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The count is divided into twelve townships:  Boonville, Deep Creek, East Bend, Forbush, North Buck Shoals, North Fall Creek, North Knobs, North Liberty, South Buck Shoals, South Fall Creek, South Knobs, and South Liberty.


Cities and towns:  Boonvile, East Bend, Jonesville, Yadkinville.  Incorporated in the past :

  • Arlington, merged with Jonesville in 2001
  • Hamptonville, chartered in 1818
  • Huntsville, incorporated in 1792
  • Shore, incorporated 1903-1911
  • Smithtown, incorporated 1924
Unincorporated communities:
  • Barney Hill, Branon, Buck Shoals, Center, Brooks’ Crossroads, Courtney, Enon, Flint Hill, Footville, Forbush, Hamptonville, Huntsville, Lone Hickory, Longtown, Marler, Richmond Hill, Swan Creek, Union Hill, Windsor’s Crossroads, and Wyo.
(source: Wikipedia)