William Washington Fulghum Bible

Contributed by Betty Wiggins

The WW Fulghum Bible, copyright date 1843, was found in 2006.

N T Grady
Holy Bible

William Fulghum Bible
From 1842 To 1939
J R Millard


  • William G. Fulghum was born Jany 7th, 1844
  • Robert L. Fulghum was born Nov 12th 1845
  • Elizabeth Fulghum was born Mar 13 1848
  • Jorge W. Gavin was bornd 6th June 1848
  • Sarah Ferrand daughter of William W. and Margaret Fulghum was born December 28th 1849
  • George Franklin Fulghum the son of Robert L. Fulghum was bornd June the 5th 1876
  • Jackson Fulghum son of R. L. and Susan Fulghum was born June 25th 1868
  • Penny A. Fulghum was born December 12 1870
  • William H. Fulghum was born November the 7th 1873
  • Jesse F. Bass was born December the 3rd 1873
  • Ida Bass was born April the 10th 1875
  • Lucindy Cathran Fulghum the daughter of Robert L. Fulghum & Susan his wife was bornd June the 30th 1874


  • W. W. Fulghum was married and Margaret M. Gavin December 1st 1842
  • Margaret M. Bass, daughter of John Bass an[d] Sarah his wife was bornd Oct. the 30th 1876
  • Samuel Birchard Fulghum was borne June the 3rd in the [year] of our Lord 1877
  • Sarah Alice Bass, daughter of John Bass and his wife Sarah was born April 6th 1879


  • W. W. Fulghum died Saturday, September the 30th, A.D. 1871, aged 52 years
  • Sarah F. [Fulghum] Bass died May the 12th 1881
  • Maggie M. Bass died March the 9th 1881