NOTE: U.S. enumerators were supposed to record the household’s information as of the official census day — not the actual date of the enumeration. Of course, we have no way of knowing who followed these instructions and who did not. However, the official census days were:

First Monday in August for 1790-1820 schedules
June 1 for 1830-1880
First Monday in June for 1890 (most of this census was destroyed
or badly damaged by a fire in 1921)
June 1 for 1900
April 15 for 1910
January 1 for 1920
April 1, for 1930

Understanding Census Records

Stanly County NCGenWeb Archives –  Census

1850 Index

1860 Mortality Schedule

1870 Mortality Schedule

1870 Images – not indexed

The 1870 Stanly County, North Carolina, Census contains 211 pages (census 
images), numbered 001A through 102B, including unnumbered pages which were 
assigned the file names 001C, 001D, 030C, 030D, 032C, 032D, 037C, 037D, 080C, and 080D.
Pages 057B, 071B, and 091B were not copied from the microfilm, as they are blank.

The name of each image file is the page number.

Page numbers for specific county subdivisions are as follows:
Albemarle Township: 001A-019B
Almond Township: 020A-029B
Big Lick Township: 030A-043B
Center Township: 044A-057A
Furr Township: 058A-071A
Harris Township: 072A-082B
Ridenhour Township: 083A-091A
Tyson Township: 092A-102B

1900 Images – not indexed

Breakdown showing which county subdivisions are enumerated 
in each Enumeration District:
South Albemarle Precinct: ED 120
North Albemarle Precinct: ED 121
Almonds Township: ED 122
Big Lick Township: ED 123
Center Township: ED 124
Furr Township: ED 125
Harris Township: ED 126
Ridenhour Township: ED 127
Tyson Township: ED 128

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