Richard H. Lewis High School

Raleigh Schools Annual Reports

Newly added to the Internet Archive are at least a couple editions of  “Annual report of the Raleigh township graded schools, Raleigh, North Carolina.”   At the time of this writing, there are two editions – one from the 1915-1916 school year, and the other from the 1916-1917 school year.

These books are helpful for understanding the educational environment in the county back then.  Some of the information provided includes:

  • the names of administrators and teachers for each school (both White and African-American schools)
  • budget data for each school
  • list of graduates for that year
  • reports from the superintendent, and other system officials
  • pictures of some of the schools
  • teacher requirements
  • course curriculum of the students by grade
  • textbooks used for each grade

Richard H. Lewis High School

Want to get a picture of what school was like back then? These are great resources for doing so!  Links have been added to the Education page.

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