JERMAN, Cornelia Petty (d. 1946)

Death Takes Mrs. Jerman
Was Well Known Woman’s Leader

Raleigh, Feb. 3 – Mrs. Cornelia Petty JERMAN, leader in the political and social life of North Carolina women for more than a quarter of a century, died here tonight.

She was the widow of T. Palmer JERMAN, who died in 1910.

Her interest in woman’s place in the nation’s life broadened to include the political aspect of American life and she threw herself in the fight for equal suffrage. She helped organize the Raleigh Equal Suffrage league. In 1920, as president of the state league, she fought valiantly for the ballot for women at the special session of the general assembly which considered and rejected ratification of the 20th amendment. Upon the subsequent ratification of the amendment on a national scale, Mrs. JERMAN then turned her energies to aiding in the formation of the North Carolina League of Women Voters.

In 1921, she led the movement which organized the state legislative council for the purpose of sponsoring constructive legislation. She was elected president of the council in 1922 and served until 1933. Having demonstrated her ability through her work for equal suffrage and in sponsorship of legislation, Mrs. JERMAN was marked at leadership material by the masculine leaders of the Democratic party in North Carolina. In 1928 she served as a delegate to the national convention, and subsequently, she was appointed a member of the national Democratic committee.

In 1934 she was appointed assistant collector of internal revenue for North Carolina, and consequently resigned from the Democratic national committee. As a result of her appointment she moved to Greensboro and remained there until about 1939, when she returned to Raleigh. Woman’s college honored Mrs. JERMAN with an honorary doctor of laws degree in June, 1943.

Surviving are a son, Thomas Palmer JERMAN, of New York; a niece and adopted daughter, Mrs. John Phil COOPER or Raleigh; two sisters, Mrs. W.B. WADDILL and Mrs. J.H. BRODIE, both of Henderson and one brother, H.H. PETTY, of Indianapolis.

Source: “Death Takes Mrs. Jerman.” Greensboro Daily News. 4 Feb. 1946