Thomson’s Mercantile and Professional Directory 1851-1852

General, Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries Hardware
Allen G. J. & William, Centre.
Earnhardt & Moss, Albemarle.
Freeman A. C., do.
Hearne & Davis, do.
Pemberton W. S., Centre. 

McCorkle, James M., Albemarle. 

Gillam L. M., Albemarle.
Kron F. J., Stony Gap.
Shankle A. J., near Centre.
Wooly P. W., Albemarle.
Waddill M. T., Centre. 

Hotels & Boarding Houses
Hearne House, S N Hearne – Albemarle
Hotel, A Misenheimer – Copal Grove
Stanly House, B C Blalock – Albemarle

Brown, J M – Albemarle
Foreman, Rev C C – R R Springs
Jerome, T J – Albemarle
Pemberton, S J – Albemarle
Russell, William – Big Lick

Anderson, R – Albemarle
Cox, ______ – Palmerville
King, O D – Albemarle
Littleton, J W – Albemarle
Pemberton, W D – Big Lick

Bircus, J A – Albemarle
Eddins, E F – Palmerville
Haithcox, _____ – Norwood
Kimball, H B – Copal Grove
Kirk, E C – Rest.
Smith, R L – Norwood
Spinks, H W – Albemarle

Elkins, J R – Editor & Proprietor Stanly Observer, Albemarle,weekly

Saunders, S W – Palestine – Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting
Ridenhour, J C – Copal Grove – Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting
Lambert, Thomas – Mission – Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting
Lambert, Anderson – Mission – Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting
Lefler, G A – Palmerville – Building and contracting
Herrin, J A – Mission – Building and contracting
Bivens & Co. – Albemarle – Coaches and wagons
Bunn, Wesley – Norwood – Coaches and wagons
Almond, John – Mission – Coopering
Moose, C T – Mission – Millwrighting
Mann, Greene – Big Lick – Saddles and Harness

Barringer, gold – Albemarle – Arnold, Parker & Co
Barringer, gold – Albemarle – S Haithcock
Barringer, gold – Albemarle – George Lowder
Barringer, gold – Albemarle – T J Crowell
Barringer, gold – Albemarle – Williams & Co
Euchy, gold – Mission – J Euchy
Hearne, gold – Albemarle – Joe Marshall
Troutman, gold – Albemarle – L Greene

Hearne, W H – Albemarle – Flour and corn
Shankle & Parker – Norwood – Flour and corn
Florence, C C – Ford – Flour and corn
Blalock, M E – Norwood – Flour and corn
Lowder, G A – Norwood – Flour and corn
Barringer, M J – Copal Grove – Flour and corn
Misenheimer, A & C – Copal Grove – Flour and corn
Lambert & Co. – Mission – Flour, corn and saw
G W Herring & Co. – Mission – Saw
Ivey & Crowell – Bilesville – Saw
Atkins, J S – Albemarle – Saw
J M Jenkins & Co. – Palmerville – Saw

Copal Grove – W F Crowell, G A U Crowell, D A Lefter,C Lefter, A J Lipe, D A Lipe, Levi Lipe, H M Lipe,G R Misenheimer, Isham Misenheimer, G M Misenheimer, W A Misenheimer, A Misenheimer,C Misenheimer, J S Misenheimer, W A Palmer, D W Palmer, Daniel Pliler, G E Pliler, G H Pliler,F A Ridenhour, C A Ridenhour, J C Ridenhour, D H Ridenhour, John A Troutman, J A P Troutman.

Mission – R A Almond, John Almond, Franklin Eudy, C L Harkey, James Hatley, J F Herring, C W Lambert,Thomas Lamber, Jr, A Lambert, J L Lambert, William Lamber, R A Lambert, Nathan Lambert, Thos Ledbetter, C Stallings, N M Starns, N T Starns, Levi Tucker, John Tucker, B Tucker.

Palestine – Henry Blalock, Rev B H Carter, E S Coggins, Adam Dry, Robert Earnhards, D D Greene, G Harris, J W Littleton, David Talbert.

Palmerville – Isaac Biles, Henry Biles, J H Bass, J L Palmer.


NC Yearbook & Business Directory – published annually by The News
& Observer – Raleigh, NC

Agricultural Implements
The Morrow Bros & Heath Co. – Albemarle

Banks and Bankers
Cabarrus Savings Bank – (Branch) D F Cannon, Pres.; John C Leslie, Cashier

Blacksmith Shops
John Sanders – Albemarle
J A Hathcock – Albemarle
Press Austin – Albemarle

Books and Stationery
Little Bros. – Albemarle
S H Milton & Co – Albemarle
C J Mauney & Co – Albemarle

Boot & Shoe Shops
S Austin – Albemarle

Brick Mfg’s and Dealers
Albemarle Furniture & Mfg Co – Albemarle

Butcher’s and Dealers in Cattle
T H Johnson – Albemarle
L M Moody – Albemarle
T J Coggins – Albemarle

Casket Mfg’s and Dealers
R H Kirk & Co – Albemarle

Contractors and Builders
L A Moody – Albemarle
W A Howard – Albemarle

Carriage Dealers
Morrow Bros & Heath Co – Albemarle

Churches & Ministers
Methodist –
C T Rowe, Pastor – Albemarle
J O Shelly, Pastor – Norwood
H C Byrum, Pastor – New London
C E Stedman, Pastor – Big Lick

Baptist –
Rev Mr Herrin, Pastor – Albemarle
B H Davenport, Pastor – Norwood
Lutheran – No Pastor – Albemarle
W A Dutton – of Gold Hill, Supply

