once tall monument has fallen from it’s base and lies partially buried in the briars and dirt. (September 4, 1999)

George Winston, Son of A. A. & F. C. McNeill, b. December 1st, 1870, d. March 23, 1900 in Jacksonville, Fla., He died as he lived A Christian

One large granite marker lies face down hiding its message from all who would see. Its foot marker reads: G.McKE.

A lone wooden marker, cut in a typical North Carolina “head & shoulders” design, leans against a tree and waits to disappear.

There are three or four additional illegible markers here.