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Recent news articles concerning New Hanover County cemeteries and history
Around the region: Confederate graves will get markers: Star News Online 10/21/2006
'They deserve to be respected,' volunteer says Forgotten graves squeezed as open land grows scarcer: Star News Online 10/29/2006
Forgotten graves squeezed as open land grows scarcer: Star News Online 10/30/2006
[Masonboro Baptist] Church celebrates 150 years: Star News Online 11/29/2006
Cape Fear River pilots defended Fort Johnston: Star News Online 1/24/2007
Oakdale to honor the victims of yellow fever: Star News Online 7/26/2007
Crews unearth possible grave site: Sewer workers in New Hanover make discovery: Star News Online 8/18/2007
The lost tribe [Cape Fear Indians]: Star News Online 9 November 2007
Scout plans project to preserve Wilmington's oldest black cemetery: Star News Online 2/22/2008
Cemetery fixed up in a Scout project: Star News Online 3/9/2008
Airport's security measure to limit cemetery access: Star News Online 8/5/2008
Wilmington National Cemetery gets makeover: Star News Online 10/31/2008
GE Hitachi marks site of Rose Hill Plantation Cemetery: Star News Online 3/19/2009
'Forgotten' graves discovered at Pine Forest Cemetery: Star News Online 4/29/2009
Development could threaten Prospect Church Cemetery: Star News Online 5/15/2009
History of cemetery by Maides Park not well documented: Star News Online 1/25/2010
Back Then - Prominent Wilmington resident deRosset died in 1910: Star News Online 8/18/2010
Mill workers are buried at Delgado: Star News Online 10/27/2010
Back Then - 1910: Workers find human remains at 3rd, Chestnut: Star News Online 12/15/2010
MyReporter finds information on historic Wilmington cemeteries: Star News Online 3/15/2011
County works to clean up homeless camp on 17th St [Oak Grove Cemetery]: Star News Online 4/1/2011
A picture of Wilmington in 1861: Star News Online 5/20/2011
Family, friends responsible for Prospect Cemetery's upkeep: Star News Online 1/24/2012
Historic yellow fever attack led to 'wagon-load of corpses': Star News Online 8/4/2012
Book hails ex-slave [Abraham H Galloway] who helped others during the Civil War: Star News Online 9/28/2012
Cemetery tour digs up the past: Star News Online 10/24/2012