Presbyterian –
No Pastor – Albemarle
No Pastor – Norwood

Protestant Methodist –
J F Dosier, Pastor – New London

S B Kluttz – Albemarle
W T Sinclair – Norwood
R W Ivy – New London

V A Whitley – Albemarle
O D King – Albemarle
W I Hill – Albemarle
J N Hanson – Albemarle
T A Hathcock – Norwood
Walter Peacock – New London
F E Hartsell – Big Lick

Albemarle Drug Co – Albemarle
C J Mauney & Co – Albemarle
L H Hart – Norwood

Dry Goods & Notions
Barnhardt Bros. – Norwood
N B Blalock & Co. – Norwood

Fish Markets
John Teeter – Albemarle
J Ed Agle – Albemarle

Flour, Corn and Feed Mills
W A Marks – Albemarle

Furniture Dealers
R H Kirk – Albemarle

Furniture Mfg’s
Albemarle Furn & Mfg – Albemarle – R A Crowell, Pres. J M Morrow, Sec & Treas.
Norwood Furn Mfg’s – Norwood
F H Lilly – Norwood

General Merchandise
Harris & McAuley – Norwood
N B Blalock & Co – Norwood
Mauney & Ritchie – New London
H T Sawyer – New London
G B Lefler – New London
Reeves & Biles – New London
G G Ritchie – Richfield
M M Ritchie – Richfield
D D Ritchie – Richfield
John Earnhardt – Richfield
W A Cagle – Big Lick
J W Efird – Big Lick

Hardware Dealers
New London Hardware Store – New London

Hotels & Boarding Houses
Central Hotel – W T Huckabee, Prop. – Albemarle
Hearne Hotel – S H Hearne, Prop. – Albemarle
P H Turner – Norwood
R A Robinson – Norwood
G G Ritchie – Richfield

Job Printing Offices
Enterprise Office – Albemarle

J M Brown – Albemarle
R L Smith – Albemarle
J R Price – Albemarle
R E Austin – Albemarle
J C Wright – Albemarle
J D Bivins – Albemarle
Zeb Sanders – Albemarle

Livery Stables & Sales
T H Johnson – Albemarle
R L Cotton – Albemarle

Marble Works
G D Snuggs – Albemarle

Music Teachers
Mrs J R Price – Albemarle
Mrs R L Smith – Albemarle
Miss Lou Ross – Albemarle
Mrs C J Mauney – Albemarle

Newspapers & Editors
Stanly Enterprise – Albemarle — J D Bivins, Editor

Paper Hangers
James Underwood – Albemarle

Real Estate Agents
Crowell & Freeman – Albemarle
John Snotherly – Albemarle

Retail Grocers
Melton & Son – Norwood
M H Kendall – Norwood
J H Hearne – New London

Shingle Dealers
J F F Neal – Albemarle

Telephone Exchanges & Mgr.
Albemarle Telephone Co, J M Morrow, Pres.

Public School Teachers
Ross, Chas R.- Norwood
Honeycutt, Eli H- Leo
Lipe, Henry L- Millingport
Miller, Miss Sudie A-, Albemarle
Willis, R C-Norwood
Dry, Miss Fannie E- Locust
Yow, I A- Locust
Moore, Miss S C- Dry’s Mills
Eddin, F F- Palmerville
Austin, Robert L- Norwood
Morton, D S- Whitty
Love, S C- Leo
Moss, Miss Mattie- Pennington
Ingram, J C- Palmerville
Whitley, W H- Bridgeport
Ingram, Will C- Palmerville
Lilly, James N- Rest.
Kearns, D A- Albemarle
Lilly, Miss Betty- Rest.
Taylor, Richard L- Richfield
Pickle, Miss Jennie- Albemarle
Morton, J S- Big Lick
Smith, Miss Nannie-Albemarle
Wilhelm, Miss Roxie- Richfield
Ridenhour, Joseph B- Copal Grove
Plyler, C G- Copal Grove
Hough, W A- Clear Creek
Dulin, John- Arlington
Burris, Miss Ada E- Gorman
Honeycutt, R F- Leo
Dry, C M-Bridgeport
Little, J C-Leo
Green, M L – Long’s Store
Wilson, W A-Norwood
Burlison, John T- Plyler
Avett, E M- Cottonville
Bost, L H – Bloomington
Efird, Noah E – Whitty
Sheets, Miss Essie- Palmerville
Shankle, Miss Dixie – Albemarle
Kirk, S P – Palmerville
Burlyson, I R – Bloomington

Ministers Not in Towns
Methodist –
C M Gentry – Albemarle
C E Stedman – Cottonville

Cemeteries & Supts
Albemarle Cemetery Assn – G M Dry, Supt.

Schools and Acadamies:
Yadkin Mineral Springs Academy – E F Eddins, Principal.
Norwood Academy – R C Willis, Principal
Richfield Academy – Richard Taylor, Principal
New London Academy – W O Cox, Principal
Big Lick Academy –

Physicians Not in Towns
D P Whitley – Millingport
B F Cox – Palmerville
F E Hartsell – Big Lick

Merchants Not in Towns
Wm. Snotherly & Son – Plyler
Ephraim Endy, Millingport
Palmer & Coggins – Palmerville
E C Kirk – Palmerville
W R McSwain – Cottonville

Cotton Mills
Efird Manufacturing Co – J S Efird, Sec & Treas. – Albemarle
Wiscasset Mills Co – J C Leslie, Sec & Treas. – Albemarle
Norwood Manufacturing Co – J A Tyson, Sec & Treas. – Norwood

Silver Springs Cordage Co – A I Napier – New London
Albemarle Furniture & Mfg Co – J M Morrow, Sec & Treas. – Albemarle

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