Northampton County Surnames

Following is a list of surnames of interest to Northampton County genealogy researchers, along with contact information for researchers who are actively working on the surnames and are willing to respond to visitor queries. Come back soon to see what we have accuumulated, and if you can contribute, please contact us.

Surname(s)Researcher Contact
Allen, Davis, Hasty/Haysty/HastieThomas Elder Davis
Wren/WrennCarolyn Wrenn Harvey
Abbington, Averett/AveraDarryl Andrews
Baggett, Britton, Cooke/Cook, Copeland, Futrell, Gay, Grant, Griffin, Joyner, Knight, Parker, Spivey, WhiteHelen Jeffery Gaskill
Camp, Hinchey, MorganKama Webster
Bunn, Johnson, Luter/Lewter, WoodJohn V. Burns
Bridges/Bridgers, RuffinLeslie (Bridges) Kohler

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