1890 – extracted from Branson’s Business Directory
Schools, located and head of school or teacher.

Academy – Bilesville – Rev F S Starrette
Academy – Norwood – R Q Smith
Academy – Albemarle – H W Spinks
Bethel – Copal Grove – H B Kimball
Fork Academy – ______ – _____ Haithcock
Prospect – Albermarle – _______
Yadkin – Palmerville – E F Eddins
( Public School Students- white 57, colored 10)

Old Schools – tidbits picked up from here and there.

Around 1918-1919 three areas schools were combined to create Stanfield School. Those schools were Rocky River, Cedar Hill, and Oak Grove.

Bloomington School – early 1900’s located near Canton Church Rd & Austin Rd – ca 1912 teachers T H Almond and
                  Leslie Efird. John Burleyson was accredited to teach here in 1901
Endy School

Burleson School #2

1890’s – Lee School in flat behind Wayne Love’s home.

The Rocky River School was near Sylvester Furr’s Little School (near Hazel Efird’s) ran about 70 years ago, A.C. Huneycutt teacher, later Arch Huneycutt. Tyler Huneycutt taught at Cedar Hill. Mann School (near Aaron Lee’s) was consolidated to Cedar Hill, built about midway in the early 1900’s.

1915 – The first school taught in Stanfield was in Luther Thomas’ building (warehouse later used as garage). A prescription school, the teacher was Mrs. Tim McCoy with about 65 pupils. Eight grades were taught in one little building, not more than half the size of one of our present school rooms.
Miss Selma Austin taught in the same building. School was held in Presbyterian Church where Ralph Thomas’ home is. Miss Hargrave taught about 75 students.

Mitchell Home School – relocated to Misenheimer in 1910.  First secondary graduation was held in 1913.  By 1932,
only high school classes were being taught, and by 1934 only Junior College classes were taught.  Predecessor of
Pfeiffer University.   Website has a large collection of pictures from the 1920’s and 30’s.

Older Grammar Schools

Wiscassett Efird Graded School – Albemarle  post card from 1925

Grammar Schools of today

Aquadale Elementary – Aquadale
Badin Elementary – Badin
Central Elementary -Albemarle
East Albemarle Elementary – Albemarle
Endy Elementary – Albemarle
Kendall Valley Elementary – New London
Locust Elementary – Locust
Millingport Elementary – Albemarle
North Albemarle Elementary – Albemarle
Norwood Elementary – Norwood
Oakboro Elementary – Oakboro
Richfield Elementary – Richfield
Running Creek Elementary – Locust
Stanfield Elementary – Stanfield

Junior High Schools (Middle School)

Albemarle Middle School – Albemarle
South Stanly Middle School – Norwood
New London Choice Middle School – New London

High Schools

Albemarle High School – Albemarle – Home of the Bulldogs
North Stanly High School – New London – 
South Stanly High School – Norwood – Home of the Rowdy Rebel Bulls
Stanly Academy Learning Center – Albemarle
Stanly Early College High School – Abemarle – Home of the Tigers
West Stanly High School – Oakboro – Home of the Colts


Pfeiffer University
Stanly Community College

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